Clippings from around the ‘Tubes

From Boing Boing:

This week’s story on the science fiction podcast Escape Pod is “Edward Bear and the Very Long Walk,” a haunting Ken Scholes tale about an animatronic AI Winnie the Pooh toy aboard a doomed, pandemic-wracked survival ship, tasked with saving the human race.

“Do you know what’s happened to the children?” Edward swallowed. Suddenly, he wanted to cry. “Yes. They’re…sleeping?”

He hoped and hoped and hoped and hoped, grimacing as he did. He looked around.

Makeshift beds lined the room. Small hands gripped blankets, small eyes stared at the ceiling.

“No.” The boy frowned. “They’ve died.”

“Because of Something Very Bad?”

“Yes. And I need you to be a Very Brave Bear. Can you do that?”

I’m going to check this out tonight to see if it’s as good as Doctorow claims.

Edward Bear and the Very Long Walk


From Cosmos Magazine:

Canadian geologists have shed light on how a vast lake, trapped under the ice sheet that once smothered North America, drained into the sea – an event that cooled Earth’s climate for hundreds of years.

During the last ice age, the Laurentide Ice Sheet once covered most of Canada and parts of the northern United States with a frozen crust that in some places was three kilometres thick.

As the temperature gradually rose some 10,000 years ago, the ice receded, gouging out the hollows that would be called the Great Lakes. Beneath the ice’s thinning surface, an extraordinary mass of water built up – the glacial lake Agassiz-Ojibway, a body so vast that it covered parts of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, North Dakota, Ontario and Minnesota.

The description of this kind of flood isn’t exactly what the folks in the Judeo-Christian-Islamic tradition would call the Biblical Flood, but to the inhabitants of North America at the time, you would be hard pressed to convince them it was other than Apocalyptic.

Catastrophic ancient flood cooled the Earth



The Saqqara Geophysical Survey Project may be on the verge of discovering the remains of Imhotep, the architect of the Step Pyramid.
Project Director Ian Mathieson said, ‘We’ve now found two large tombs where we think Imhotep could be. The largest tomb is around 90 metres long by 50 metres wide. The walls are more than five metres thick.‘The second tomb is next to it, and is about 70 metres long by 50 metres wide. It has a complicated internal structure which suggests a courtyard or temple.‘The tombs dwarf everything in the area. A person of Imhotep’s importance could have commanded the artisans and labour needed to build his own tomb on this kind of scale.‘All the information we have points to this being the most probable place he could be.’

Imhotep’s rep took a beating from the Mummy movies, but the fact of the matter is that he was one of the architects of the original pyramid projects of ancient Egypt, from which the Great Pyramid builders borrowed their designs from. Imhotep’s medical traditions are also presumed to be the basis for Greek physician Hippocrates’ treatises and Oath that’s used today.

Pyramid Architect’s Final Resting Place? (Hat tip to Graham Hancock’s site)


From Inexplicata via The Anomalist:

Ana Luisa Cid has sent us this photo of a possible triangular UFO taken during the recent Lunar Eclipse.

Photo of eclipse and UFO

It’s a classic triangle UFO. It could be black-tech, since it’s in Mexico and not far from the South-western aircraft testing sites like Groom lake. Or it could be actual UFO phenomona. Remember the mass UFO sitings Mexico had during a solar eclipse in the 1990s? It seems the sightings occur during these events. I wonder what the significance of that is?

Mexico: Triangular UFO Photographed During Eclipse?


4 responses

  1. I’m going to make it a point to buy a mp3 player soon so I can download some of these podcasts. Alot of them are actually very good.

  2. Interesting about glacial lake Agassiz-Ojibway and the great flood. There were some heavy goin-ons around that time. Here in the North West it was Lake Missoula that apparently flooded multiple times from 10,000 to 15,000 years ago. Nothing like the size of the one around the Great Lakes, but some profound geological features were formed that weren’t figured out untill recent times.

  3. Natch. Looks like most of these glacial floods occurred around the same time, 10,000 to 15,000 years ago.

    Throw that in with an asteroid that exploded over North America at the same time:, No wonder legends of ancient floods got handed down generation to generation.

  4. This week’s story on the science fiction podcast Escape Pod is “Edward Bear and the Very Long Walk,” a haunting Ken Scholes tale about an animatronic AI Winnie the Pooh toy aboard a doomed, pandemic-wracked survival ship, tasked with saving the human race.

    As good as advertised and quite touching too. It didn’t bring tears to my eyes like it did some of the commenters at Escape Pod. To myself, it almost sold me the deal that the Bear had a soul. Excellent tale!

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