General Motors plans to “Run Silent, Run Deep”

From Live Science:

A new concept car from General Motors could get 53 mpg on a propulsion system pioneered in submarines about a hundred years ago.

Rechargeable batteries power an electric motor that turns the wheels. There’s also an engine, which can be used to charge the batteries. The setup worked for the U.S. Navy during the Wilson Administration, so it just might also shine on 21st Century American highways. At least that’s what GM apparently hopes, as it is reportedly intends to have the car in production by 2010 as an addition to the Chevy lineup.

“They have taken the way that the automobile industry thinks about hybrid cars, and turned it on its ear,” said Michelle Krebs, editor at Edmunds “If you don’t drive far, you may never need gasoline. No other major car maker had done this.”

Most hybrid cars, she noted, retain a connection between the engine and the wheels, and use the electric motor to supplement the gasoline engine.

Call me suspicious, but isn’t using 100 year-old submarine technology implying that this could’ve been utilized, say, 30 years ago after the Arab oil Embargo?

Sure, a person can nitpick over the details, but c’mon people! 100 year old sub tech to increase fuel mileage? Isn’t that enough to show the average kool-aid drinking sheep-head in this country that the oil-igarchs along with their Rockefeller bankster masters might, just might, have suppressed some beneficial technology?

Somehow I think when GM presents this car to the public, it’ll be spun as “new” and “revolutionary”.


Doesn’t matter to me though, I’ll never be able to buy it anyway. Anything “new” like that would cost close to $100,000.

Just right for the NWO’s thinned out middle class.

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  1. Didn’t Tesla design a system that literally pulls electricity out of the air about 100 years ago too? I wonder what happened?

    Oh yeah, his financial backer got assassinated by the Rockefellers!

    And we’re living the result.

  2. Concept car? Bwahahahahha …What a load of old cods wallop.
    GM has the gall to say that after melting down the EV1’s from the 1990’s because Bu$hco had to disappear them in order to sell oil & SUV’s…): Well, at least one of the old EV1’sis alive and well on Youtube…

    Nothing has changed with GM since the 1950’s when they dismantled all of the electric trolley systems throughout the US and replaced them with the Deisel Bus…G:

  3. Yeah, and then there is the story about the 80 mpg carb that the oiligarchs bought up to get rid of… not a good invention for business!

    You have to be pretty deep in denial to think that anything the NWO tells you or does for you, is going to be for your benefit. Bankers don’t take a shit unless someone pays them to do it! Everything is $$$ to them. They wean their young on fractional banking and usury, because nothing else matters in their world.

    Even us.

  4. I wonder how many people GM will snow with this “new concept” vehicle?

    Quite a few I suspect.

    You hafta think how many sheeple will cough up the bucks to buy the damn thing!

  5. Aha, yeah, but when will they manufacture flying cars? Not this like — > but driven by propellantless field propulsion(Star Wars type) 🙂 Is it a question of years or decades?

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