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Forbidden Planet (1956)

Forbidden Planet (1956) marked a watershed in science fiction film making. It’s matte-style background animation and CinemaScope photography actually won the film an Academy Award for special effects.

Not only that, it was also the first scifi movie to approach space exploration using hard science to predict how human beings would explore the Galaxy using FTL (faster-than-light) technology. When the ship C57D decelerates from supra-luminal flight, the crew enters ‘deceleration’ chambers that uses force fields that dampen the massive ‘G’ forces (gravity) that would crush the human body.

It has long been speculated that flying saucers use massive gravity fields to bend and warp space-time for propulsion. And one can’t help but notice that the ship utilizes the classic saucer ‘UFO’ design.

Did the film makers get ‘technical’ help from outside sources? After all it was the 1950s, Cold War ‘paranoia’ and anxiety was reaching new heights and UFO activity was at an all-time high.

You be the judges!

Forbidden Planet Trailer


Forbidden Planet – Alien

A little heresy here, but fun. The editor monkeyed with the music though.

Forbidden Planet – The Short Version

As you obviously note, many famous actors and actress(es) were in this production. I’m not sure if this movie launched their careers, but the movie itself was a serious production, not a tongue-in-cheek farce like later scifi films were.

And many thanks to lotusland for the idea to post these clips!