China to go on a space launching spree

From Press TV:

China will launch ten spacecrafts this year including two environmental satellites, a meteorological satellite and a communications satellite for Venezuela, said Yang Baohua, head of the China Academy of Space Technology, according to the China Daily.The missions this year also include two Shenzhou VII spaceships, one of which will feature the country’s first spacewalk, Yang said.

“China’s space technology has entered a new stage. The design and manufacture of satellites takes less time, and homemade satellites are more reliable and have a longer lifespan,” Yang added.

China and Russia have expressed concerns about a US plan to shoot down what officials in Washington say is a crippled spy satellite, with that event to take place potentially as early as this week.

Yang said the country is also planning to send a record number of satellites into space in the next five to 10 years, but failed to mention the exact number.

This is pretty impressive by any standard, with a manned launch thrown in to boot.

Is this announcement a response to the American decision to shoot down its crippled satellite? An, ” Okay, you’re going to show me yours, but here’s mine!” kinda thing?

My take on all this posturing is just that, posturing. Along with the recent successful Iranian rocket launch and Russia’s continuous supplying of Iranian nuclear facilities/reactors, the Rockefeller owned American government is just stewing in its own juices, with the neoconmunists adding their own distinctive flavors.

This is shaping up to quite an interesting year indeed!

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4 responses

  1. Doesn’t this sound like kids fighting in a sandbox?

    And you know what cats use sandboxes for! 😎

  2. Yep…I was wondering where the evil smell was coming from. It’s like the same thing that Bu$hco uses the sands of Africa for.

    I guess it’s good that China is getting in on the space technology, except that they will out Toyota the U$ in no time flat. Given that the US is shooting down some more space junk, it seems kind of a shame that more will be added. I wonder if this stuff will eventually make formations
    like Saturnian hemrhoids or the rings around Uranus… 😆

  3. I wonder if this stuff will eventually make formations
    like Saturnian hemrhoids or the rings around Uranus…

    LOL G:!

    Yeah, the Air Force is whining that they need more Monopoly money to upgrade their aircraft. And the AF does space warfare stuff too.

    The U.S. military feeds the military-industrial-congressional-complex over half a trillion (that’s 12 zeroes folks!) petro-dollars a year to keep us “safe” supposedly.

    I wonder where the “money” is going to come from? We already have ten times the funny money floating around the planet than our economy pumps out yearly.

    C’mon G:, we know old folks like you have money hidden in your mattresses, cough it up for the good ol’ M.I.C.C.! 😎

  4. Well, they’ll have a rough time getting my money, because I invest it in stuff I find garage sales. $tuff is better than money and I can sell it at flea markets. $o the cats out of the bag, but the government tried infiltrating the flea markets to see if “We the $heeple” we’re making any profits. There wasn’t a one of them that could even pay for their table… 😎

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