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From via Red Ice Creations:

In evaluating the recent “declaration of independence” by Kosovo, a province of Serbia, and its immediate recognition as a state by the U.S., Germany, Britain and France, it is important to know three things.

First, Kosovo is not gaining independence or even minimal self-government. It will be run by an appointed High Representative and bodies appointed by the U.S., European Union and NATO. An old-style colonial viceroy and imperialist administrators will have control over foreign and domestic policy. U.S. imperialism has merely consolidated its direct control of a totally dependent colony in the heart of the Balkans.

Second, Washington’s immediate recognition of Kosovo confirms once again that U.S. imperialism will break any and every treaty or international agreement it has ever signed, including agreements it drafted and imposed by force and violence on others.

Thirdly, U.S. imperialist domination does not benefit the occupied people. Kosovo after nine years of direct NATO military occupation has a staggering 60 percent unemployment rate. It has become a center of the international drug trade and of prostitution rings in Europe.

In the year I have been researching the “tinfoil conspiracy theory” of the New World Order, this is one of the hallmarks of the organization; Divide and conquer, fund both sides and degrade the subjugated population into various illegal and morally reprehensible activities in order to survive.

Do I need to say these creatures be brought into the light of day so they can shrivel up and die?

Kosovo’s ‘Independence’; Washington Gets a New Colony In the Balkans

From Science Daily:

Venus is a sister planet to Earth. It is nearly the same size and density yet it has a surface temperature of 720 K, an atmosphere dominated by carbon dioxide and no evidence of oceans or ridges. It has been described as “Earth’s evil twin”.

Dr Huw Davies, of the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences argues that a mega-collision could explain these differences. In particular the collision could explain why the interior of Venus is dry, the odd rotation of the planet and the carbon dioxide atmosphere.

Dr Davies of the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences said: “A collision theory has been explored by scientists previously but was abandoned as the planet Venus has no moon usually expected from such an impact. However, a mega-impact could have created Venus, since the head-on collision I propose does not produce a moon.”

Ahh, the ghost of Immanuel Velikovsky smiles approvingly!

Did a mega-collision alter Venus?


Scientists are priming two spacecraft to slam into the moon’s South Pole to see if the lunar double whammy reveals hidden water ice.
The Earth-on-moon violence may raise eyebrows, but NASA’s history shows that such missions can yield extremely useful scientific observations.
“I think that people are apprehensive about it because it seems violent or crude, but it’s very economical,” said Tony Colaprete, the principal investigator for the mission at NASA’s Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, Calif.

The theory the South Lunar Pole has large amounts of water-ice under the surface of a large crater was raised in 1998 when NASA sent Lunar Prospector to scan the area. There’s no definitive proof of course, but finding actual water on the Moon could go a long way toward building a permanent outpost there.

NASA takes aim at Moon with double sledge-hammer

From Centauri Dreams:

When you’re thinking interstellar, long time frames are inescapable. Are we capable as a culture of planning missions that last not only longer than a single human lifetime, but longer than multiple generations? Steve Kilston (Ball Aerospace & Technologies), with help from Sven and Nancy Grenander, clearly thinks so. The three are behind the fittingly named Ultimate Project, a starship designed to carry one million humans across the light years separating us from the nearest stars, creating colonies and perhaps going on from there, a ten thousand year star journey that could turn into a trek through the galaxy lasting for millions more.

Some critics of this idea cite Mankind’s short attention span and current inability to focus on long range projects. And brother, this really is the “ultimate” long range project!

And human beings are capable of such endeavors; The Notre Dame Cathedral and the Great Wall of China are noted as examples.

Kind of reminds me of Asimov’s “spomes” and Clarke’s “Rendezvous With Rama“.

The Ultimate Project: 10,000 Year Journey

Tip of the hat to Posthuman Blues


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  1. Please leave silver in the jar by the door.
    Gold is nice too. 😎

  2. Yes, the level of corruption is universal. The NWO is present everywhere there is organized government… they MUST control all! Nothing of any value, socially or otherwise, will be permitted for the masses to enjoy. Everything is geared toward us serving them, and the notion of free government is laughable in such a controlled world!

    If the evolutionary paradigm were correct, you could consider Earth as just that… a spome travelling through space, with a crew of idiots so consumed with killing and annihilating one another, that any significant progress in exploration is lost to just trying to stay alive. I wonder if it would be any different on an artificial moon or spacecraft, after say, 500 years in space, when the original crew was long dead, and the initial motivation behind the mission somewhat dulled by the passage of time?

    Remember that incident with the astronaut love-triangle, that ended up with one of them totally ruining their career? Even the solemnity of opening new frontiers in the evolution of mankind hasn’t been free from the pettiness of domestic rivalries and base human lust! That, while still on Earth… what would happen in deep space, over hundreds, even thousands of years?

    Man carries within himself the seeds of his own destruction, everywhere he goes. Nothing is sacred, especially in the dumb-downed era of the “New World Order.”

  3. I know I sound like a wet blanket on so many things of this nature, but one should remember that I was once very much into things of this nature, and Assimov was one of my favorite scientists. I didn’t read his fiction, but his ideas on space exploration were very logical to me. It was through him that I first became aware of the idea of spomes being used as a viable tool in interstellar travel.

    Von Daniken was another guru of mine. They had some very good ideas, and I can see why they would think the way they did. But I feel they stopped short of their potential not taking into account a supernatural influence. Who is to say that the existence of an omnipotent and omnipresent deity has to stymie any future space exploration? Does the factor of risk and being alone in the universe somehow lend any credence or credibility to mounting any legitimate exploratory missions post NWO? Is this ‘romanticism’ necessary before we can honestly step out and explore our universe?

    I think not! In fact, the advantages to having attained perfection as a species through God’s intervention might only benefit us in this endeavor! I haven’t gone far into this subject on any blog, including my own, because I have a theme that deals with exposing a corrupt system, and I didn’t want to diverge… not right away, anyway. Perhaps I should explore this avenue more, as I see the exploration of the universe as the inevitable course of any sentient species… even a created one!

  4. Oh man, is this guy serious?

    Hitler and Stalin would’ve loved him!

    He’s the model of the modern corporatist citizen the NWO loves.

    NWO is a fantasy huh?

    If the majority is like him, we are sunk!

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