Watch Mr. Wizard (1951-1965), Mr. Wizard’s World (1983-1990)

Don Herbert (1917-2007) was a pioneer in the television medium after serving in World War II. His show Watch Mr. Wizard started airing on NBC in 1951 and ran for 15 years. His experiments looked a little impossible at first, but he always used a young person to assist him and they usually worked utilizing everyday household items. Herbert won a Peabody Award for the show in 1953.

Again Herbert used the same formula to educate another generation of young people during the 1980s using the nascent cable TV medium. Mr. Wizard’s World ran on cable’s Nickelodeon Network for 8 seasons and ran for another 10 with reruns. My own daughters grew up watching it, mainly with my insistence.

Video clips for both series are hard to find, but I did manage to scrape up a couple of shorts. I’ll list some links that’ll take readers to sources if they want to further research Don Herbert’s career.

I’m certain some of my readers of both generations were influenced by Herbert’s life.


Watch Mr. Wizard



Mr. Wizard’s World


Watch Mr. Wizard, MBC Archive

Archive of American Television Interview with Don Herbert (2005)

Don Herbert biography on Wikipedia

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