A Little Passover, Good Friday, Easter and Spring Equinox Tinfoil

Simcha Jacobovici and James Cameron co-produced and broadcast on the History Channel on December 7, 2007 a little piece entitled The Exodus Decoded. The premise is that the Hebrew Exodus was actually the Hyksos Expulsion, which occurred around 1550 B.C.

Mainstream archeologists and biblical scholars have traditionally dated the Exodus around 1250 B.C., a full 300 years later, about the time of Pharaoh Ramsses II rule. If any of you readers are familiar with biblical history (I know you are Highway, but others might not), Moses and the Hebrews were fleeing Pharaoh’s wrath, mainly because of the death of the ‘first born’ Egyptian boys and other ‘plagues’ Moses called down upon the Egyptians from God. The Hebrew males were spared because the angel of the Lord told the Hebrews to paint blood over the doorways of their dwellings. Thus the Angel of Death could tell who to spare. This is the origin of the Jewish holiday of Passover, because the Angel “Passed” over them.

The Hyksos Expulsion however is explained as a rebellion by Egyptian King Ahmose against the Hyksos ruler at the time. The Hyksos are described as Asiatic/Semitic in origin and are considered the founders of the 15th, 16th and 17th Dynasties of Egypt. The legend goes that Ahmose was successful at throwing the Hyksos out finally.

Was Moses actually the last Hyksos ruler of Egypt? Even Biblical references called him ‘A Prince of Egypt’ (although he was adopted they say). What caused the Plagues and the Parting of the ‘Red Sea’? Was it God? Or was it natural? And what does the destruction of the volcanic island of Santorini in the Mediterranean Sea have in any of these tales?

So for your holiday edification I offer the episode of The Exodus Decoded as put forward by Simcha Jacobovici and James Cameron.

Exodus Decoded

Ol’ dad2059 is taking the weekend off to enjoy the spring equinox holiday, by whatever name you choose to put to it. May you enjoy the same. Peace.

4 responses

  1. However the tact one takes, biblical or secular, no-one can deny the volatile history of the region.

  2. That’s a special post for the occasion. Nifty !
    Thanks for the link love.
    I have to chuckle : it took forever to become known at the old locale. Things are moving right along at the new place. I think the forced reorganization has made it better.

  3. Sometimes a move is all it takes J.

    I was actually angry when I saw that WordPress shut you down.

  4. I can’t pretend I was pleased. It’s a shock when that hits out of the blue and nothing is known as to why.

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