First Anniversary

Today is the 1st birthday of dad2059’s blog. Personally, I never thought it would make it this far, being that this was just an experiment to begin with. And I have seriously considered taking it down during the past year at times.

Originally, this was supposed to be a ‘liberal’ political blog that bashed the many misadventures of the Bu$h Administration, with some occasional science stuff thrown in. I had many Internet blog friends during that time. Unfortunately, when the theme of this blog started to evolve and take on its own personality, these various friends decided that my interests no longer coincided with theirs when partisan politics became less and less important and the global politics of the One World Order, which is the puppet master of the other politics, took center stage. Obviously it is too strange a concept to accept, or believe. And it is most definitely frightening to folks. Who wants to believe that a mad cabal of self-styled ‘god-kings’ through the use of religion, banks and mega-corporations determines their everyday lives instead of their ‘democratic vote’? A bitter pill to swallow indeed.

On the non-political side, science of all types started to take shape plus the occasional scifi story by various authors became the mainstay. Recently YouTube videos of classic scifi movies and serials have made their entries. Not to mention some UFO stuff (along with Nazis!).

So what is the point to all of this? I have no idea. My attitude is that this is a vehicle for learning various esoteric issues, no matter where it leads to. Expect the topics to change from time to time as issues of various types catch my eye.

But be sure of one thing, I will always strive to confound the status quo!

Beatles Birthday Song

Yes, these are scenes from Fritz Lang’s 1927 silent classic Metropolis.

Did you expect anything different?


8 responses

  1. Hi dad2059…

    Congratulations and “Happy Site Birthday”… : )

    I personally enjoy your site alot. My main focus is attacking the Bushistas, the One World Order crowd 24/7/365 on other sites, so I find your topics refreshing to say the least although some of my aforementioned leaks through on this site too.

    Last night the History Channel had a special on “Conspiracies” and I thought it was well-presented. It seems that most savvy folks have the Bilderberg/NWO figured, but there’s not much we can do about it. They own everything and the peoples fo the world for the most part are simply mortgage/retail credit debt slaves. We can only hope as in most large organizatons that they will fail due to their own inefficiences and that unpredictable events such as asteroid incoming, or nuclear war as a result of lower level hotheads.

    Thanks for bringing back your site in a readable format. I surely had comments when you went back to your original “stealth mode” ; ie., black background with type that was so small that I had to use my eyeglasses plus a hand magnifier to make out some text… :))
    Generally I would right click and do a select on the text in order to highlight it against the black background.

    I wish more folks would participate on your site. Once in a while someone will post to a stale article and I’ll make the effort to pick up the discussion.

    When I join a site such as yours, I always make an effort to support the host with participation.

    Thanks for your efforts.

    Carl Nemo **==

  2. Happy BBB Dad (blog brothers birthday). This is where I go to see whats up with the wierd and unusual, and I am getting a real education here. Sometimes I have to stick my head in the sand, but only because I find that what I thought was tinfoil is actually true. You’re pretty advanced for a one year old, where does it go from here…G:

    Here’s a little celebration dance for the BBB

  3. Thanks guys for your support and comments. And thanks G: for the ‘jibjabs’, funnier than hell!

    I’m thinking of doing podcasts, but I have to find out how to do them, cheaply.

    I already have a list of potential interviewees.

    Definitely weird and wonderful things!

  4. Semper Fi, you old bulldog… and happy anniversary, too!

    Oh… and you look like Ultraman with that new avatar! LOL!

    Really, you’re just so cute!


  5. Oh… and you look like Ultraman with that new avatar!

    Actually, it’s the female robot from ‘Metropolis’.

    I always thought she was hot! LOL!

    Oh, and thanks for coming by you old reprobate gear-grinder! 😉

  6. I notice someone picked up my old url, and has started their own “Highway Man” (as opposed to Highwayman) blog.

    Well, I hope the handle does them more good than it did me, but just for everyone’s info, that ain’t me over thar!

  7. I dunno, the guy sounds like a real weirdo to me, but what do I know?

  8. Happy Birthday, then. I gave my son a button when he was a teen that seemed appropraite for a Tardy Trekkie and should be mine at the moment.
    ” Either there’s a discontinuity in the space-time continuum, or I’m late !”
    I’ve been a bit disorganized by being on the road and having my hard drive burn out. Every time I come back here I wonder why I do kibitz so little.
    Just don’t give the site a wipe. If you get to the spot where you need a hiatus, fine. Getting reorganized in a new locale is proving slow going even for a link-hog.

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