Update on Benjamin Fulford via Project Camelot

Benjamin Fulford is very familiar with the elitists who run the planet. His grandfather was a financier who died under mysterious circumstances (Jeff Rense interview 7/26/07). His crime? He was going to back Nicola Tesla financially, particularly one device that could suck electricity out of the atmosphere and then transfer the energy from one station to another without wires, cables or any material at all. Power would be literally ‘broadcast’ much like radio and television is (not for much longer).

As we all know, history didn’t turn out that way. The One World Order was in operation even back in those days and Tesla’s device, if it was mass produced, would have freed people forever from the oil, automobile and utility companies. And we couldn’t have that, could we?

But other than that axe to grind, Fulford has claimed to have given the Order (Rothschilds and Rockefellers) an ultimatum; Cease the Order’s iron grip on world politics and the viscious cycle of wars, famines, genocide, economic ruin, religious confusion and destruction of the planet’s ecology. Or be assassinated. As far as I can tell, their plan to reduce the world’s population by 2/3s is still in effect. Since I have been investigating Mr. Fulford for a few months and the Ultimatum (click on the Rense link) , I have been waiting for some results. The only thing I can see so far is that Iran still survives and that Russia is still closing various military and industrial deals with the Revolutionary Council.

Is this a hopeful sign, or would it have happened on its own? I lack the data to make a firm conclusion. Fulford himself says it’ll take time.

Here’s part one of a recent interview with Fulford by Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan of Project Camelot. See for yourselves if this guy can really do what he claims, save the world.

Part 1 – Fulford Interview


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  1. A commentor on another site claimed that if Fulford could do what he claims, he ought to do it if he can.

    If not, this is one of the cruelest jokes I can think of being perpetrated on Mankind.

  2. Whoooah Dad

    This dude has had some profound revelations. I have only watched part of one video, but will be watching them all as long as I don’t crash my organic hard drive. I have some reservations about an attack on the eye on the pyramid of the Illuminate’, but the whole thing about the population control makes perfect sense in the light that there are so many secret detention camps spread around our country. Ignorance is bliss Lalalalalalaaahhla…G:

  3. I have reservations on Fulford going through with the whole deal at all.

    Call me skeptical, even if he does have the backing of Chinese assassins, how does he know if the Japanese are able to kick out the Rockefellers? True, the Japanese government is investigating 911 and some of the truth might surface, but how do they keep the Order from going to ground where nobody can find them?

  4. Hi dad2059…

    Thanks for posting these Fulford interviews. He’s quite an interesting yarnster and no doubt has had a very fascinating life to this point, but rest assured that if he were as connected as he says to secret societies etc., along with the knowledge of these clandestine orgs both Asian and Western, his loose tongue would have surely have done himself in by now.

    His life story is quite fascinating and his analysis is incisive concerning finance, politics etc., but something simply doesn’t wash out especially things like HAARP being used to cause earthquakes. I’m quite familiar with HAARP and it’s engineered purpose is far from moving or triggering earthquakes. In fact until he pitched out the HAARP/earthquake connection and our military using it as a form of extortion the guy had some crediblity, then I went uh-oh…! : |

    He also looks somewhat stressed with black circles around his eyes and suffering from chronic “dry-mouth” which could be precipitated by either fear of reprisals or simply that of a liar who needs a drink of water or a good stiff drink to steady his nerves…!

    Carl Nemo **==

    p.s Just the same I’ll finish part III tomorrow. Thanks for the interesting material.

  5. I agree Carl, I’m not totally convinced about this guy either, just for those reasons you gave!

    I’ll post updates as I can track them down. Him and Burisch spin quite a tale.

    I really think Cassidy and Ryan are trying to get through the veil and find the truth, but I think they’re too trusting.

    I’ll give Fulford until August 8, 2008 to come through with the goods like he asks, for now.

    If things get better, great. If not, he gets thrown into the debunked pile!

  6. Note: I posted this with vidclip 3, but realized to continue the discussion properly I should have posted to the clip 1 article. My apologies.

    Hi dad2059 et. al. …

    I made some comments about Fulford relative to HAARP and earthquakes. One of my early commentaries to this site was about HAARP; ie., it’s purpose etc.

    I thought I’d simply repost this site’s link to the December 13, 2007 article.


    The frequencies at which HAARP operates will have no effect upon the earths crust. To have an effect on massive earth plates would take very large energies and would have to operate in the ULF (Ultra Low Frequency) range. HAARP does have a .9hz ULF modulation component to achieve the circular polarization of the signal. Signals in the ULF range are detected as pressure waves on the human body and are not detected by the ear or normal detectors.

    The first link supplied within my larger HAARP article gives an excellent discussional on HAARP and even allows one to hear the components of the signal that are detectable.


    The second link is a collection of articles concerning HAARP and none of them refer to it being used as an earthquake weapon.


    The third link discusses our U.S. submarine ELF communications system allowing subs non-compromised communications with command central during a nuclear war. It’s a fairly slow method of communications, but is totally reliable on a worldwide underwater basis.


    Probably one of the best films ever made concerning a nuclear submarine operating in a DEF CON I wartime situation is “Crimson Tide” a 1995 Jerry Bruckheimer production. The tension in the film is about receiving a complete ELF transmission to confirm a launch sequence or for them to stand down. Denzel Washington an Gene Hackman do a superb job of playing out their rolls in this highly charge film. I recommend the film and will surely keep the viewer on the edge of their chair as the action unfolds.


    Also I’m supplying a link which is a short tutorial on radio frequencies and their interaction with the ionosphere.

    Click to access lesson2.pdf

    It will allow folks to become a subject matter expert in short order and is a fun course.

    Anyway Fulford’s reference to HAARP being used to trigger earthquakes is what has put me somewhat on alert concerning this guy. I’m surprised David Rockefeller even gave him the chance for an interview. All I can say is Mr. Rockefeller is a very old man and is no doubt soon to meet his maker. In a way it was somewhat sad. Yes, he’s extremely wealthy and no doubt a trillionaire with all the clans money stashed in many tax free foundations, but I thought it quite interesting he’s still wearing his wedding band which tells me he surely has some old fashioned values and might not be the monster that everyone portrays. It’s just that the superrich don’t see the world through a peasants eyes. He’s probably thought for most of his life that he’s been doing a good thing for the planet regardless of the derivative grief it might have brought to millions. It’s just a matter of life circumstances; ie., either being rich or poor, education, indocrination and perceptions.
    “Let me tell you about the very rich. They are different from you and me. They possess and enjoy early, and it does something to them, makes them soft, where we are hard, cynical where we are trustful, in a way that, unless you were born rich, it is very difficult to understand.”… quote from “The Rich Boy”, 1926 by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

  7. HAARP is being used as a generic term here. If you do some research you would find that 2 different patents were taken out the telsa technology, one operating like HAARP, the other using potentially extraordinary power. So when people talk about HAARP they’re to something built on the first patent. It’s a symbol for both patents and all the technology involved.

  8. Hi dad2059…

    I tried to reply to Someone 123 concerning his comment, but I ran into the discarded prompt per Akismet. So I’ll send it to your e-box if you care to post my reply to this responsdent. Thanks.

    Carl Nemo **==

  9. @someone123:
    Here is a reply to your comment from Carl Nemo. I’ll leave it to you if you wish to reply to his comment. All older posts I leave to whoever wishes to respond. Just keep it clean, no insults. The more tinfoil, the better though.

    Hi someone123…

    Thanks for the headsup concerning HAARP. I thought I’d post the patent link to for this “mad” military application; ie., HAARP…?!

    To me its nothing but another case of MIC welfare.

    Most folks don’t realize that in the Order of Nuclear Battle, the first weapon launched is an EMP weapon over CONUS, Europe or Asia in order to fry all the the modern electronic micro-circuitry except those that are hardened for such exotic combat.

    HAARP, schmarp and everything else is mute after a one megaton EMP enhanced weapon is detonated about 200-400 km’s above CONUS lets say above Kansas, then in the blink of an eye our world will be reduced to the world prior to simple resistive, non-processor based electronics. No auto or truck ignitions, radios, microwaves, or I-pods, cell phones nor anything else will work again unless they were shielded in a grounded Faraday cage or a system protected with high voltage MOSFET (correction by author: MOV’s; ie., metal oxide varistors.) inputs, but even then no guarantee of operational efficiency post such a blast. Even electrical generation will come to a halt because it too is microprocessor controlled.

    Rest assured our CHICOM and “Ruskie” pirate-capitalist buddies “NOT” have a EMP wep for us when they decide to go nuclear as their first delivery option.


    Thanks for your input to this discussional.

    Carl Nemo **==

  10. please do your research. please look into HAARP properly. Fulford is the real deal and I am impatiently waiting for an update from him since the recent BIG earthquake. Fulford p*ssed them off BIG TIME. Hence the manufactured oil crisis and credit crunch. China is dropping dollars left right and centre, it all fits into place…..

    1. what kind of a guilable person are you ? you actualy buy fulfords crap , its amazing how easy people are decieved , fulford is a payed disinformation agent , how on earth ca you believe a man with a ninja story , the man is a rockefeller lackey and the illuminati are laughing their as off because of people like you who believe anything god have mercy

  11. You might want to do your research, Fulford’s credibility is crap as far as I’m concerned, especially when he recently apologized to David Rockefeller: http://www.rense.com/general82/dwfe.htm

    HAARP probably is used to cause mayhem, but it is 1950s tech and will be replaced soon.

  12. Hi dad2059…

    Thanks for the Fulford apologia link… :))

    Although David Rockefeller is a very old and no doubt a wise man when it comes to the “darker side” human equation; if indeed this letter reached his desk then he would “not” be impressed by Fulford’s obsequious “whining” and attempt to bond with him via great grandfatherly connections…!

    He’d no doubt be thinking off with this village idiot’s head; ie., Fulford’s…! : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  13. this seems too me that you doubters have done your homework>>> lmfao,,,,,,,,you think that mr Fulford is the only source of info. again youve done your homework,,,,,, lmfao . Orrrrrrr you work for the NWO or bilderberg or the elite controlers… oh i forgot they dont exsist. i didnt do my homework… if i sound like a child its only because im talking to children that speak without searching looking listening into these subjects.. i hope you all well because i dont think your inteligent enough to really search out the truth.. or follow like sheep. one more thing if you find yourself in one of the fema camps please feel free to go to the front of the line …

  14. Yo surfjerr…

    I don’t believe any of the main contributors to this site either doubt or dispute that elitists such as the Bilderbergers have a plan to turn planet earth into simply their global plantation.

    It’s simply that myself and others have our doubts at this time that Fulford is all that he claims to be and isn’t going to be our planetary “El Cid” so to speak…!

    I personally don’t like people that threaten others; ie., Fulford threatening the power elite with violence up to and including assassinations via his contacts with his Asian “ninja turtles” or whatever else he claims for allies. It’s better to keep your mouth shut about any plans to screw with the powers that be and then to simply carry them out. To threaten publicly is juvenile behavior as far as I”m concerned.

    The wealthy elite are protected by some of the most elite security services in the world both government sponsored and private; ie., Blackwater Security, Wackenhut et al. Rest assured many if not most of their people are ex SOC personnel that have had some of the best training in the world to neutralize threats.

    So to put it simply, Fulford is a noisome punk as far as I’m concerned! : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  15. yo Mr Nemo i must agree with your view to a point.. The idea that any voice that speaks out of the wrong done by the neocons that weve lived with is a voice i want to hear even ones with dry threats is better then the ones with no voice. The fact that if one man >> or woman opens there eyes by fulfords speaches is one more allie for us. And for the record many of the elite have been takin out by many or one singe man. And one more point dont u think with fulford speaking so out in the open that him still liveing there must be some truth too what hes saying. well tc surf aka jerry

  16. Carl, if people like #15 would bother to scope sites like this one out, instead of doing hit-and-run fly-bys, imparting their immense wisdom upon us poor “sheep” and then riding off into the sunset, they’d see that we’re very passionate about all things NWO-ish, around here.

    It would also help if they’d learn to spell and articulate, so we could understand them… part of the socialist dumbing-down of today’s educational system, I suppose.

  17. Hi Jerry,

    You made a final statement to the effect that since Fulford hasn’t been sanctioned is that he might have something on the power elite giving him some measure of protection.

    Actually the fact that he hasn’t been terminated indicates to me that basically he’s a nobody and represents no threat to them at all.

    Btw, he’s not the only one on planet earth that raves about the elitists that represent the NWO while laying out endless claims about their co-ordinated conspiratorial activities etc.

    These super-wealthy people “own” virtually everything within our vision field; ie., the banks, timber, mines, factories, real estate, ag-business etc. They also own our government from the local to the Federal level while also puppet-paddling the elected representatives that we so foolishly put in office on a regular basis via “feelgood” elections. They do this via their corporate lobbyists and consiglieres (lawyers) who do all the dirty contact work for them.

    Fulford represents nothing to them and most of these elitists wouldn’t even know or care who this guy might be nor have concern about his impotent threats.

    In my book, actions speak louder than words and Fulford and his supposed gang of 100,000 Asian “ninja turtles” haven’t done squat to change this enveloping New World Order paradigm. : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  18. Highwayman I had similar thoughts about Jerry’s commentary, but not everyone has the ability to communicate in writing as well as many of our site members. I thought I’d give the guy the benefit of the doubt and respect his thoughts even if he doesn’t pass muster via our standards concerning his literary and written skills. : )

    Nemo **==

  19. #13…

    “i dont think your inteligent enough to really search out the truth.. or follow like sheep.”

    Those kind of ‘thoughts’ don’t get any respect from me.


  20. Yo Highwayman…

    I know, and I too felt your sentiments when reading his commentary, but I then came back and gave him a broadside on behalf of our site regulars and it seemed to get his thought processes squared away a bit.

    His post #15 seemed to have a measure of civility, so I gave Jerry the benefit of the doubt.

    I’m not disputing your indictment that people should not simply land on this or any site and then make instant judgements as to how the regular contributors and site host might be thinking on an issue.

    Nemo **

  21. Well, it’s Dad’s site, and this person was talking to you and Dad, so you certainly do not need to justify your actions or commentary to me. My observations are my own, and not standard operating procedure for everyone else.

    I believe we’re dealing with someone of the younger set, and obviously not too experienced. His/her writing ‘style’ is quite common in the way that many youngsters communicate, now, online and in text. One thing that I’ve blogged about in the past, is the elitist manipulation of the educational system, and how standards for scholastic achievement have taken a severe nose-dive, in the last few years. People are coming out of school less proficient than their elders, in terms of mathematical, grammatical, and literary prowess. I also believe it’s a mistake to coddle these kids in their error.

    It’s to their benefit to be able to communicate effectively with ALL audiences, not just their chat buddies. I’ve seen many and far more articulate exchanges on other blogs dissolve into schisms and misunderstandings that continue as full-blown feuds, to this day.

    Anyway, like I said, that’s my view. If I’m wrong, I apologize to all concerned.

  22. I generally have a policy of not commenting on posts more than a month old, unless it’s a response to something outrageous, so you boys have all the fun you want.

    Far be it for me to agree with the Highwayman (LOL!, he-he, I made a funny!) I believe we’re dealing with a person of the younger crowd, i.e, texting lingo, bad spelling, etc. That in of itself isn’t bad, it means that some young people are listening.

    But I have good reason to believe Fulford is a disinformation agent; Leo identified the Benjamin Fulford story as a PSY-OP and he called Fulford a disinformation agent. , http://kentroversytapes.blogspot.com/2007/11/kentroversy-tapes-podcast-23-part-2-of.html
    Makow: “I take it then that you did not meet DR in your capacity as rep of the Red and Green [secret society], and that DR did not know of your previous “invitation.”…Frankly I see this conspiracy as so pervasive that it is not likely to change course. But I want to be wrong, naturally.”

    Fulford: “The meeting was in two capacities. One was within the matrix to get his public face and official views on the record. The other was personal in order to verify that the Fulford and the Rockefeller families have been intertwined for over a century by the ghost of G.T. Fulford. The secret society’s messages can be read in the newspapers every day.”

    “The Asian countries are dumping their dollars. The Japanese have pulled out of the Afghan coalition. Asian nations are calling for world peace. Japan’s government has approved 911 documentaries on prime time TV. The emperor summoned David Rockefeller. This but a sampling of the evidence that the secret society has begun its move.Their aim is to end 300 years of illuminati world rule. They will succeed. The evidence is in the newspapers. Just watch the dollar and the pound (the ultimate sources of illuminati power) plummet. Japan is paying for oil in yen, many countries are refusing to use dollars. If people do not accept dollars, the U.S. cannot afford to maintain its military machine.”

    (Alas, the British pound is not collapsing but going up in relation to the dollar.)

    G.T. Fulford was a patent medicine tycoon like J.D. Rockefeller. Apparently he was the largest shareholder in General Electric and was about to buy General Motors when he met an untimely death in 1905 when a trolley rammed into his chauffeured limo. Apparently he was planning to finance Tesla.

    Anyway, the picture has changed from the one Fulford gave me back in June. Then, he was about to declare war on the Illuminati, but would give them one last chance. Now he is delivering letters written by the ghost of his dead great grandfather, and talking about how the two families are intertwined.


    Fulford’s and Rockefeller’s families are intertwined. His grandfather might have been killed by the NWO, but Benny-boy’s actions belies his rhetoric.

  23. You old fart… you know damn well you can’t resist a little controversy! Ha-ha! This is HARDLY my style of controversy, though!

    Dealing with reality is far more controversial than what this Fulford guy can generate! He needs to walk in my world, for awhile!


  24. I am new to this site as i have been chasing Fulford whereever his name appears in order to authenticate his story so bear with me if anything is unbecome or outdated but I was wondering if anyone has more information on the Svalbard-seed bank project by Rockeffeler and Gates. Any threats that can be expected from this.

  25. …I was wondering if anyone has more information on the Svalbard-seed bank project by Rockeffeler and Gates…

    Nemo, as our resident plant biologist, (you too Geez if you want to step in), can you help this guy out? Muchos grassie-ass! :mrgreen:

  26. Hi dad2059…

    I seems I can’t post any lengthy reply to JABS for whatever reason, so I’ll send it to your email addy and then you could possibly post it for me. It keeps coming up as “Discarded” when I try to post?

    Carl Nemo **==

  27. Hi Jabs…

    Rather than trying to dig dirt on the Rockefeller/Gates connection its simply best to focus on the fact that the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation wants to help fund the Svalbard project. Money is needed to fund such projects and they want to write the check. Good for them and good for us. : )

    Having a world seed bank in a fairly remote area encased in solid rock on an island is a sound idea. I’ll provide some links below so you can do some reading on the project. I believe the seeds are now in place and the vault has been sealed.

    In the 1970’s the world had a 100 day wheat supply; ie., wheat stored in grain elevators etc., but now it’s down to 30. Wheat is the staff of life for many people in the West as well as in Asia too.

    Wheat is currently being ravaged by a new strain of wheat rust that moving its way from Africa to the Middle East and seems to be migrating to the Indian subcontinent. The U.S. suffered a rust blight in the 50’s which destroyed 40 percent of the wheat crop. To have such a disaster occur at this point in time with 6.7 billion people milling about would be a catastrophe to say the least especially with only a 30 day supply on hand in storage.

    Most of the wheat planted today are from hybrid strains that have lost their original kinship with varieties that possibly had natural resistance to wheat rust. Plant biologists are working as rapidly as possible to develop a new strain that’s resistant to this new rust blight strain.

    What’s my point? These crop scientists must tap into our USDA and private seedbanks choosing wheat seeds from thousands of varieties that are stored representing seeds from primitive wheat that’s still found growing wild in certain regions to the most recent true-breeding varieties. Hybrids if seeded will not breed true and will give quite a bit of variation depending if they are F1 thru F4 etc. each F meaning the plant is the result of it having been outbred with another plant generation with different phenotypic characteristics.

    The large seed oriented agribusinesses have been working intensely to get third world farmers dependent on GMO seeds even to the point that it would be illegal for them to replant using seed from true breeding, non-hybrid varieties which they have done for millennia.
    In other words farmers in the primitive regions of the world depend on the previous season’s crop for their seed. Of course many of these true-breeding varieties are not as disease resistant or as prolific in their crop yields as the hybrid and GMO seed.

    The Svalbard seedbank is being stocked with true-breeding, non-hybrid cultivars from around the world. It’s like a Noah’s Ark in terms of seed preservation.

    Conspiraracy theorists believe they are doing this so they can corner the farmers of the world into having to depend on GMO (genetically modified organisms) rather than even hybridized seeds as I described above with wheat. Hybridizing simply uses time-honored Mendelevian methods and was pioneered commercially by Luther Burbank. GMO hybrids are manipulated at the cellular/DNA levels directly without waiting to study the characteristics of many generations of plants as a function of cross-breeding and that’s why mapping the genome is so important and tagging the pairs to see how each has an effect on the finished plant or animal.

    Svalbard will surely come in handy post a nuclear exchange, asteroid incoming, even the possibility of a particular food source seed having gone bad due to genetic tinkering or a new disease marching through world food crops leaving crop scientists little time to react without massive famine breaking out. Hopefully there’s also a plan post apocalypse for seeds to be distributed to responsible parties in order to replant Mother Earth in the event of such a global disaster. Nothing is mentioned about the protocols for such distribution and replanting.

    My best advice concerning Fulford is to forget about this assclown and his ongoing sensationalistic “dog and pony” show. Spend your time reading up on Svalbard and how plants are both hybridized and engineered. Maybe you should plant a garden in the event you’ve never done so. True breeding seeds are available for vegetable crops at http://www.rareseeds.com. Cheers…!



    Carl Nemo **==

    Thanks for the reply Nemo, I’ll catch ya on the flip side! 8)

  28. i find your comments at least truthfull if not funny on my abilities. This is fine on the context of my spelling and remarks. I gave you folks respect on your abilities and your thoughts even if i did comment on how i think your search is not complete .. but hey again >> my bad.Again i say the reason some ppl are not wiped out is the noise they make. There in the open and as we know takeing out someone who is known only gives them creedance to what they are saying. Oh and for my intelligence i may never be up to you standards as i wish never to compete with you gentlemen. My only wish is to speak on knowledge that ive aquired have a good day>>>>>>>>>>>>surf

  29. why dont you look up why he appologised. duh.

  30. Fulford had to apologise to Rockefeller because Rockefeller had been invited to a discussion with the Emeror of Japan in the meantime. In Japanese culture it was bad form not to.

    The mere fact Fulford could get a face to face meeting with Rockefeller implies his story must be taken seriously, at least for the time being.

  31. To threaten a guy and then interview him?

    Fulford either is full of crap or he’s got big brass ones!

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