Computers and Epilepsy

While reading this a.m., I caught this little item:

Internet griefers descended on an epilepsy support message board last weekend and used JavaScript code and flashing computer animation to trigger migraine headaches and seizures in some users.

The nonprofit Epilepsy Foundation, which runs the forum, briefly closed the site Sunday to purge the offending messages and to boost security.

“We are seeing people affected,” says Ken Lowenberg, senior director of web and print publishing at the Epilepsy Foundation. “It’s fortunately only a handful. It’s possible that people are just not reporting yet — people affected by it may not be coming back to the forum so fast.”

The incident, possibly the first computer attack to inflict physical harm on the victims, began Saturday, March 22, when attackers used a script to post hundreds of messages embedded with flashing animated gifs.

As a fellow sufferer of epilepsy, I find this sort of thing akin to an act of war. It doesn’t matter if these people who are attacking Scientology consider this lady ‘collateral damage’, if it happened to me, I’d find some way by the gods to nuke these bastards!

I take high doses of anti-epileptic meds to stave off my attacks because even in my medicated state, my left-brain still has two areas of hyper-activity, so it wouldn’t take a whole lot to trigger a massive seisure. Thus I have to limit my computer time. And yes, I’m of the 3% who are photo-sensitive.

As computer technology gets exponentially better over the next few years, more and more activity will be done in virtual reality as the mouse and keyboard become increasingly obsolete. ‘People’ like these ‘hackers’ will have to send in their avatars also to wreak their mischief.

I’m going to make sure I carry a huge ‘Thor-Hammer’ to give them an attitude adjustment!

As an aside, I’m not a Scientology apologist. In my opinion L. Ron Hubbard was a side-show scam artist who admitted his ‘religion’ was a way to empty people’s pockets (link).

And he was a lousy science-fiction writer to boot!


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  1. Battlefield Earth has to be one of the worst sci-fi stories I have ever read!

    And no Anonymous, don’t even think of coming here!

  2. The Highwayman | Reply

    Yep, it’s too bad there wasn’t a way (maybe there is?) to send a massive jolt of electrons back at the fucked-ups that generate those attacks, and fry their equipment. You know they’re pimply-faced, scab-encrusted mama’s-boys, that wouldn’t know what to do with a girl if you reduced her to digital components! Their only life is sitting in their cum-stained rooms, bothering others who actually contribute to society.

    Most of them are fat, retrograde little pimple factories, who can’t spell or articulate past the subhuman text language the little squabs use in their ‘discourses’ these days. Just try and follow an Internet conversation between two of these evolutionary throw-backs… it’s nearly impossible for a human being to decipher! It’s a gibberish reminiscent of an excited Chinese convenience store owner, after catching some of the neighborhood’s little bastards shoplifting!

    From time to time, one of the little freaks will shoot himself, after the class sweetie publicly humiliates him by laughing at him as he stares slack-jawed hour upon hour at her various charms he can never even begin to hope to have.

    Good riddance!

  3. Yep, it’s too bad there wasn’t a way (maybe there is?) to send a massive jolt of electrons back at the fucked-ups that generate those attacks, and fry their equipment…

    I was thinking that myself, only frying them along with their computers!

    I saw a movie one time where an actual computer virus was turned into a biological one that attacked the receiver. I’m not smart enough to figure that one out, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some warped genius found a way to do it!

  4. Hi dad2059…

    I agree with you concerning the hazards of such animations. Flashplayer productions can be created that synchronize with brainwave functions along with musical beats that can definitley overwhelm one’s consciousness. It’s produced in a repetitive beat along with the visual images and verbal implants and before you know it you have brainwave synchronization and have achieved audio/visual hypnosis.

    My empathy goes out to you dad2059. I support you totally concerning your sentiments.

    Flashplayer, hypno-based productions are an amazing tool and I could visualize someone becoming totally brainwashed by regular dosages of a given programs.

    I’m sure the CIA/DIA and other deepwater agencies have explored the possibilities of Flashplayer.

    Carl Nemo **==

  5. I’m sure the CIA/DIA and other deepwater agencies have explored the possibilities of Flashplayer.

    Not only explored the use of, more than likely refined to spread memes more quickly and thoroughly than any methods of subliminal suggestion.

  6. Oh man. I’m one of the protesters against the Church of Scientology, and I don’t understand how people could think that we’re same people responsible for this horrible attack. I really do feel for the victims. The problem is that anyone can be anonymous on the web, you need to take a look at the websites these griefers operate on. The people who run sites like 7chan are trying to prevent our protests. Scientology prevents its its members taking anti-epileptic meds like yours, for example, Tory “Magoo” Christman –

    Jocelyn Dorfmann died from an epileptic seizure in Scientology care in France –

    Heribert Pfaff died from an epileptic seizure in a Scientology hotel in Clearwater –

    James Stewart committed suicide after CoS put in him in a Condition of Doubt for having epileptic seizures in public –

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