The Insider Delusion

The insiders are also those with connections to important sectors of the economy like the oil and gas industries, the pharmaceutical companies, the major food conglomerates, the media, the secretive Skull & Bones fraternity at Yale that counts among its members both George W. Bush and John Kerry, and long-time politicos who have made a career out of doing the bidding of the aforementioned groups. And then there is the infamous, and, according to the media, non-existent, Israel lobby, the lobby that is so strong you aren’t even allowed to talk about it.

The outsiders are, well, people like you and me. They are rarely elected to Washington, and when they are, they do outrageous things like vote according to their conscience and not by party lines, i.e. the dictates of the insiders. Then the party hacks do their best to get rid of them, as happened to Cynthia McKinney, the Democrat from Georgia.

The bottom line is that the insiders have political and economic power, and the outsiders don’t.

Those of us on the outside, the vast majority of the citizenry, have effectively been removed from power. Our democratic voice amounts to little more than voting on occasion, that day every couple of years where we have our say, and then we are expected to shut up and take it until we have the privilege of voting again. Our representatives go off to Washington where they are wined, dined, and financed by people and groups with interests that are economic, political, and military, but certainly not human. The people we elect to represent our interests may throw some money into their region or neighborhood from time to time, especially just prior to an election, but it cannot be said that they represent our interests in any fundamental sense.

Sounds exactly what is happening now, doesn’t it?

Those of us who are starting to question the system and picking our way through the veil of illusion have much work to do. The ‘insiders’ may have the meaness and the will, but they have one weakness, their hubris.

And hubris has caused the fall of many tyrants over the millenia.

Insiders and Outsiders


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  1. Hi dad2059…

    Worse yet the tyrants of today are able to enlist hi-tech tools for control of the masses that would make the Gestapo and old time KGB envious.

    Britain is an example. Cameras are everywhere monitoring people’s activity and they are increasing at an exponential rate in this country. A Houston police chief even advocates cams in homes to prevent crime…say what!? /:|

    So with RFID chips, cams, national id cards (in the works) and duly elected pols that are nothing but running dogs for the aforementioned cabal of NWO/AIPAC/MIC types there doesn’t seem to be much hope. I don’t think simply hubris will do them in although it might make the going somewhat tough for them concerning their plans for global enslavement of “all the people”…!

    “Our democratic voice amounts to little more than voting on occasion, that day every couple of years where we have our say, and then we are expected to shut up and take it until we have the privilege of voting again.” … extract from above article

    Every couple of years we “think” we have our say, but in actuality our voting is nothing but our indemnification of “their” preselected candidates courtesy of the MSM that they own too, who pushes their shills down our collective throats. Even Obama is a CFR member!?

    Case in point concerning Obama. This is the type of nation-destroying legislation in which he is involved. It sounds feelgood on the surface, but could impact our terminally broke nation to the tune of another trillion bucks on socialist pap for the global unwashed masses with most of the money to be stolen and frittered away as usual.

    He’s sponsoring a “Global Poverty Act”. Hey what about a “U.S. Poverty Act” to bail “we the people” out of our collective fix. No they want to indebt us even deeper so we can save our enemies in most cases from starvation…no?! X-(

    We the people are evidently doomed…!

    I rest my case.

    Carl Nemo **==

  2. Hi dad2059…

    I sent the first one, but it did not come up for viewing?

    Carl Nemo **==

  3. I rescued you from Akismet purgatory Carl, sorry it took so long.

    Obama is sponsoring a “global anti-poverty act”? WTF?

    Yeah sure, he’s going to gut NASA more than the pittance they get (1/6 of 1% of the national budget) to fund this boondoggle to ‘spend money needed on Earth’.

    Like that false paradigm has worked yet.

    You’re right Carl, some slick government contractors or crooked lawyer lobbyists are gonna get that money.

    That’s if they can find it to give to them to begin with!! Haw-haw!

  4. The Highwayman | Reply

    All we have to do is IGNORE the ‘authority’ of the elitists… NOT participate in their sham elections, NOT pay taxes, (do for one another) IGNORE their stupid laws that do not address moral responsibility to one another, (i.e. most regulatory laws) and what could they possibly do to us… we, who outnumber them a zillion to one?

    By we, I include the puppet military and law enforcement, although the latter could easily be overcome if we retained our arms. I, however, ascribe to another way, which most regard as fairy-tale remonstrations.

    That ‘way’ is less violent, less bloody, but involves a will and patience of steel. I’m just illustrating how powerless the Matrix really is, in that it’s muscle revolves around deception.

    The wizard and his menagerie do not like little black dogs!

  5. Thanks Highwayman for your followup thoughts on this issue. I surely hope the Toto’s of America participate in their self rescue and bite the heels of these collective power-hungry devils when the time comes… : |

    Carl Nemo **==

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