Jerry Pournelle’s West of Honor

Jerry Pournelle’s novels of future history, one of which is West of Honor paints a very realistic picture of the human condition in a plausable interstellar setting. His depiction of the future world government, The CoDominium was originally meant to be the joining of the United States and the old Soviet Union (these stories were written in the ’70s and ’80s) but later reprints had to readjust to reflect the world’s political situation (i.e., Russia and China). In many ways The CoDominium resembles the NWO, the repression of science, excessive taxation, genocides and forced relocation of people, eugenics, etc. But at least there was the discovery of the Alderson Drive that enabled interstellar exploration and discovery of Earth-like planets. People had a chance to escape the onorous repression and they did the first opportunity they got. Primitive living on colony worlds that offered freedom was definitely better than living under the repressive NWO-like CoDominium.

This story centers on one individual, John Christian Falkenberg and his involvement in a planetary revolt. He is one of Pournelle’s early heroes and this story carries on the classic space opera motiff pioneered by E.E. “Doc” Smith.

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  1. This is my first time adding pages to cut down on space. Yeah, I know, I should’ve known already. But WordPress is a funny animal at times and different presentations (webpage formats) have differing abilities for manipulation.

    Enjoy the story.

  2. How did you do that Dad? It was totally cool when I clicked on the little arrow that appeared on what I thought was a comment by Jerry, your logo enlarged and came flying toward me while Firefox shut down. My signifigant other was sitting beside me at the computer and says, was that a UFO? I casually told her…No that was Dad, well maybe it could be. I’d sure like to know how to do that so Mr. Natural could fly out at Arthur Scheuerman… 😆

  3. You never can tell G:!

    Compared to others that I hang with on the ‘Tubes, I’m a rank amateur! 😎

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