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More quantum woo-hoo mysticism…

From Intangible Materiality:

If time is a spacial phenomenon of observation unique to the processes of consciousness that is pliable rather than a discrete or enfolded phenomenon that is mechanism in of itself….this is one of the many issues currently debated in the field of quantum theory. At the same time, it is interesting to see the enormous amount of activity devoted to the practical application of quantum field detection.On a practical level we see potential applications in the spectrum of energetic bands associated with x ray and radar devices, some of which have already reached the prototype stage. This prompts some admittedly highly speculative musings from this writer toward quantum theory in relation to Ufology. While this mechanism has not been identified as an agent in these events, one wonders aloud if that this effect is what we are observing. If this is so, a diplomatic luncheon with the delegation from Planet X at the United Nations may be more attributable to a fantasy more akin to Star Trek than a foreseeable event. The sociological aspects of the UFO phenomenon distract us from these considerations in a circular path, then also perhaps we are distracted by what we see instead of why we see what we see. Again little ink has been expended on this aspect of the phenomenon. The majority of what we read is what government agencies may or may not be doing as well as what was seen. This is a fairly narrow band of consideration, which over the course of time appears to recycle the same material ad nauseam. This makes one wonder what the shelf life of interest in this phenomenon will be. I myself have been guilty of saying “this may be the year”.
Years turn to decades.

I have discovered in the one year my blog has inhabited the InnerTubes that more and more individuals and groups have jumped the ship of “nuts and bolts” theories of the UFO/ET phenomenon and climbed onboard the train of immateriality, cognitive, quantum physics, consiousness, psychic and even spiritual explanations of why it exists. And exist it does, there is no doubt about that.

Jacques Vallee was one of the first UFO investigators who proposed that they might not be actual material objects, or piloted by ET life ala Star Trek. His radical theory on how the objects/beings are perceived depending on the current dominant culture, individual/group’s upbringing and knowledge base was, and is, controversial, even in the UFO community. Today the mantle is taken up by people like Nick Pope, Nick Redfern, Greg Bishop, Paul Kimball and Mac Tonnies. Tonnies take is peculiarly interesting because he proposes that “crypto-terrestrials”, beings who are native Terrans (or native in a higher dimension), ahead of us millions of years on the evolutionary scale, are responsible for the UFO phenomenon and other cultural “sightings” and “manifestations” in the past.

I put abductee/authors Jeremy Vaeni and Whitley Strieber in the Jacques Vallee category since they “slip” mentally/psychically into the creature’s dimension (4th, 5th?) without cause or control. Is this a symptom of being abducted? Are they being “summoned”? Or are they favored “pets” of the enigmatic, god-like crypto-terrestrials?

What do I think,  you may ask? My original take was the standard spaceship/ET thing, but I’m not so sure now.  I’m taking the “wait and see” approach, especially since France and the UK are releasing UFO documents.

Chickensh*t? Yeah maybe. I just prefer to wait for more evidence should some appear.

Some musings on quantum events