The Large Hadron Collider and Time Travel

This coming May in the European Union (Switzerland specifically) a huge circular particle accelerator will come on line. It will be the largest accelerator in existence and it has the potential to smash particles way past the current quarks, muons, gluons, leptons and any other kind of “-tons” a person can think of. One such possible particle that hasn’t been discovered yet is the elusive “Higgs Boson”, the Holy Grail of quantum physics and dubbed one of the prime particles of the Big Bang and could possibly explain how fast our Universe is expanding (disclaimer: I’m not a physicist, so don’t hate on me too much).

But the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) could do possibly more than discover the Higgs boson according to some Russian mathemeticians, chrononauts (time travellers) from the future could latch onto some “micro-wormholes” and use them to travel back in time:

…when the Large Hadron Collider comes online, but while most are hoping for data and praying for the bashful Higgs boson to finally show it’s tiny little face, some Russian mathematicians are warning that we might get more than we bargained for.  Specifically, time-travellers: futurenauts using our ultra-duper atomsmasher to punch a hole in causality and hop back from the future.

The idea dates back to Einstein’s explanation that spacetime can be deformed by large energies or masses.  Since the Large Hadron Collider is a twenty-six kilometer ring of superconducting magnets designed to do nothing but give a particle as large an energy as possible, that sounds like it could be an issue.  Small deformations in spacetime (like Earth) give us the force of gravity, severe deformations give the cosmological trash compacting black holes, and an extreme case could cause a wormhole – a link between two points as spacetime folds over to touch itself…

Wormholes are another Holy Grail of sorts, not only would they make some kind of time travel possible (assuming one could control the singularity), and they might make interstellar travel possible. But the problem I stated above (you have to expand the mouth of the wormhole) would restrict their use to either message sending, or use of nano-probes only.

But we could all be wrong and the LHC would produce no Higgs boson, nor micro-wormholes. It just might find a better way to atomize dirt out of your clothes instead!

All theories are just best guesses until they’re proven and repeated. When the LHC starts up in May, we may all be surprised one way or another!

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  1. Here’s an interesting tinfoil tidbit, according to the Internet legend of John Titor ( through the use of the LHC, knowledge of how singularities are made is discovered (he gave the year as around 2007) and time travel is invented. He supposedly came from the year 2036 through the use of a device that produced a singularity (wormhole) on demand. The distance in time travelled depended on how tightly the gravity gradient was turned upon itself. Interesting because that’s how the Daily Galaxy article describes how a micro-wormhole is made.

    Many claim Titor’s story is just one of millions of Internet hoaxes. That could be true, but do yourselves a favor and Google it up, it’s an interesting read and it sets you to think.

  2. If they COULD produce a singularity, it would probably be microscopic. The power required to produce a wormhole of sufficient size to send any appreciable mass anywhere would be prohibitive in anything less than a sizable nuclear reaction. Would they be able to contain that amount of energy and control it for the purposes of transporting a human?

    Perhaps the fears of those physicists in the Oppenheimer era would indeed materialize, in that an out-of-control singularity could, indeed, implode back in on itself and destroy the entire planet!

    Or, perhaps send it to another point and time in the universe… or another universe at a different time… same point…


  3. If they COULD produce a singularity, it would probably be microscopic.

    Oh yes, definitely, smaller than that even!

    If any wormhole is produced, it’ll be subatomic particle size and have a lifetime of micro-milliseconds. If they can be detected, I’m sure some means would be devised to capture one and study how to open it up.

    I’m not enough of a physicist to explain it, here’s what one of the Russian scientists said: ” Prof Aref’eva and Dr Volovich believe the LHC could create wormholes and so allow a form of time travel. “We realised that closed timelike curves and wormholes could also be a result of collisions of particles,” Prof Aref’eva says.

    There are still plenty of obstacles for the likes of Dr Who, however. Not least of them is the fact that these are mini wormholes, so only subatomic particles are small enough to travel through them.

    They tell The Daily Telegraph that whether subatomic time travel in the LHC would open the doors for human scale time travellers “is a deep and interesting question” but stress that “these problems, and many others as well, require further investigations.”

    Probably the best we can hope for is that the LHC may show a signature of the wormholes’ existence, Dr Volovich says. If some of the energy from collisions in the LHC goes missing, it could be because the collisions created particles that have travelled into a wormhole and through time.

    Radical, but not impossible.

  4. The funny thing is we are Time Travelling – all the time

  5. seriously though
    if you could travel in time
    where would you travel to
    or should i ask
    when would you travel too

  6. I would make the pilgrimage of all Christian cultures, to witness the Crucifixion of Christ.

    Hey, faith might be alright and enough for some folks, but I have to satisfy the Missouri mule in me!

  7. I might travel to Switzerland in May. I hope to learn more about the Large Hadron Collider as time travel is a very exciting area. I want a good view of the action and hear news regarding developments when it happens. In Northern Ireland we probably could never do this.

  8. If these missing particles truly did go forward or backward in time, then stray particles could be detected when there are no collisions occuring as the particles come out the other end of the wormhole (if location in space didnt change.) So there would be missing energy and then a consolidation of that energy over time.

  9. carol williams | Reply

    I’d like to know exactly when in May the scientists are going to fire up the Collider. Simply because I may not be able to read about it after, as there may not be an after, and the Providence Journal probably would miss reporting on it if there was.

  10. They cant get the space shuttle to not explode WTF!!

  11. MORRIS REBY,M.D. | Reply


  12. I would travel to the end of time, open the door and step into the beginning of time. Maybe.

  13. I would travel back to Germany, circa 1939, with Harry L, Shearer’s “The Rise & Fall of the Third Reich” and all kinds of historical records of the war (translated into german, of course), and give all of it to Adolph Hitler….just to see how he would react to knowing *EXACTLY* how WWII is “supposed” to play out (without chrononaut intervention). (Why do I smell smoke?)

  14. Technically if such a thing were possible, you would never be able to go back any further than when the device was created. So if it were created in 2004, you would never be able to go back in time before 2004. If for any reason you were able to, what device would you use to get back 🙂

  15. i think the world is going to end when all the glaciers melt and the world will be coverd in water and all life as we know it will be gone

  16. anyway when are they going to time travel

  17. Why the Apocalyptic Visions mackey?

    Do you hope for the End?

    Prophets have been predicting The End for millennia, why is it the End now, instead of before?

    It could happen, but why would anyone wish for it?

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