Update From Project Camelot

The following is an update about the NWO, Niburu, Nazi Bases and other good foil from Project Camelot:

The Biggest Picture

What follows here is a simple summary of a complex and unbelievable array of events and factors. Please see The Big Picture for some more on this, which is also a work in progress. In our view it is compelling that the American military learned of a major threat to the survival of the species – possibly as long ago as the late 1940s. Time-portal technology gained at least partially from our visitors (whether they are space travelers, or time travelers as we believe), convinced the military that a major future catastrophe was possible or probable.

In response, MJ-12 (or whichever appropriate executive committee) decided three things:

To embark on protective measures immediately.
To keep the knowledge under the highest degree of classification.
To embark on an accelerated program of ET liaison and high-tech research in attempts to increase their control and avert the situation. At least one faction of this group is also interested in facilitating the worst-case scenario out of self-interest and a desire for domination. This agenda is very much involved in population control/ elimination plans detailed, for example, in The Report From Iron Mountain.

Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy have done many interviews with various “whistleblowers” and “insiders” over the past couple of years, the latest of which was Richard Hoagland.

Whether they contribute to disinformation, they themselves cannot say for sure they admit, but they do try to independently verify their sources.

Good source for tracking NWO activities.

2008: The Future is Now


9 responses

  1. Yeah, I changed it back to “National Geographic”.

    I couldn’t see the goddamn comment box to type! Print is too small too.

    I hate this middle-age crap.

    I still like the eery black set-up though, it works for Highwayman and Red Ice Creations.

    As for Project Camelot, when you visit the site, make sure you watch the interview videos, very interesting cast of characters!

    Whether they’re credible or not is another matter, the entertainment value alone is worth it!

  2. That’s why I like Blogger, marine, you have more versatility with fonts and type size and colors… set-up, etc. WordPress was just too limited for me, and too rigid with regard to template design.

    The comment box on Blogger is separate from the template, and easy to see for old farts like us. You can change your URL if you want… no contest, IMHO!

    I see the alien connection as the perfect forerunner to a totalitarian rebel angel’s grand appearance around the time when things in this world have gotten so shitty that anyone with the power to fix things up will be a welcome ‘saviour’. ‘Course, there’s a definite advantage to having been the agent to fuck things up in the first place, and then appear as the great ‘fixer-upper’… and all society has to do is give him their allegiance! Fair enough exchange, wouldn’t you think?

    Satan wants to impersonate Christ, so he’s going to run on ahead and make this grand appearance and look like the answer to all of the Earth’s problems that HE created, with the help of his evil NWO bankers, industrialists, and Jesuits. That shows you how crappy things have to to get for this scenario to play out properly.

    (Mark 13:14-23 Also Revelation 13:11-18)

    The end result will be Revelation 18 and 19. This immediately precedes the Lord’s return, but the world will be under the rule of the NWO at that time. The exact interpretation of these scripture references is an involved study, and I will admit there are many other interpretations, but I feel my interpretation best follows history and biblical canon.

    It’s gonna be wild, marine! We ain’t seen NOTHING yet!

  3. There’s so many theories about what’s going on. You have people claiming we’re dealing with ETs, another group says they’re our own descendants from the future, another says they’re advanced creatures from Earth itself and evolved before us, then the angels, demons, etc, etc.

    This is worse than a carnival exhibit HW, hard to tell the participants without a program!

    Where’s my tinfoil? I know I left it around here somewhere?

  4. You didn’t think you’d be tilting nipple to a bunch of starry-eyed Trekkies in your old age, now, did ya, jarhead?

    Don’t you know that old leathernecked gyrenes only get more shit and abuse heaped on them the older they get?


  5. Yeah, and my wife uses that to great advantage too LOL!

    Look what happened to Smedley Butler!

  6. Hi dad2059…

    For a bit I thought I’d just awakened from a benadryl induced nighmare. I swear the site looked black with a font so small I had to use a handmagnifier in addition to my reading glasses in order to read site commentary… ; )

    Long live the Geographic look! May our thoughts and collective repartee’ be eerie and dark. We can simply pretend the format is too… :))

    Thanks from an old geezer…!

    Carl Nemo **==

  7. Y’know Carl, I tried alot of ways to increase the font size, it worked on some posts and not on others. Plus I couldn’t read what I was typing half the time.

    But I had to try. Now I can say it don’t work for me.

    Highway says I should try Blogger, but I don’t want to transfer all of my stuff over.

    Maybe if I try another blog idea, I’ll experiment with Blogger, but not now.

  8. Hi dad2059…

    You site looks just fine. The way it looks now will appeal to a broad spectrum of viewers and contributors worldwide. Folks are more interested in the articles and the exchange of ideas on a given subject rather than the look and feel of site. The most important aspect is it easy to navigate and yours is just fine. So I recommend steady goes the course. : )

    Your friend in arcane thought…
    Carl Nemo **==

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