Crusader Chromosomes

As the infamous Bu$hco Mis-administration comes to a merciful close, the huge American Embassy Compound/Fortress that has cost untold billions of dollars and thousands of American lives is left as a foothold in the Middle East. It is a testiment to a philosphy once thought dead, but was resurrected in order to grab a resource that will become more and more irrelavent over time, oil. Thus, a pattern of civilization that has it’s roots in the very culture being decimated is repeated yet again, stealing your neighbor’s stuff when you used all yours up.

Not only does the conqueror gain more resources to maintain their citizen’s lifestyle, they gain another valuable commodity, a chance to spread their genetic material.

Let’s face it, conquerors not only get to write the history, they get the women as well. Why do you think the American government is letting rival militias kill each other? That’s right, to get rid of the more aggressive males of the group. Soon, a large gap of a generation of men will be gone, leaving older girls and women without men to marry. Then the occupying forces will benefit from the genocide of the indiginous population.

This is a repeat of what occurred during the first Crusades a thousand years ago. According to scientists of the Genographic Project, there has been a previous ‘infusion’ of Western Culture in the Middle East:

The team says it found a particular DNA signature which recently appeared in Lebanon and is probably linked to the crusades…

The researchers found that some Christian men in Lebanon carry a DNA signature hailing from Western Europe.

Thousands of men from England, France, Germany and Italy came through Lebanon on four Crusades between the 11th and 13th Centuries. Many stayed to build castles and settlements, mixing with the local populations.

If the huge American Embassy is anything, it’s a modern ‘castle’. The article goes on to state that Lebanon also has genetic markers left by Arabs of the 7th and 8th centuries during the Islamic Expansions into the area.

With this in mind, one should take notice of China’s One Child policy that has been in force for about a generation. Most of the children born in this cycle are boys, because Chinese culture is severely patriarchal in nature. Baby girls are usually ‘disappeared’ or given up for adoption. Ever notice that most of the children adopted from overseas now-a-days are Chinese baby girls?

So how is this growing generation of Chinese males going to find girls to be mates?

Maybe there’s a cautionary tale here.

Crusaders ‘left genetic legacy’

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