Billboard Liberation and others…

Billboard Liberation Front:


The Billboard Liberation Front today announced a major new advertising improvement campaign executed on behalf of clients AT&T  and the National Security Agency. Focusing on billboards in the San Francisco area, this improvement action is designed to promote and celebrate the innovative collaboration of these two global communications giants. 

I wonder if AT&T splits the profits with the NSA? 

The Round Files #004: The Phoenix Arrest of a Grey Alien, 1997

My name is David Henderson. From 1978 to 1998 I was a patrol officer for the Phoenix Metro Police Department. I was part of an incident that made it obvious to me our government is hiding the truth about UFOs and alien beings, and that really ticks me off.

On Thursday evening, March 13, 1997, the same night of the “Phoenix Lights” incident you’ve probably heard about, I was on patrol with my “partner” (whose name I’m withholding because he said he’d sue me if I didn’t, the little pansy). We’d been hearing some radio chatter about the UFO sightings, and I remember looking at my (so-called) “partner” and rolling my eyes.

At 2100 hours we picked up a call to respond to the home of Alberto Muñoz, a fellow policeman who was off duty at the time. The call was a B&E (breaking and entering), but Muñoz had been able to get the perp under restraint.

When we got in, we couldn’t believe what we saw. Muñoz had something that looked just like the little grey alien on the cover of that book Communion, hand- and leg-cuffed with tie straps and laying face down on the floor.

If there’s nothing worse than the NWO, it’s breaking and entering little grey thugs!

Daniel Brenton is co-author of Red Moon.


Missing Millionaire Aviator Captured by Aliens

You may be aware of the disappearance of Steven Fossett in September of last year. Fossett held multiple world records in flight (among them, first circumnavigation of the globe in a balloon and an airplane, the speed record for an airship and the glider altitude record of 50,727 feet.) He took off on the morning of September 3, 2007 in a single engine trainer, reportedly to look for dry lake beds in Nevada on which to attempt land speed records. He did not file a flight plan.

When Fossett was not heard from for several hours (after the plane should have run out of fuel) a large search effort was engaged by the Civil Air Patrol and other organizations. As the search wore on and nothing was discovered, satellite imagery was used, which located previously unknown air crash sites, but no trace of Fossett was ever found. On November 27, Fossett’s wife asked to have her husband declared legally dead.

Now, someone calling himself “Simon” claims to be receiving emails from a friend of Fossett’s claiming that the famous explorer was searching for some sort of dimensional hole populated with aliens:

He told me that he had spotted a mysterious white light of circular shape on the ground during one of his reconnaissance flights around the neighborhood. He said he had never noticed that light before.He told me that he went back home without investigating but kept thinking about the light and where it could be coming from, since it was in a deserted region.He just went on and on with the light and I couldn’t even say one word. He said that he went back a few days later to investigate, but the light had somehow moved about a quarter mile up north. He landed.Almost as if the light had felt him approaching, it instantly moved to a nearby hill. He said he couldn’t believe what was happening in front of him and he tried to call home to tell Peggy. But his phone mysteriously had died.As he approached, he could see that the light was in fact a large “hole”, and there were several blue-ish humanoids moving inside. Nobody seemed to notice him as he walked closer, and he was beginning to see what was like a whole new society in there, half-underground, half-exposed to sun light, right there in the middle of the desert.

He’s chillin’ with the Blue Man Group!

Build me a pyramid:; Daniel Libeskind and the oligarchitects

Architects have had a long and not terribly complex relationship with power. They like it. A bit of dictatorship always helps with the planning permission. It’s a professional hazard these days that most of the world’s money, ergo power, ergo egos, ergo construction business, is to be found in spots with a somewhat challenging relationship with polling booths and political transparency – Dubai, Moscow, Shanghai, Florida – spawning a new trend – oligarchitecture, they call it, though it’s arbitrarily applied to anyone from Russian oil magnates to over-decisive clients in Nuneaton. Let’s just say that most aren’t on Amnesty International’s Christmas card list.

Herman Sorgel tried to get his Atlantropa Project funded by the Nazis, but he flew too close to the flame….

Professional hazard indeed!


3 responses

  1. Better start scrutinizing that phone bill, marine! LOL! Those NSA bastards will be looking to overcharge you! Any bugs they install in your system, THEY pay for! 😉

    The Fossett thing is nothing new to anyone that’s tramped the wilds like I have. They’re turning up wreckage from aircraft lost in WWII times. Nature is a big place. Hell, there are many spots in Canada where no human has ever set foot, as far as we can tell. They’ll find him or what’s left of him, some day.

    As for the alien thingie… 🙄

  2. I don’t have AT&T, I have Time Warner, but it doesn’t make any difference, they all work for the spook agencies to spy on us.

    As for Fossett, it probably is as you say, but I find the blue humanoid thing interesting.

    The UFO/humanoid phenomenon is becoming less of a nuts and bolts type of thing and more of an “eye of the beholder” cultural vision.

  3. Yes, I know you think “angels and demons”. But where you might see demons, someone else might see “blue humanoids”.

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