The ‘Eye’ of the little black box

From News Monster:

Deep in the basement of a dusty old library in Edinburgh lies a small black box that churns out random numbers. At first glance the box looks profoundly dull, but it is, in fact, the ‘eye’ of a machine that appears capable of peering into the future.The machine apparently sensed the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Centre four hours before they happened, and appeared to forewarn of the Asian Tsunami.

“It’s Earth shattering stuff,” says Dr Roger Nelson, Emeritus researcher at Princeton University in the USA. “But unfortunately we don’t have a box for predicting the future that we can sell to the CIA. We’re very early on in the process of trying to figure out what’s going on here. At the moment we’re stabbing in the dark.”

Dr Nelson’s Global Consciousness Project – originally hosted by Princeton University – is one of the most extraordinary experiments of all time. It aims to ‘sense’ whether all of humanity shares a single unconscious mind that we all tap into without realising it. Some might refer to it as the mind of God. But the machine has also thrown up another tantalising possibility: that scientists may have unwittingly discovered a way of predicting the future.

I have seen a version of the black box random number generator before in college. It was much like the “plinko machine” on the Price Is Right game show, but instead of plinko chips, thousands of bb’s were used to drop into the slots randomly. An electronic random number counter was hooked up to control the dropping of the bb’s. For the experiment a person was sat in front of the bb slots and asked to concentrate on the left side of the panel. If the effect is crap, the bb’s should fill up the slots in a level waveform pattern across the panel. That’s not what happened, the bb’s started piling up exclusively on the left side! My jaw dropped! Woo-hoo mysticism in physics ol’ Doc edge100 would say! (I wonder what happened to that guy?)

Now as for the effect to be triggered before a significant event occurred, the experiment I witnessed wasn’t set up for that, so I can’t state equivically the effect can predict the future as this article states.

But it seems that physics has more to it than meets the eye of the beholder!

Original article via The Anomalist

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  1. Esoteric knowledge was once the realm of alchemists and other shamen.

    Are we seeing a revival?

  2. I was once interested in duplicating the apparatus that Nostradamus used for his prognostications, and read many books (I still have a few) on the subject. After I accepted Christianity, I began to see how badly I had wanted his predictions to ‘fit’ into past events, and realized that if one wants to believe something bad enough, it can be made to ‘fit’.

    Like the old psychic game, and I know former ‘psychics’ who tell me that they can generalize and ask the right questions, so that the client actually tells them all that they need to know, and have a reasonable chance at coming up with a right answer. They also said that no matter how far off they were at times, the client wanted to believe in them so badly, that they didn’t even question them… even concluding that THEY, THEMSELVES, were wrong, and the psychic right!

    I’m not saying that there isn’t a way to see the future, but I do say that there beings out there that are ready to tell us what we want to hear, and know enough about us that they can hazard a pretty good guess. That, to us, would appear as legitimate, especially if they, themselves, are in a position to make their ‘prophecies’ come true. And as long as they are in operation, any kind of prognostication would be suspect.

    From the Christian perspective, God is the only one that can see “the end from the beginning”, reserving that right to Himself. If the evolutionary paradigm were correct, the Heisenberg Principle would probably negate any possibility of an accurate prediction. Einstein also showed, mathematically, that other universes are cut off by infinitely curved space-time, and therefore unobservable. You might disagree with that, and maybe he was wrong, but I would still go with the first premise if I wasn’t of the theological set.

    But, if you think there’s a chance that box is legit… it’s lottery night, tonight!


  3. I can only repeat concepts that have supposedly been revealed to others, by guru’s and avatar’s, telling those with ears that the past, present, and the future are as one, but that if we contemplate our naval in the here and now for long enough it becomes perfectly clear as long as the ego is not involved. I can’t really get a grasp on it at the moment because I’m getting too egotistical…):

    Anyways it is the human condition to live in the framework of time as long as we have any hangups about it at all, and I have plenty of them, but something somewhere tells me that my perception of time is what limits the potential vastness of spiritual existence.

    I don’t know about the thought controlled BB thing, I try to steer clear of numerology. But I do talk to plants sometimes. Had a Mimosa (sensitive) plant onetime, that closed its leaves when you touched them, but also closed its leaves when threatened… 😎

  4. When I was taking some computer programming courses in school, one of the exercises was to write a random number generating program. As you know, the numbers are infinite, so we had to write it like we were flipping a coin (actually ones and zeros), lots of times. And we had to graph the results. It does come out to a somewhat level wave-form.

    We never tried the psychic thing on the computer, never thought of it.

    I’m curious to see if it would work though.

  5. One of the interesting things about quantum mechanics and the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle is that many future outcomes can exist at once until a measurement is taken and the quantum states collapse into one wave-form. That is the idea behind the Multiverse, one action will break off into ‘did he’ or ‘didn’t he’ creating multiple branches and outcomes.

    My knowledge of physics is restrained to nuts and bolts usage, so theory-wise I’m reaching here, but that’s the basic idea about multiple outcomes. Instead of one possible outcome, there’s tons of them!

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