Federal Reserve Bubble Bath; Updated

Eric Janzsen writes in the online February ’08 Harper’s Magazine:

Our economy is in serious trouble. Both the production-consumption sector and the FIRE sector know that a debt-deflation Armageddon is nigh, and both are praying for a timely miracle, a new bubble to keep the economy from slipping into a depression.

We have learned that the industry in any given bubble must support hundreds or thousands of separate firms financed by not billions but trillions of dollars in new securities that Wall Street will create and sell. Like housing in the late 1990s, this sector of the economy must already be formed and growing even as the previous bubble deflates. For those investing in that sector, legislation guaranteeing favorable tax treatment, along with other protections and advantages for investors, should already be in place or under review. Finally, the industry must be popular, its name on the lips of government policymakers and journalists. It should be familiar to those who watch television news or read newspapers.

There are a number of plausible candidates for the next bubble, but only a few meet all the criteria. Health care must expand to meet the needs of the aging baby boomers, but there is as yet no enabling government legislation to make way for a health-care bubble; the same holds true of the pharmaceutical industry, which could hyperinflate only if the Food and Drug Administration was gutted of its power. A second technology boom—under the rubric “Web 2.0”—is based on improvements to existing technology rather than any new discovery. The capital-intensive biotechnology industry will not inflate, as it requires too much specialized intelligence.

There is one industry that fits the bill: alternative energy, the development of more energy-efficient products, along with viable alternatives to oil, including wind, solar, and geothermal power, along with the use of nuclear energy to produce sustainable oil substitutes, such as liquefied hydrogen from water. Indeed, the next bubble is already being branded. Wired magazine, returning to its roots in boosterism, put ethanol on the cover of its October 2007 issue, advising its readers to forget oil; NBC had a “Green Week” in November 2007, with themed shows beating away at an ecological message and Al Gore making a guest appearance on the sitcom 30 Rock. Improbably, Gore threatens to become the poster boy for the new new new economy: he has joined the legendary venture-capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, which assisted at the births of Amazon.com and Google, to oversee the “climate change solutions group,” thus providing a massive dose of Nobel Prize–winning credibility that will be most useful when its first alternative-energy investments are taken public before a credulous mob. Other ventures—Lazard Capital Markets, Generation Investment Management, Nth Power, EnerTech Capital, and Battery Ventures—are funding an array of startups working on improvements to solar cells, to biofuels production, to batteries, to “energy management” software, and so on. (link)

Wow. My ol’ buddy Highwayman sure called this one right, especially about ‘favorable tax treatment’, meaning Wall Street firms will get the favorable part, not us:

Yep, the Canadian element of Gore/Suzuki Morons Inc. are yapping their fool heads off, once again, bleating the virtues of a “Carbon Tax” that supposedly will make big business pay for polluting the environment! But, you know who REALLY is going to pay, now, don’t you? US! Not big business, whom ‘Stupid Pants’ really worships, but the common people! (link)

Say what you want about The Highwayman, (in fact, he doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him, he loves a good fight!) he has studied the world bankers and financiers for almost thirty years, so he has a good feel for what they do to the world’s working poor and middle classes. Yes, he’s a Christian and people accuse him of being a ranting fundie at times, but he’s a friend and never hid who he is from anybody.

Unfortunately, this economic bubble and tax the poor scheme the Federal Reserve gangsters have imposed upon us since 1913 is the only game in town. As Janzsen notes in his essay; “Given the current state of our economy, the only thing worse than a new bubble would be its absence.

It gives the old tome ‘bubble, bubble, toil and trouble’ life like Frankenstein’s Monster! (Gawd, another cliche, somebody make me stop!)

Update: Interview of Investor Eric Janzsen in Wired Magazine; http://www.wired.com/science/planetearth/news/2008/03/cleantech_bubble

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  1. I’m all for alternative energy tech, but this should’ve been done thirty years ago after the Oil Embargo of the early 1970s.

    Check these out; http://www.worldchanging.com/archives/003795.html

    Click to access API_Emerging_Energy_Report.pdf

    Trust me, these allies of the ‘banksters’ are going to make sure they stay in control!

  2. Keep on cliche-ing all you want, marine, I could add a few myself… with the appropriate colorful metaphors to compliment them! LOL!

    Yes, there is big $$$ to be made in artificially-contrived recessions, disasters, etc. “Follow the money” is the one constant in the universe for determining whether or not an enterprise is legit. If there’s an international banker involved, you KNOW it’s a scam. They don’t do anything but that it makes THEM a ton of money, and shoring up other banks isn’t some manifestation of divine benevolence on their part, they’ve engineered the collapse, themselves, and I’m in a lot of famous and respected company in that opinion!

    We have a society based upon usury, and yes, it would collapse (temporarily) if the banks were suddenly removed from the equation, but the only benefit that we, the soon-to-be-extinct “bourgeoisie” are getting from this, right now, will eventually be not-so-free room and board in one of the many ‘Rothschild Hiltons’ being constructed around the country! If that isn’t a radical reconstruction of society as we know it, what is?

    Just like the collapse of ’29, the current fiasco with Bears Stearn was engineered by coercion and influence from the larger banks, and now the privately-run “Fed” (Rothschild-owned) is ‘heroically’ coming to it’s aid, but the collateral is the property of the people of the United States! One of the main planks of the Communist agenda is the confiscation of all private property, and this one of the time-honored, proven methods of doing that. Create debt, and foreclose.

    Well, we’re all in this together, now, in a global economy. The US will take the brunt of it, being the richest and most powerful nation, but, eventually, we must all pay the piper… or the Rothschild!

  3. HW: Are you saying the banksters would prefer a crash now instead of inflating the ‘alternative energy’ bubble? I realize they make money either way, but wouldn’t be worth their while in the long run to get this next balloon filled up as soon as possible? Like Janzsen says, this has the ability to create and circulate not billions, but trillions of dollars.

    Maybe they want to collect some ‘hard’ assets like property and taxes first before they allow the next bubble to inflate.

  4. I’m sure they’ll milk it for a time, like you say, but there is another agenda besides money… which is just a means toward an end. That’s where religion plays into it, but for now, yes, it’s whoever dies with the most toys, wins. Maybe they will prefer a gradual take-over. I’m in agreement with your earlier posts that talked about NWO infighting, too, which probably has a bearing on things.

    I can’t put an exact date on the culmination of these preliminary capitalistic romps, but the end result is world domination through a centralized government to be headquartered in the Middle East. That’s the other concern besides oil that’s driving the totalitarian war machine over there.

    I wish that I could put an exact date on these happenings; it would make my life’s decisions a lot easier, for sure! For now, we’ll just have to wait and see… and stay away from debt, if you can!

  5. I think I mentioned in one of my posts about NWO infighting the Rothschild Faction backing off from the ‘Zion’ world government headquartered in Jerusalem for a more ‘secular’ approach using the EU as the home for the world government. The Rockefeller Faction, with Dick Cheneyburton as point man (David and Jay pulling the strings of course) wanting to go full bore into finishing off Iraq and bombing Iran with small nukes, or real dirty depleted uranium weapons.

    This was put forward by Bejamin Fulford back in January. But nothing else has been heard from this guy lately, so I’m thinking he’s been a NWO plant the whole time to divert attention.

    Somebody should check on this years Bilderberg conference. I haven’t heard squat about that either.

    Maybe they went to ground? Might be hard for them to do, despite the mind control propaganda because alot of people are onto the NWO bullsh*t now world-wide.

  6. Their EU headquarters is in and around there, now, as well as Britain. The Rothschild and affiliates conglomerate is spread throughout Europe and the British Isles. However, the master they serve has his eye on the “eternal city” for his own special reasons, that may or may not enter into the plans of his dupes/subordinates.

    This is where the “great controversy” is to be decided… once and for all.

  7. Here’s why we never “hear squat” about Bilderberg meetings… (for the uninitiated that might be reading, here!)


    For those of us with big noses, something is apt to turn up. Determining what leaks of it’s own accord, and what is deliberately leaked, is the trick!

    And, I’m already on it!

  8. Hi dad2059 et. al. …

    The last meeting was in Istanbul, Turkey for 2007. The featured mattoid was Paul Wolfowitz; ie., the architect of the Iraq war along with facilitators as Feith and Cheney through their rogue intelligence pipeline that dissolved post mission accomplished in 2003…!

    The reason these people have so much power is due to the fact that the world is a slave to a system of central banks who have the power to print money and control debt; ie., vigorish on that debt. They also own all the mortgages and installment debt in the entire world insuring the common people’s slavery until the 12th of ever.


    What a bunch of old, ugly, burnt out power-crazed “boogers” they are; like something from “Tales from the Crypt”… : ))

    Carl Nemo **==

  9. What a bunch of old, ugly, burnt out power-crazed “boogers” they are; like something from “Tales from the Crypt”…

    Good analogy Carl. In fact, they consider themselves ‘pharoahs’ both in historical terms and in entitlement.

    Many tinfoilers have varying theories, the common theme being the financial control side of things is only part of their agenda. HW terms this in the way of Christianity, the goal of the NWO is to emulate Lucifer and to have world central control in the Middle East to fulfill Biblical prophesy. Others like Michael Tsarion theorize almost the same, only that ‘Lucifer’ and ‘Yahweh’ are the same being which is called the ‘Aton’. He also throws in the Nephalim, who in his theory are aliens that spliced their genes with primitive humans to create ‘slave races’. He also surmises that’s why humanity has a ‘schizophrenic’ nature because our alien DNA tries to force it’s way through at times, causing mental and emotional conflicts.

    That is a variation on Zecharia Sitchen’s idea of alien Annunaki in ancient Sumeria. I posted on this last year; https://dad2059.wordpress.com/2007/05/03/ancient-iraqi-tinfoil/

    Since then I’m not too sure, most of these Middle Eastern tales have ties that suggest a common source. People argue what that source is, be it the King James Bible, Qu’ran, Torah, Sumerian clay tablets or even earlier oral tales told on the Anatolian Peninsula (Turkey).

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