Science Fiction Theatre

Science Fiction Theatre was an early television anthology series (1955-1957) that extrapolated science as it was known in the 1950s. Themes such as space travel, UFOs and telepathy were common fare.

The following uses a concept that we take for granted today. The presentation has one main oversight, but it’s an easy one to miss. (Hint: The speed of light.)

Signals From The Moon Part 1


Signals From The Moon Part 2

Signals From The Moon Part 3


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  1. The Highwayman | Reply

    Their “half-million mile” range estimate is double the actual range of the moon, unless you account for the return trip. That, and the signal degradation is close to 93% due to surface irregularities and axial rotation of both spheres… something made more compliant with the transceiver in motion. (The ship)

    I don’t know… what did I miss? They sure screwed up using a .25 calibre pistol to bump off that guy… and a raghead hitman! LOL! They can’t even drive trucks with any degree of efficiency!

    You got me, professor… what does ‘c’ have to do with the “oversight”?

  2. The time-lag, there wasn’t one. It takes a radio signal at ‘c’ 1.5 seconds to travel to the Moon, so there should’ve been a communication lag of around three seconds.

    The U.S. Army Signal Corps bounced a radar signal off the Moon in 1946: It took 2.4 seconds.

    I was impressed with the plot of the show and it was in line with the science at the time. Communication satellites wouldn’t appear until the 1960s.

  3. The Highwayman | Reply

    Yeah, I wasn’t paying attention to the conversations that closely. I guess after years of listening to “subspace” communications between starships and the Federation on “Star Trek” taking place instantaneously, I never thought to clue into that on this show.

    Good one. And yes, I liked the quality of the show. It beats even a lot of modern programs in believability.

  4. I just ran across this series by chance. I grew up watching stuff like this on Saturday afternoons, meaning they were 1950s shows and B movies.

    Cultural anthropologists say the science/scifi fare during the 1950s and early 1960s were a result of paranoia and anxiety. Hell, there was less of that back then than now!

  5. I loved that show! They used to have reruns of it when I was growing up. It was weekday mornings, and I would watch it while on summer vacation.

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