Some More Nibiru News

With all of the recent talk of ‘disclosure’ about UFOs, ETs and the references to Arthur C. Clarke’s 1956 novel ‘Childhood’s End’, I’d thought some video clips about Nibiru were in order.

The corporate mainstream media recently has been going through a crash program of shoving the possibility of life on Mars, or on the moons of Jupiter and Saturn onto the delirious world public, especially Americans who ‘revel’ in their holy ignorance. Add that to science programs on television touting the possibility of large planetary ‘bodies’ in the outer Solar System area dubbed the ‘Kuiper Belt’ (where Pluto and its moon Charon got banished to recently), you have the makings of the biggest mass meme immersion since Bu$hco sold the Iraq War (he’s still trying to sell it).

Will it work? Well, according to some people like Michael Salla, we have until the 2013/2017 time frame. If nothing of any significance takes place by then, the ETs will pull an ‘Independence Day’ style massive mothership parking spot maneuver over a few major cities. Shock treatment.

Does Nibiru figure into this? Maybe. If anything, it’s a distraction.

Nemesis, Nibiru & 2012



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  1. I believe that any stellar object having the proximity to enter Earth’s flight path in only four years, would HAVE to be close enough to detect. Also, if this thing has it’s 20 million year extinction act down to a routine, that would elevate the incredibly immense figures calculated for the spontaneous occurence of life to the level of an impossibility. That would mean that life seems to overcome impossible odds to regenerate itself from complete extinction every 20,000,000 years!

    So much for a once-in-a-lifetime, shot-in-the-dark occurence!

    Almost like it was planned!


  2. Nibiru supposedly has a 3600 year orbit that is highly elliptical. Now nobody knows for sure, be they tinfoilers, Ufologists, historians or even astronomers, whether it is a companion brown dwarf star with it’s own planets, or a large ‘super-Earth’ type that spends most of its time in the Kuiper Belt. Or just bullsh*t.

    But scientists are wondering why the old Pioneer 10 and 11 probes have encountered anomalous gravitational effects while leaving the Solar System. One probe has slowed some and the other has speeded up, albeit by small amounts, but measurable nonetheless.

    And also they’re wondering why, with what observations they have, the Kuiper Belt seems to be a symmetrical shell. One way they conclude, is that a heavy body in a slow orbit there has cleaned out the smaller debris and dust over the millenia, leaving heavier, more stable objects behind.

    My question is; “Is the mainstream community trying to innoculate the sheeple for the possibility these old myths are true?”

    This is happening awful fast!

    1. Hey, what’s “your take” on Neptune NOT having a Perturber?

      I copied this from BadAstronomy…

      “The mass of Neptune was certainly revised as a result of the Voyager fly-by in 1989. If memory serves, Myles Standish later revisited Lowell’s perturbation calculations for Neptune’s and Uranus’ orbits, using the new Neptunian mass, and showed that the apparent “Planet X” disappeared. (I’m writing from memory, so some of the detail may be wrong: I know it was Standish, I know it was Voyager, I believe it was Lowell and the Planet X search.)”

  3. I watched the old TV special “Chariots of The God’s” on YouTube, last night. Just type in “Von Daniken” and you’ll see it come up. It’s a ten-video compilation. I remember watching that show as a kid. What was amazing about it, firstly, that my dad was interested in it, too! This is a guy that (still) thinks all science fiction is crap, but he got right into that show!

    Secondly, you see a general theme throughout that caters to the idea that the ancients were not only visited by some super-intelligence in the past, but that they had some expectation of their return in the future. The Mayans have that pegged for around 2011-2012. Funny, the NWO has an agenda that lies awful close to those figures, as well!

    Looking at that show, now, there are some parts of it I could write off as pure speculation and wishful thinking, having more years under my belt. And there are others that I can explain from a biblical viewpoint. Nevertheless, we all went into the “Age of Aquarius” following a definite agenda laid out for us by someone, there is no doubt about it.

    Christianity and other religions all have some kind of reference to a future age of great light, or enlightenment – a “golden age” where man ceases to strive with himself. The secular crowd even seeks some form of extra-terrestrial intervention to help man out of the shithole he’s dug for himself. I, myself, believe that most of the strife in the world is engineered and forced upon an otherwise peace-loving world. There are forces bent upon keeping the pot stirred… a gigantic “false flag” operation, to help move along their totalitarian agenda. Creating chaos, then offering a solution for a war-weary civilization… happens on a smaller scale, all the time!

    I think most now believe that man isn’t capable of solving his own problems, anymore, thanks to this continual pot-stirring by the elitists, but many still prefer to have some kind of extra-terrestrial ‘outside’ help, in the form of “greys” and such. For some reason, angelic beings don’t seem to make sense. No wonder, really, when the people have been conditioned to think along the lines of what’s preached on shows like Chariots of The Gods.

    Anyway, no matter how you look at it, our salvation is coming from space. That’s what ALL sources are leading us to, as an inevitable conclusion.

  4. I was going to post something I read in UFO Digest a couple of days ago about Richard Hoagland writing someone he knew about this secret UFO meeting in the UN on February 12th of this year. Hoagland wanted to know if this meeting actually occurred. His source claimed yes it did. The big news supposedly is that the US military big-shots want to spill the whole pot of beans to the public, whether they were ready or not. That’s where the 2013/2017 timeframe comes into play, these ‘aliens’ are giving world governments an ultimatum of giving ‘disclosure’ on their own, or having it forced upon them. The interesting thing is, Hoagland’s source claims the beings aren’t ‘grays’, but are ‘Others’. And the source adds, “We need all the help we can get.” That’s ominous for dramatic effect isn’t it? “Others?” “Need all the help we can get?” Something smells in Denmark here.

    There’s been a rumor going around for years that the shadow government is planning a staged apocalypse to fool people into thinking the Earth and mankind are going through the ‘Last Days’ in order to gain total control. I don’t know if actual aliens are involved who are playing the ‘Christ/AntiChrist’ roles or not, but everything has this staged and planned feel to it.

    I’m trying to keep my failing body together long enough to determine if all this is a bullsh*t illusion, supernatural or otherwise to guide my family to safety if needs be. Then my work will be done.

  5. […] visitor to the Planet X pages wrote …,25197,23040466-939,00,00.htmlSome More Nibiru News With all of the recent talk of ???disclosure?? about UFOs, ETs and the references to Arthur C. […]

  6. I wasn’t much of a conspiracy theorist until I read about Nibiru, it’s connections to the Sumerians and Mayans, and it’s connections to the Bible and almost every other major religion that exists in the world today.

    It is a fact that the Sumerians and the Mayans possessed information about our solar system and planets that we have only rediscovered to be true in the last couple of hundred years. How is it that these civilizations could possibly know anything beyond what they could see with the naked eye when we need today’s technology to gain information about space?

    There is a tribe in Africa called the Dogons. This tribe, which does not have access to telescopes and the like, knew that the star Sirius had 3 orbitting planets long before scientists and astronomers discovered and confirmed their existence. 2 of these 3 planets cannot be seen with the naked eye.

    Common sense tells me that someone or something had to have informed these people about the planets, orbittal patterns, positions and sizes, etc. However, what I see as common sense is passed off as ‘junk science’ or mysterious coincidence by the majority of the population.

    In my humble opinion, society has been shaped into something that is easy to control, a flock. We think we are an intelligent race but in reality most of us are the product of years of supression and disinformation. We have become slaves to predetermined destinies because we do not demand answers to our questions, we do not take action to retain our rights and freedoms. We are given bullshit answers to our important questions by government officials and we accept that.

    I believe that NASA knows more than they let on to the public and that we are being kept ‘calm’ while events beyond our control play out. I honestly hope that this planet is real and that it does cause devestation on Earth, maybe that will force people to join together and fight the oppressors that rule us. Humanity will never rise to great heights if we keep our eyes closed, ears deaf, and mouths shut. We’ve been bred to think inside the box, to discredit anything that questions what we’ve already been told. People pass the Sumerian and Mayan history off as ‘myth’ when it is quite probable that it is truth.

    We’ve lost the passion to live quality lives that once drove us into revolutions. We’ve been given the internet, ipods, cell phones, distractions to keep us entertained and ignorant. The French didn’t have these things when they revolted, they weren’t distracted so they focused on what was really important. Vive le revolution.

  7. The elitists have certainly done their best to study human psychology and how to manipulate it. Their cabal is about 250 years old, but they are only the latest incarnation of groups that date back thousands of years.

    I don’t think they counted on the Internet becoming their enemy though, that’s why they are hurrying a plan to control it, without too much disruption in the basic architecture. A lot of commerce is conducted on the ‘Tubes, so they dare not risk playing with it too much.

    As for Nibiru, the Sumerians make an interesting study, more than the Egyptians I would think because their civilization is older.

    It could be because of the Western bias against Middle Eastern cultures in general, but that’s my own opinion.

    BTW, Egypt is not Middle Eastern, it is considered African.

    Like we care about Africans either. 🙄

  8. Angel of the morning star | Reply

    You should check out Nasa and the blue beam project. It tells of the planned holographic show of an alien invasion. They do have the holographic technology now. I saw the first public show of holograms over 30 years ago, then it all went underground, and believe me, they are beyond anything in star wars. I saw holographic objects projected that sure fooled me that they were real, until i put my hand clear through one of them.

    As for Nasa and the name they have given to this heavenly body – Sedna, well, read that backwards and it all connects.

  9. hey don’t people fool you guys.. Nibiru doesn’t exist! and 21 december 2012 is a date from the mayan calender with now evidence or prove showing the end of time. its all bullshit… If its real…by now you shout start seeing it in the sky.

  10. Yo Mandy…

    Although I’m now 63 soon to be 64 you sound like my type of pragmatic woman, that’s got her oars in the water at least concerning Nibiru and possibly other issues too…! : )

    I visualize you with fiery red hair, a stunning visage with both the intellect and overall beauty of Athena, the Greek Goddess of Wisdom…!

    Folks, as Mandy suggests, just say no to Nibiru… :))

    Carl Nemo **==

  11. Carl (and Mandy)….the fact is, there is something out there. What we are not sure of is, what this thing is and where it is going. Or how it will affect earth.

    We have all these ancient writings and stuff and we have a choice…we can believe and prepare or dis-believe and party on.

    I just can’t help thinking there is sooo much circumstancial evidence pointing towards Nibiru being a fact. Astronomical, archeological, geographical, and of cause all the myths, prophecies and legends. Weigh this against what our governments tell us or what closed-minded people say, and I tend to have more trust in the Ancients.

  12. To Carl Nemo:
    When Galileo suggested that we are not living on disk in the centre of the universe, but on a sphere in the middle of somewhere, the Church had the same opinion as you do. Letäs just pretend it doesn´t happen and hold onto whatever we believed before. Just ignore the facts and keep them from the public for as long as possible, because it it so comfortable to stick to our old believes rather than re thinking everything we believed to be true.
    So keep your eyes, ears and most importantly your mind shut, but don´t wonder when one day soon, reality catches up with you.

    To Onions:
    The Dogon culture knows and celebrates for over 2000 years the 52 year cycle of Serius.
    Except: Sirius is a trple star, meaning three stars rotate around a common point of gravity, and Sirius A rotates around Sirius B every 50 years. What Dogon people celebrated for centuries, our astronomers only found out about 100 years ago
    The Dogon also knew about Sirius C which our science only confirmed in 1999.
    So they are not actually planets, but stars,
    Question remains: How did the Dogon know?

    What also remains is “How did the sumerians know thousands of years ago the colors of Neptune and Uranus, as the sumerian names for these planets translate as their colors blue and turquoise?

    Anyway, as these cultures had a lot more time on their hands to study all this, whereas we are so pre-occupied with other things, they certainly paid more attention to what is going on in the universe than we do.
    And having no electricity, they could see things a lot clearer at night.
    Also why the hell would they make up these things?
    To lie to their own people?
    There was no media and no one in the rest of the world would become aware of their knowledge.
    No gossip greedy media, no internet, now television and newspapers. Nobody to fool. No antagonist nations to keep their secrets from…
    They had absolutely no reason to invent all this, as we do today.

    Often it is easier to believe in the old rusty patterns, because it is so comfortable not to have to reconsider things from scratch, because it hurts us too much, having to admit that we may have been wrong all along, and have believed in the true bullshit that we have been fed for too long!

  13. plausible deniability | Reply

    Y’all have certainly entertained me for quite a bit.
    Speculation is mostly what I’ve seen in these myth building exercises. The odds of an alien culture existing within our time and within reach of us without faster than light travel seems pretty high against. The universe is a huge place. Until I see hard evidence to the contrary, we’re on our own and we better start cleaning up our messes unless we want to follow the Mayans. As far as Nibiru is concerned, I would suggest you read about extinction events and the time it takes for recovery even from small events like the one that took out the clovis people in N. America. From what I’ve seen, attempts at underground survival will turn out to be a slow bullet. Anyone remember the fiasco created by those guys who tried to seal themselves in their habitat for a year? Thanks for playing along, PD

    1. Oh don’t stop playing with us, we don’t kick sand! 😆

      Speculation certainly is fun and is the stuff reality is made of sometimes, don’t put it down!

      What hard evidence are you looking for? Pieces of UFO people can hold in their hands? Hell, people get convicted of murder with less evidence than that!

      At least some UFO sites had trace evidence left, i.e., burnt or chemically changed biology. That’s more than Uncle Seth can say with SETI, which operates on as much faith as religion!

  14. VasiliyKovcheg
    End of the world. A planet – Nibiru. Evacuation till December 21 2012. Your last opportunity of rescue. Reception of the complete information – send the message with a theme: Planet X Nibiru.
    Confidentially important.

  15. Try as we may, this stuff is pure speculation (makes for interesting academic discussions)at this point. And if it wasn’t speculation just designed to make some people rich (like Y2K), what are we common folk realy going to do about it? Sell everything, head for higher or below ground, stock up on supplies? Maybe some more humans would survive but at what price and would that world they survived into be worth living in? Sure if Nibiru (or something else) was going to destroy our human civilisation (I am using the term loosely)it would mean the death of millions, but given that there is nothing that could be done about it (for most of us), would it be better if the alleged elite that is in the know inform us without solutions, would it be be more humane if they told us about it, so we can worry about it endlessly without a way out, thereby creating riots and a massive panic that would also cause the death of millions. Of cause you could say it would be fair to humanity but would it realy be that, fair? I believe it is better to live life as long as it is in me in a moral way without obsessing about civilisation ending scenarios. Besides the elite would not survive me by much, I believe. Nobody can prepare for every possible scenario, no matter how knowledgeable or rich, as our human knowledge is just to limited, our horizon despite all scientifical and technological advances finite and limited by what the real “CREATOR” wants us to know

  16. dont think for one moment things only exist in your diminsion for instance jupiter in another diminsion is a small solar system with many many things going on but to it it appears desserted to the human eye because of the diminsion your in so never say never

  17. I’m impressed! You’ve managed the almost imloissbpe.

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