Daily Archives: February 17th, 2008

Russians accuse U.S. of testing ‘Star Wars’ tech

From Reuters:

Russia’s Defence Ministry said on Saturday a U.S. plan to shoot down an ailing spy satellite could be used as a cover to test a new space weapon.

The ministry said there was insufficient proof that Washington’s decision to fire a missile at the disabled satellite was to prevent a potentially deadly leak of toxic gas as it re-entered Earth’s atmosphere.

“In our opinion, the decision to destroy the U.S. satellite is not as harmless as it is being presented. Especially as the United States has been avoiding talks on restricting a space arms race for quite a long time,” the ministry’s information department said in a statement.

“Under cover of discussions about the danger posed by the satellite, preparation is going ahead for tests of an anti-satellite weapon. Such tests mean in essence the creation of a new strategic weapon.”

Video of satellite shoot-down

The Russians, of course, know what is going on. Our Rockefeller owned government is showing the Chinese (primarily the Chinese assassins based on Taiwan) that the U.S. Star Wars tech is alot better than theirs and that if anything should befall David Rockefeller and the Western NWO elite, the U.S. military will knock out all of the Chinese satellite communication network, and then unleash all of the race specific bio-weapons in full force they intended to in the first place.

The Chinese Communists are strangely quiet about this, but maybe not so strange. The Communists are in heavy with the Western NWO while the old Chinese Nationalists that are comprised of the underground assassin network, loath the WASP NWO. Of course the assassin network is all over Asia and even the Communists know that even the highest levels of their government might harbor some of these highly trained killers. The Rockefeller faction, and the Rothschilds too were given the ultimatum to stop the Middle Eastern genocide and stop seeding the earth there with depleted uranium. The Rothschilds decided since to take the EU World Government approach and preach the Earth goddess religion while the ultimatum infuriated the Rockefeller faction it looks like. They want to go ‘full speed ahead’ with their ME oil grabbing ventures and want to use the U.S. ‘big guns’ to see it through.

While Russia stands back, observes, and rakes in more money from their gas sale monopoly in the EU. And the Rothschilds seem content to pay the Russians, for now.

Is this all made up paranoia? Check out Project Camelot and Jeff Rense to search out some interviews with Benjamin Fulford. I’ll say upfront the guy might be a plant, but decide for yourselves.