NWO/CIA’s ‘War on Drugs’ Scam and Others

The New Yorker’s “Drug War Bulletins” are sure to boil your blood: a man who died for want of a liver transplant because the hospital insisted he needed “drug treatment” for his medical marijuana use; a suburban San Diego housewife who will spend the next 20 years in jail because she was peripherally involved in a heroin deal while she was in college in 1975; and a pulmonologist who’d been favored by the drug warriors until his giant, well-funded, unreproachable study concluded that pot didn’t give you lung cancer, and who is now a pariah whose research conclusions have been boycotted by the press.

The CIA’s ‘War On Drugs’ as we all know is a world-wide money laundering scheme the NWO’s ‘world economy’ needs to bleed the sheeple dry of money, keep investment banksters like JP Morgan Chase in business and ‘Big Pharma’ companies like Pfizer enriched.

Especially Big Pharma, they loath the pain killing properties of cannabis and are willing to pull out all stops to keep it criminalized at the national level.

Drug war horror stories to boil your blood


Oh, Highest Authority, bless you for helping my friends and I create the War on Terror. For without it, where would we find all of the drones we need? Our lackeys, our workers, our monkeys, our associates, our slaves, where would they all be if the War on Terror was never created? 

Yes, God, bless your golden heart for the War on Terror. Not to be forgotten though, bless your golden heart for Capitalism as well-the dog-eat-dog system which gave us the foundation of fear for which to install the War on Terror in the first place.

Thank you for all of your guidance, Lord, for without it, we would have a much harder time trying to keep all of these two-legged animals on a leash. Without your guidance, only you would know how we would go trying to make them trust us, and actually believe that we really cared about them. Spying on them, dividing them, making them aggressive towards eachother, these are things that we could have never done without your approval. And again, as I speak for not only myself, but for the other guys as well, thank you, my Lord!

If the dezinens of the NWO had a nightmare…er…night-time prayer, it would be this!

No Excuses, You’re Ours!


Dott. Nazareno Gabrielli, whose exploits range from directing conservation works in the Vatican, especially in the Sistine Chapel, to exhuming bodies of long-dead saints, was in Malta last week to deliver a lecture.

Dott. Gabrielli had been to Malta once before when he had assisted at the exhumation of the body of Saint George Preca (although the real expert’s work was done by Dr Abela Medici).

Exhumation of the bodies of saints is one of the tasks he has been undertaking as director of a scientific laboratory.

Prior to coming to Malta, he had directed the exhumation of the body of San Padre Pio, which involved, amid many controversies, no less than 50 days work.

He also exhumed the body of Pope John XXIII and that of San Ubaldo from the altar in which he was entombed for seven long centuries in Gubbio.

Digging up and preserving body parts of religious holy-people (saints) and honored ancesters have been a human hallmark of worship since the beginning of agriculture and walled towns. There is no proof that earlier hunter-gatherer cultures did this, but there is proof that they buried ancesters when they had the time to before moving on to other hunting areas.

Only in the past 6,000 (if not earlier) years has ‘civilized’ humanity held preserved bodies, or parts to worship in order to be closer to their ancesters in the other realm.

And the NWO is into worship, ancester or otherwise. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

From the glories of the Sistine Chapel and exhuming long-dead saints


9 responses

  1. Amen Dad, in the Egyptian venue of course, and also thanks to Ronny Raygun, a God in his own right, who has given the NWO UFO thechnology to pretty much herd the $heeple in any way they see fit. And Amen to the war on Drugs and the use of halucinagenic herbs that might give the $heeple visions of the truth. In Rummy we trust…G: Amen

  2. Amen Geez!

    Actually, ‘Amen’ comes from the Egyptian god ‘Amen-Ra’.

    Highway would disagree, but that’s the historical deal.

    Mainstream and alternate.

  3. Hi dad2059…

    Topic…”scams et al.” …

    “Exhumation of the bodies of saints is one of the tasks he has been undertaking as director of a scientific laboratory.”

    Talk about oxymoronic endeavors; ie., exhumation of “saints” and his understaking as a “director of a scientific labratory”…?! :)) to the 100th power.

    A true man of science wouldn’t be wasting his time on such a project other than for the purpose of the dating of the relics, but surely wouldn’t be indemnifying such papist nonsense as the existence of “saints”…duh?!

    This is precisely why the human race is going to fail. It’s the ever present co-mingling of superstitious religeous thought with modern scientific discovery.

    The Vatican’s “head bean” astronomer just came out and said it’s OK to believe in aliens on other worlds…?! Thankyou Vatican astronomer and a Jesuit at that…!

    Yep as long as they, the aliens convert to Catholicism and breed like Mexican nationals…no?! Hopefully they’ll have some gold, silver and jewels on their worlds to steal too!

    I was raised a Roman Catholic and haven’t been a church since the Nam debacle. My last ever presence was when the good/bad padre’ required the congregation to say the “Pledge Allegiance” before services commenced? My wife and I exited the church immediately. This was not a standard practice, but if anything ever demonstrated the unholy alliance between the church and state along with their soul-crushing agenda this was it…!

    I’m a confirmed agnostic and say fie on all this shamanistic bullshit…!

    The cosmos and even mankind as a hunter-gathering species existed many hundreds of millenia before lazy butt shamans created a niche within the tribes so they could skate and not hold down an honest occupation even as hunters or gatherers… : ))

    Carl Nemo **==

    p.s. Sorry folks there’s no “sky-daddy”…! My suggestion is buckup and start taking responsbility for your actions. There’s no one to save your sorry butts at this point in cosmic. I suspect its soon to be a semi-colon experience for humanity… : |

  4. “There’s no one to save your sorry butts at this point in cosmic.” should read “cosmic time”.

    I’m sure folks understood the omission, but it destoyed the flow of the p.s.

    Nemo **==

  5. The Catholic Church wants to regain their authority over heads of state again like the old priestly hierarchy in ancient Egypt.

    To them, the NWO criminals are literally a ‘God-send’!

  6. Hi, dad!
    The Catholic Church has now allowed us to belief in Aliens 😀 I feel that something is going to happen soon 🙂 😆 8)

  7. This new faith in offworld beings by the Church – is just a hypocrisy, don’t you think?
    But why right now? Why not mentioned before?

  8. Whazzup Lubo? You don’t come by enough!

    The only time I pay attention to what the Catholic Church does is when some NWO action comes into play.

    Other than that, they’re old ancient Egyptian priesthood wannabes.

  9. Great entry. Think I will add this to my blog (with credit of course). They dig up saints cause they put the bones in altars – or at least they used to – that and slivers of the cross.

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