The Economics of Climate Change

While I was trolling (or trawling) along the InnerTubes yesterday, I ran across this little ditty at Charlie Stross’ Blog:

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: the modern environmentalist movement is a puritan religious movement in secular drag. But that doesn’t mean that fixing our environmental problems isn’t a good idea. Nor are we going to get there by wearing sackcloth and ashes, mortifying the flesh, and trying to live like mediaeval subsistence-farming peasants.

That statement would make my buddy Highwayman happy, purely on the grounds that Charlie says environmentalism is a “religious movement”, but that’s not what I want to concentrate on. Charlie is a damn good futurist/writer, but he knows he lives in the here and now. I’m talking about an article he linked to at Depleted Cranium titled The Top Ten Things Environmentalists Need To Learn. The essay reads like a Dave Lettermen Top Ten List giving the various reasons the environmentalists’ proposals aren’t even close to being economically viable, let alone feasable given human nature the way it is. I have to agree with the article sadly enough. If we were going to do any of the things environmentalists propose like solar energy, electric cars, mass transit and all of that stuff to cut down on our dependence on oil, we should have done that thirty years ago after the Arab Oil Embargo. But of course we all know why that didn’t happen, so I’m not going to mention it. Then, as now, most so-called environmentalists say we need to live a simpler life-style like no cars, no TVs, no computers, natural foods, etc., ad nauseum. But who gets to determine who lives that simpler “lifestyle”? Most of these people making such proposals talk the talk, but rarely walk the walk (The Gore-acle, anyone?). As Depleted Cranium’s essay states, “…the governments claiming a carbon tax imposed on fossil fuels would cut down on the use of them, stop people from driving SUVs, motor boats and pay for alternative energy sources…”. Well guess what, the only people who will cut down on their driving will be people like me and other working people! The folk driving SUVs and other fossil fuel guzzling goodies who knock down six or seven figure salaries a year wouldn’t even blick if they had to pay $10-$12/gal. of gas or diesel. But I would stop driving, you better believe that!

Yeah, some people who troll by here would say I don’t give a crap about the environment and “Mother Earth”, claiming I’ve turned selfish and that I should “sacrifice”. Well, you’d be dead wrong. I was in high school during the Nixon years and the Arab oil embargo. I remember the long lines, angry people and the violence. Being the science/science-fiction nerd I was even back in those days, I knew we had to get past the fossil fuel crap or we’d be screwed in the future. Sure, I liked nuclear power because most sci-fi authors liked it, but I liked the solar mirror/farms ideas and the related O’Neill Space Colony concept to supply power and materials to Earth. So in my mind, I was an “environmentalist” (for you HW) before this present generation of “people must die to save Gaia” and “people must sacrifice” yahoos came along. Depleted Cranium and Stross have this thing pegged down and right-on.

In short, me and my family will probably have to “… wear sackcloth and ashes, mortifying the flesh, and try to live like medieval subsistence-farming peasants…” through no fault of our own, only because we (and others like us) can’t afford to pay a carbon tax and purchase modern “green tech” goodies. If we decided to live to that way because we wanted is one thing, but to be forced to live that way would, well, let’s put it this way, not be conducive to maintaining my good nature.

And that is economic reality.


3 responses

  1. Yo, leather-necked one…

    Yes, I do agree with the religious origins of the NWO and EnvironMENTALism. I don’t think “Puritan” really enters into it, as they were more associated with Christianity, and the NWO is anything but, despite “fundie” support of it. It could be said that the movement is tyrannical, though.

    I have never been an environMENTAList, and no slur to you, Dad, because I think you were more ECOLOGICAL which lacks the ‘ism’ normally associated with a cult-like following, and employs the term LOGICAL. Doesn’t that sound better… and more accurate? I was and still am a proponent of nuclear and alternative energy, but in spite of Gore and his jackbooted groupies, I am recalcitrant with regard to fossil fuels being totally excluded.

    I wouldn’t be caught dead in Swami Al Gore’s religion, or that of his elitist keepers. We can be effective ecologists, and avoid the stigma associated with the other moniker… or it’s leaders and proponents, all of them NWO patsies!

    Until they devise a cheap, powerful, and safe alternative, it’s V-8’s and 4BBLs for this cowboy, and screw Gore!

  2. Y’know, I used to follow the Pied Piper of Environmentalism, I’ll admit it, because I believe we should get away from NWO control.

    But after doing alot of study and research concerning climate change, its causes, what might influence it and studies from space satellite research, I have come to the same conclusion you, Jones, Stross, other scientists who were not funded by oil companies, transhumanists, astronomers and even goddamn UFO researchers, that climate change is a natural process influenced mainly by the solar sunspot/magnetosphere cycle. Air pollution causes acid rain, I’ve seen that myself. But total man-made climate change alone, I’m not buying anymore of that sh*t.

    Funny thing about acid rain, how come Gore-acle and his minions don’t mention that in their proclamations that we have to pay a carbon tax and buy $150,000 hybrid and electric cars? Selective memory perhaps?

  3. Political-correctness run amok, my friend. The hair-brained “progressive-left” are imploding on themselves like a neutron star, feeding off of more and more rhetoric until they disappear under their own rhetorical weight of bullshit! Fad and fashion is used by the powers-that-be to silence critique, using the masses to police their own through peer pressure. Lavrenti Beria would be laughing his ass off right now, if he wasn’t in a Godless grave!

    Oh, and as far as having to sell your soul to finance carbon taxes and overpriced vehicles, that is a privilege of the Middle Class, and the NWO’s socialist scheme calls for the elimination of the Bourgeoisie upstarts. They would like us to walk and allow THEM exclusive use of the roads and skies. Freedom of movement means power, and the move to consolidate power, to the elitist mind, means clamping down on any and all means of attaining power outside of their realm and control.

    The elitists will milk this thing while they can, and if and when it becomes feasable to move past fossil fuels, then THEY will find alternative energy (as regulated by them) a welcome subject in their tyrannical world.

    I think the hot air propelling these elections, right now, would prove a powerful energy source, don’t you?


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