Billybobjoe’s take on the Rockefellers, CFR and the NWO

I’m taking a cue from my buddy Geezer Power (G:) today and letting our good YouTube pal Billybobjoe explain a little bit about the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), NWO (New World Order), the various politicians from the “Left” and the “Right” and the Rockefeller family’s involvement in the sordid affair.

Time to get your heads out of your collective posteriors people, class is in session!

The CFR and the NWO Part 1


The CFR and the NWO Part 2


The CFR and the NWO Part 3

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  1. Billybobjoe is a character, but his Sludge Report is like good whiskey, you can’t beat straight up! ;-P

  2. Hi dad2059 et. al. …

    As I listened to clip #3 every so often a voice would mix with Billybobjoe saying “the office of homeland security”…? Is that a spoof on his part or is his YouTube transmission suffering some new form of harrassment/surveillance in order to scare people off ?

    His downhome broadcast from the attic is kinda cool, but the trouble is that except for the few of us that have fire-in-the-belly concerning this subject material; the greater body of “we the shopaholics” could give-a-care less about the New/One World Order. Based on where we are as a nation at this point in time and headed demontrates it so..

    There aren’t any mass protests in DC or anywhere else about the collapsing dollar, the imploding housing market, the price of oil, tbe housing market, the rampant commodities inflation nor the necessity of summary impeachment of Bush/Cheney. Btw all the aforementioned crises have been engineered to not only ripoff the American taxpayer, but also to destabilize the United States as mentioned in billybobjoe’s commentary.

    People are more enamoured with their toys and an endless stream of evermore hypnotizing electronic gadgets, junk food, and casual sex then complex thoughts like the maintenance of “freedom” for all time and all places. Our nation has turned into an “idiocracy” for sure and all for the One World Order’s strategic benefit. They’ve won, “we the people” have lost. The fat lady just hasn’t been asked to sing yet. … : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  3. Carl: The Office of Homeland Security ‘voice’ is indeed a spoof, Billybobjoe occasionally uses recordings of Bu$hco’s whine for comic relief.

    Until the fat lady indeed does sing, which to me means some jackboot fascists come to collect my chronically diseased ass to throw into a gulag to rot a slow, painful death, or they directly threaten my family, I’m going to keep on keepin’ on.

    To keep my conscience clear? Yup, you better believe it!

    At least I can say I tried to educate people about the fantasy that will eventually kill them.

  4. The Highwayman | Reply

    I noticed he has Busboy sitting on his desk, there, keeping him company… you know… the little yellow guy? LOL!

    Yep, the masses are hoodwinked, and most will be deceived when the NWO makes it’s end-run over the remnants of our tattered sovereignty. They’re laughing now, and as my buddy Malpoet tells me, it’s just my fantasy. He has all the knowledge he feels he needs… end of story.

    Carl’s mention of Bush’s voice in the background, and his thought about that being someone’s interference proves two points: that for Carl to be concerned about it, shows the influence that fearmongering has had upon the populace, and that someone might even try to do such a thing as intimidate him, recognizes that fact as well! America is a paranoid country, made that way by totalitarian forces bent on enslaving us.

    But, the fact that the masses haven’t caught on, and/or are indifferent is par for the course, as history shows that to be a normal occurence. The fact that society never seems to learn from it’s past is but another quote among many that I’m familiar with, including most of what ol’ Billy-Bob stated, himself.

    Console yourselves with the fact that generally those in the right have ALWAYS been in the minority, guys. The masses are dumbasses… catchy quip, don’tcha think?

  5. Isn’t ol’ Mal the one who said that we needed our DNA stored in a central database in order to keep us “safe” from the criminals?

    You know who the ‘criminals’ are when the NWO finally sets up house-keeping for good, don’tcha?

    Despite the odds being against waking the sheeple, more and more are beginning to shake off the haze.

    Will it be enough? Doubtful. But the elitists’ hubris always proves to be their undoing eventually.

  6. Busboy = Homer S.?

    Aren’t you crediting Busboy with too many smarts? LOL!

  7. Hi dad2059…

    Thanks for your feedback. Rest assured good buddy I’m not criticizing you concerning “content” or your efforts to post information that might enlighten someone; ie., anyone out there which is admirable.

    If you’ve ever been to CHB (Capitol Hill Blue) you’ll notice I’m like a CD on permanent replay with my rants concerning this cabal and their long-standing conspiracy to reshape the world order. The trouble is that guys like you, myself and Highwayman et. al. have been researching this material for many decades so Billybobjoe’s attic transmisions are almost surreal. It’s like something out of one of Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone series at least to me.

    Too bad American’s aren’t like many Euro’s such as the French and are into staging massive strikes; ie., work stoppages or lets say 90 percent of the people servicing debt of some kind quit sending in their monthly payments simultaneously and those that are on auto-withdrawal strip the accounts that service the earmarked debt so there’s no money to draw upon. It would be interesting to see what would happen with such organized societal resistance as the whole banking/debt based industries and governmental systems rolled over and died like slugs in the noonday sun. Such thoughts are beyond the comprehension of everyday folks though. This type of stuff only happens in France or in a novel…no?!

    Carl Nemo **==

  8. I’m popping up some popcorn for this one Dad, I haven’t been to a triple feature for a while. Joe’s spot-on as usual and the News Reels are virtually propaganda free. The content being what it is, I won’t miss the cartoons a bit.


  9. man his account got suspended again wtf

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