Metal Classics

I’m burned out from all this NWO, UFO, science and other crap today. I’m for listening to a little classic metal this afternoon.

Iron Maiden – Run To The Hills

Judas Priest – The Green Manalishi – VH1 Rock Honors Version


AC/DC – Bon Scott Era – Highway To Hell

Alice In Chains – Man In the Box


4 responses

  1. OK, so AIC isn’t classic metal.

    Seattle Grunge was great too! 8^)

  2. Hi dad2059…

    Thanks for the metal clips. After listening to Henry the K for just a short time, I needed something to wake me up… :))

    I must say good choices for this genre’ of music too… : )

    Carl Nemo **==

  3. I debated adding a fourth clip because I didn’t want to make the post that long. But I was in a mood for some head-banging escapism.

    I had picks other than Alice-In-Chains, Metallica was one, but they went through a number of stages or ‘eras’ during their careers, it was hard to settle on any just one. AIC’s music was consistant from beginning to end, plus I hadn’t listened to them in quite a while.

  4. I can’t remember, but are you from Oz Carl? If you are, ‘Acca-Dacca’ was probably your fave. I had all of their Bon Scott era music at one time, from ‘Jailbreak’ to ‘Highway To Hell’. Broke my heart when Scott died. Even though the band had their greatest commercial success and longevity with Brian Johnson, their ‘Scott’ music will always be my personal favorite.

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