Just For Mom…

No scifi, science or tinfoil today, just some music to commemorate Mom’s Day.

The Dad2059 way of course.

Regular insanity resumes Monday.

Tell the women in your lives who happen to be Moms you love ’em.



Danzig – Mother ’93



The Highwaymen – Mommas Don’t Let Your Babies


Pink Floyd – Mother


6 responses

  1. The Highwayman | Reply

    Here’s to the old bats in my life…



  2. The Highwayman | Reply

    I wish they had a sister-in-law day…



  3. Nice ensambo Dad. Mom liked Willy a lot, but she liked Woody Guthrie and Jimmy Rodgers too. She told me that Woody was the Bobby Dylan of the 1930’s. She passed two years ago and I have only good memories of her. She started me out with Grimm’s Fairy Tales, which quickly passed to Poes writings, then Steinbeck. I believe the Grapes of Wrath was the first one, but Cannery Row was probably my favorite. She used an old saying as an answer to a lot of my questions, like the time I remarked that she had already told me a different version of the same subject. A wise man changes his mind but a fool never does she said.

    She deeply disliked the government and told me that the world was controlled by a serpent with seven heads, every head being one of the great religions. I remember in her later years the Government sent her a letter that she owed more taxes, so she sent back a hand written letter saying they were a bunch of bastards and that she didn’t even make enough to pay taxes and they would never see another dime from her. Amazingly they didn’t pursue it?

    There were three of us kids and we all had kids who had kids and some of those also had kids, and its my hope that all of them fare as well with the government as she did…G:

  4. I went over to my Mom’s today for a visit. She’s not good and she still misses Dad (he passed four years ago).

    She doesn’t think about the government much, but Dad hated it almost all his life. Pretty much influenced me I say.

    It was a treat when me, my Dad and my son got together to have government bashing parties. The rest of the family thought us three generations of tinfoilers needed a nice safe rubber room in a hospital about thirty miles south of here.

    *sigh* Family togetherness!

  5. I miss your dad, too, marine… and I never knew him!

    A true man of the foil!


  6. A true man of the foil!

    Yes he was Highway.

    Yes he was.

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