The Plasma Earth

From Unexplained Mysteries:

According to plasma metaphysics (Jay Alfred, Our Invisible Bodies, 2006), the physical-dense Earth is gravitationally coupled to a counterpart dark matter Earth composed of low density plasma. This “sister” Earth was co-accreted with the physical-dense Earth about 4.6 billion years ago from dark matter components in the embryonic Solar System. Plasma life forms evolved on this counterpart Earth, just like it did on the visible planet. These life forms were as varied in scale, structure and intelligence as carbon-based life forms – as different as a microbe from a whale; a mosquito from a tiger; a giraffe from a crocodile; an ant from a human being. Their degrees of intelligence and awareness were as different as a centipede’s awareness to the awareness and intelligence of homo sapiens. Homo sapiens evolved carbon-based bodies that formed symbiotic relationships with some of these plasma life forms (indicating a type of symbio-genesis). Some of these plasma life forms have interacted with us in the past (intentionally or unintentionally).The entities that we have identified as ghosts, angels, demons, deities (for example the Marian apparitions in the atmosphere), aliens (associated with UFO sightings in the atmosphere), fairies, sightings of the recently deceased (on the surface of the Earth) and balls of light which appear to go through physical barriers (without contracting) are all plasma life forms from this counterpart Earth.

I have read theories of possible plasma life-forms, or rather that plasma has “DNA” like structures of its own:

Researchers have demonstrated the formation of microscopic strands of helical structures in plasma clouds. The researchers say that these structures undergo changes that are normally associated with biological molecules like DNA and proteins – such as dividing and forming copies of the original structure.
Credit: Tsytovich, V.N. et al. 2007

According to the above articles, “life” doesn’t necessarily have to be organic, carbon-based at all. In fact, given the amount of plasma in the Universe, such life could be more common than ours.
And we still haven’t figured out what dark matter/energy is yet. Could it be “plasma” in nature?
Weird. But the old cliche “truth is stranger than fiction” has a base in fact.

Roundabout hat tip to Mac at posthumanblues.


3 responses

  1. I’m not sure what angels or demons are comprised of, but I know it’s not the matter that comprises us. I used to think there was an antimatter copy of everyone and everything, along the lines of the alternate universe theory. Sorry, but I don’t subscribe to the evolutionist’s protracted timeline, either.

    I guess I’ve ‘evolved’ to another plane of existence, marine. I’m not much help to you in this particular area.


  2. I guess I’ve ‘evolved’ to another plane of existence, marine

    LOL Highway, I’m not sure anyone is!

    This is news to me, I haven’t studied up on plasma life-forms, or any parallel universe comprised with plasma. But with the multiverse theory, any kind of universe is possible.

    My limit with tinfoil ends when people still contend the Universe is six thousand years old, I’m not willing to buy that when there’s evidence to the contrary. We still agree to disagree there ol’ buddy. 😎

  3. I only contend that the EARTH is six thousand years old, not the universe. Perhaps the matter used in construction is older, but the model or end result, according to scripture, is 6000 years old. I do know for a fact that the universe is older, though.

    It’s the ultimate foil, Dad… reach out! Trust your feelings, you will!


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