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Proponents of making contact with advanced ET life forms have come up with a new way to attract their attention—mounting mirrors on the Moon and using them to signal across space. It’s sort of like a bigger version of Batman’s bat-signal to shout out, “Hello aliens! We’re here! Come on over!”

Since radio broadcasts haven’t had much luck drumming up a clear response, it’s time to step it up to improve our chances of being found reasons Shawn Domagal-Goldman and Jacob Haqq-Misra of Pennsylvania State University. They say the mirrors could be angled to catch the Sun’s rays, which would increase the amount of light the Earth-moon system reflects by 20%. That could be more than enough to attract the attention of an astute alien astronomer. Domagal-Goldman proposes stealing ideas straight out of Carl Sagan’s book Contact, where a code of prime number flashes let aliens know the signal is intentional and not just natural variations in brightness.

The communicating with ET civilization meme has been getting hot and heavy in certain circles. Dr. Alexander Zaitsev of the Russian Academy of Sciences is adament about making contact with ET. He has been beaming radio messages out into space at targets on and off for about seven/eight years. His argument is because that we’ve been leaking out radar signatures for over fifty years, any hostile super-civilization would spot us anyway, so why not? On the other hand, prominent science-fiction writer/scientist David Brin and City University of NY physicist Dr. Michio Kaku do not think this is a prudent thing to do, since we know nothing about ETs and that we should listen first, eavesdrop if possible and learn about the motives of such beings before announcing our baby-bird peeps.

Flashing light beams like the old blinkered spot-lights on battle ships might not work unless some ET civilization is conducting its own targeted seach, an assumption that is an anthropocentric fallacy in my opinion. As Dr. Kaku told Art Bell once in an interview, “We are ants looking for other ants with our anthill next to a four-lane highway.”

Giant Mirrors on the Moon as an Intergalactic Greeting Card -A Smart Move?


Mac Tonnies of Posthuman Blues writes about Terance McKenna, SETI, panspermia and ‘shrooms:

The late psychedelic philosopher Terence McKenna isn’t typically associated with the search for extraterrestrial intelligence; he mostly concerned himself with the actualization of intelligence here on Earth, taking a welcome cosmic perspective that revealed our species’ failings and latent potential.  But he introduced at least one new idea to the SETI controversy that deserves consideration, especially in light of recent discoveries.

McKenna suggested that the surreal hallucinatory states experienced by “trippers” might constitute a form of extraterrestrial contact, vastly more intimate than the radio signals anticipated by his mainstream counterparts.

Ludicrous?  Perhaps not.  Hallucinogenic mushrooms are dispersed as hardy spores capable of traveling incredible distances.  McKenna wondered if such spores could have been deliberately wafted to Earth in the remote past, inviting the proposition that many planets conducive to life might have been likewise seeded.

‘Shrooms as a form of ET communication? It can’t be any worse than UFO abductees saying they’re still in mental contact with their abductors, or shaman talking with gods.

When I used to experiment with mind altering substances in my younger days, ‘shrooms were part of the experiment. It can be a transcendental experience, if done properly. Natural mind altering substances have been in the human pharmacopoeia for millenia and could be a primary reason for humanity to invent agriculture, and by proxy, civilization.

But I can say I never communicated with ET while under the influence. Face to face conversations with myself and dead relatives only. And none of them could offer any good advice!

Terence McKenna: Communication via Fungi?



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