Henry Kissinger: An Elder of the One World Order

The following is a 2006 interview of Henry Kissinger concerning the Middle East by Charlie Rose. Rose is a member of the mainstream media of course, but here he masterfully backs Kissinger into a couple of corners in which he babbles standard Order memes and platitudes. Henry to his credit, is as wily and evil as ever, probably more so than he was when he was schooling Nixon back in the 1970s.

Kissinger: American, Israeli and Iranian strategic interests converge


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  1. Age has mellowed Kissinger somewhat, so far there’s been a little over 1 million Iraqi deaths compared with the 3 million during the Vietnam War and Cambodian genocides.

    Of course America still occupies Iraq and there’s Iran left to go…

  2. Hi dad2059…

    Now I understand why Henry the K. was a consumate negotiator. His deep, droning voice with a thick German accent is enough to both hypnotize then eventually put anyone into a deep “delta wave” state; ie., sleep…! :))

    After just a few minutes of this interview I had to scrub the effort due these aforementioned Kissingerian traits…ugh. I-( zzzzzzuh…zzzzz!

    Carl Nemo **==

  3. …I had to scrub the effort due these aforementioned Kissingerian traits…ugh. I-( zzzzzzuh…zzzzz!…

    LOL Carl!

    Yeah, Kissy-baby has that ‘Dracula-type’ hynotic effect doesn’t he?

    It makes him that much more evil, or seem that way any how. 😉

  4. The Highwayman | Reply

    Kissinger, aka “Big Time Mother-F______”, is a paedophile and a Zionist occultist. Bohemian Grove reeks of his urine, from drunken debauches that he and his elitist bum-buddies throw.

    Next to this asshole, Bu$h is a choirboy.

  5. “Zionist occultist” eh? That’s a new one for this aged reader with a fair knowledge of the “occult” – Christian and otherwise. By the way, you can’t make too many accusations of perverted and demonic behavior about Kissinger so far as I’m concerned. I just don’t like to hear him given credit for a profound knowledge of anything which he may not deserve.

  6. The Highwayman | Reply

    Gnostic… no problem! Anytime you need an MC at a good Kissinger-bashing, just let me know!

    Zionism, aside from the political stigma, which isn’t good either, has it’s roots in the Cabalist rites and mysteries, many of those stemming from ancient Babylon. The Rothschilds are occultists, as well as open and avowed Zionists, and are ardent Satan-worshippers, according to insiders. As for Kissinger, well, anyone that keeps the close company with them that he does, and attends the annual owl-fest at Bohemian Grove, has to be dabbling in the occult. In fact, anyone who is anyone in the leadership of this world HAS to be an occultist, whether Freemason, Rosicrucian, Illuminati… whatever! That’s just the way it is. And you’re pretty much born into it, too. The Bush family is a prime example of an occult hierarchy, as are the Windsors, Morgans, Krupps, Bundys, Harrimans, etc.

    I have more than a “fair” knowledge of the occult, having dabbled in it as a youth. That, and being a Christian for close to thirty years, and dealing with those in the black arts, as well as studying the subject in depth, I believe, qualifies me to speak quite knowledgeably about the occult and it’s history. I also have access to individuals who have dealt with paranormal incidents on a daily basis, also possessing a broad knowledge of the devil’s works.

    As for Kissinger’s IQ, I never underestimate the capacity for evil in any initiate. That, and the fact that the majority of secularism are duped, ignorant dumbasses, more concerned with what they can fit into their mouths or various body orifices, and last night’s basketball score or American Idol round-up, doesn’t endear me to the notion that we are any smarter than your average elitist, who at least knows what constitutes reality in this world!

    For roughly a fraction of one percent of the population to be able to control and rule over the rest, is not a glowing account on our behalf!

  7. James Tucker who goes to the Bilderberg conference every year to report on it for American Free Press, has claimed that Kissinger one time spoke to him in a natural British accent in response to a question Tucker asked that offended him & that the low pitched German voice he does is fake. Seems believable.

  8. […] than he was when he was schooling Nixon back in the 1970s. read more and see full interview here: https://dad2059.wordpress.com/2008/04/06/henry-kissinger-an-elder-of-the-one-w… __________________ Wir ermordet ein guter Mann; Adolf Hitler! Ein wahrer Champion des […]

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