Analog Covers I Loved


Above is from the October 1973 issue of Analog Science Fiction/Fact, one of the first pulps I bought when I was in high-school. This is from an article written by G. Harry Stein.

 This is from the January 1975 issue. The main feature is Niven’s ‘Borderland of Sol’, but the cover is misleading. It does represent Niven’s ‘Known Space Universe’ though, it’s the planet Jinx in orbit around its’ primary Barnard’s Star.


This is from October 1974. Velikovsky’s ideas were very controvertial during the 1970s, back in those days, Analog was cutting edge theory-wise.


3 responses

  1. I’m with it dad, totally analog. That digital stuff borders on skitzo for me. Give me a good old AM radio and I’m happy. Here on the West Coast KGO in San Francisco rules. I can pick it up from over 600 miles and get the feel of the cloud cover at the same time as it fades in and out, while listening to Ray Taliaferro…Bu$h basher extraordinaire.

    The natural sine waves that exist in the nature of things
    will never be replaced, but the FM signal for our TV seems to be going by the wayside. I don’t mind digital for computors, but I think we should let the analog stuff be decided by the users, some of which really enjoy rabbit ears and analog tapes for our movies. I get my movies at yard sales and flea markets and watch a lot of stuff from the 80’s and 90’s, which is a lot less like Roger Rabbit, so I don’t have to see all of the current hype.

    If things get too bad, I’ll be spending a lot more time on the beach just watching the waves and remembering how it was…G:

  2. Well, it’s not the kind of analog I was talking about, but I’ll take it Geezer! LOL!

    You might have run across these old ‘zines in your flea market travels.

    We don’t have too many flea markets here in Upstate NY, not until summer-time usually. Pretty soon all ordinary folk are going to flood them though because we’re not going to afford anything else.

    We’ll all be scrounging through elitists garbage!

  3. I really like the first one – beautiful space art.

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