Bilderbergs to meet in Washington D.C. for annual conference

Ahh, the smell of cherry blossoms in the air, traffic on the Beltway lessens as Congress takes their ‘break’ and the stench of elitists roll into town to attend a conference that doesn’t ‘exist’:

A Dutch newspaper is reporting that Holland’s Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende and Minister of Foreign Affairs Maxime Verhagen are set to attend the annual Bilderberg conference in Washington DC from June 5-8, apparently confirming that a recent alleged Bilderberg meeting in Athens Greece was merely a ruse.

As we reported on Tuesday, a Greek newspaper claimed that Bilderberg had met in Athens last weekend, but Bilderberg sleuths Jim Tucker and Daniel Estulin, both of whom have always successfully determined the location of the Bilderberg meeting in advance for decades, questioned the accuracy of the report.

Bilderberg occasionally attempts to throw investigative journalists off the scent by having a mock steering meeting in advance of the actual meeting, diverting attention away from the location where their undemocratic scheming will take place…

…On June 5 they received at the White House by President Bush. The Government has indicated that Friday.

Topics at the meeting with Bush would include the international political situation, including developments in Afghanistan, and economic cooperation between the United States and the Netherlands.

It seems that Bu$hco has to give a full report directly to his masters this year. I thought it was against the law for public officials to attend meetings like this? LOL! Guess what, corporations and privately funded groups are the government people! Wake up and get over it! This whole democracy idea has been undermined for decades, the moment the Federal Reserve was formed!

Kudos once again to Jim Tucker and Daniel Estulin. These brave people risk their lives every year to expose the elites and get at the truth.

Dutch Newspaper: Bilderberg To Meet In Washington June 5-8


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  1. The Highwayman | Reply

    Now, if we had access to a “micro-nuke”, we could eliminate those bastards while they’re all swarming together! Ah… one can dream, can they not? In fact, that’s what we’re all doing… dreaming. Dreaming that we live in a free society.

    Time to take the red pill, folks!

  2. Like you Highway, I’m pessimistic about the sheeple partaking the bitter red pill of ‘reality’, but some do.

    Unfortunately, most of the masses prefer the blue pill of blissfulness, while the elite smoke their Cuban cigars, drink French cognac, engaging in their pedophelia and laughing all the way to the Cayman and Swiss banks! )-(

  3. The Highwayman | Reply

    In essence, though, Marine, do we all not think like an elitist? Have we not brought this upon ourselves with our collective and wanton self-seeking ways?

    “Democracy” so-called, begs for this kind of elitist abuse. I’m not advocating socialism, at least not as it is commonly understood, but historically, all democracies have degenerated into corrupt dictatorships… the same as we have now, in North America. Many will disagree, for the aforementioned reasons, but then they have been deceived.

    We have inherited the philosophies of tyrants, and ancient Greece, our societal and governmental model, was essentially a pagan society. Rome took it’s philosophy and ran with it… right into the ground, like it’s predecessor. What says we will do anything different?

    The problem is inside of us. It’s our nature to fail.

  4. The problem is inside of us. It’s our nature to fail.

    Unfortunately, I have to agree with that assessment Highway, at least in regards to the last 6000 years of history.

    But I don’t think we’re going to be saved by anyone and return us to our original state of ‘Eden’ and the bucolic ideal hunter-gatherer society we humans are still wired for.

    Wishful thinking my friend.

  5. The Highwayman | Reply

    I never commit to anything or any ideology, easily. Besides, if it were wishful thinking on my part, then the reality, logically, given the course we’re on, would be eventual annihilation, given our technological means to accomplish that now… or, perpetual slavery by the elite, which would be worse, in my view.

    I guess hope, even if unfounded in the minds of the secular, is preferable to none at all. That is what I envision in a totalitarian world government.

    Lucky for me, I’m positive I’m right!

    Arrogant presumption? No less than that of the assumptions that elitist-backed and controlled scientists and ‘experts’ make with their haughty claims there is no hope outside of the humanist paradigm. Their ‘analysis’ and criteria are based upon no more tangible evidence than mine. Question is… where does theirs tend to lead?

    Downward, methinks.

  6. Downward, methinks.

    When you said that, I got visions of a swirling toilet bowl! LOL!

    It’s not really funny, but levity is good at times like this. 😎

  7. Recent economic research on my part indicates the movers and shakers are beginning to realize that Bushco’s engineered war is destabilizing the capitalist paradigm and threatening even the stability of very old wealth. When the Dutch show up in DC for Bilderberg then it means something serious is coming down.

    A “downdraft”; ie., a recession possibly even a depression is stalking the world’s premier consumer of commodities and retail “stuff”. The failing U.S. economy and markets has them seriously concerned. Gasoline is running at almost $10 a gallon in most Euro countries. It’s been $5.00 per gallon forever but has doubled in price for them due to devaluation of the dollar and the fact is still brokered in dollars. The Euro is sitting at about 1.55 against the USD as of today. The middle class; ie., consumers of “stuff” all across Europe are feeling the pinch no differently than we due to commodities inflation. This inflation although generally fueled by a supply and demand function is being pushed even higher due to Bernanke’s irresponsible interest rate reductions for the purpose of bailing out the Fed’s buddies on Wall Street and the large Center banks that are sitting on trillions of hot money; ie., unregulated derivatives. These are the same derivatives that Warren Buffett refers to as “Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction”…!

    What Americans don’t realize is that the greater “secret wealth” of the world is in the hands of very old European and British families. Bill Gates is not the richest man in the world nor those that are touted by Forbes as being so. There are old Euro families that have “trillions” stashed away. They been in the business of ripping off the planet for the past four hundred years or so. People have no doubt heard of the British East India Company and the Dutch East India Company etc. The British, Dutch, French and Germans have been secretly amassing non-publicized fortunes for many generations. They “own” everything within our vision field; ie., the land, the mines, the banks, and all the planetary debt that’s being serviced by billions of tax-debt slaves. The concept of corporations; ie., the money guys running the show has been around for a long time. They’ve had centuries to refine their game.

    The Bilderberg was founded by two arch provacateurs both corpo-fascist wealth controllers; ie., Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands (deceased) and Paul Van Zeeland a former Prime Minister of Belgium (deceased) . Although everyone tried to pin all the Western hemispheric problem on the Rockefellers rest assured there are far more powerful and darker forces pulling the strings. They all work together in a clubby fashion. They own and run the worlds crooked casino. Recently though their casino is found sitting on shaky ground; ie., due to the instability in the worlds “faith money” scam. Hundreds of trillion of dollars of unregulated derivatives; ie., sidebets are being hedged daily. Most of it is backed by nothing, not gold, oil or anything else other than the “faith” that the borrowers shall continue to payup.

    I personally feel some heavy hitters are going to grab both Georgie and Dick by the shorthairs and give them an offer they can’t refuse; ie., to cease and desist in their intransigence concerning their Middle East oil grab and market destabilizing nonsense; ie., lowering rates to ridiculous causing a nova in commodities pricing, devaluation of the worlds reserve currency; ie., the USD and its associated derivative fallout in taking everyone down with the sinking of the USS America. There isn’t enough lifeboats even for the super-rich nor will they be able to swim fast enough away from this once great vessel as it goes to the bottom. Great wealth can evaporate in the blink of an eye due to efficacy of computers.

    I have a feeling this Bilderberg meeting isn’t going to be the typical yuck yuck, geck geck gathering…! The head beans from SPECTRE are coming to town… : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  8. Hi dad2059…

    I just posted one that should have been #7 concerning Bilderberg, but as usual Aski the SPAM eatin’ dog did his thing… :))

    Nemo **==

  9. I releaseth thou from Akismet’s viscious jaws onceth more Nemo!

    Thy commentary assuredly raiseth the ire of certain ‘entities’ good sir!

    As for the ‘adults’ coming to town in order to take Bu$hco and Cheneyburton out to the woodshed for a little ‘education’, that could very well be true. But my take is that Bu$h Jr. has been doing their bidding all this time. And given Dickie’s intransigent attitude about anything not American, he might not like what the senior Bilderbergs have to say, so if anyone gets a whoopin’, it might be ol’ Darth.

    But you never know. The Bosses fancy themselves Pharaohs and are very jealous about their ‘old’ treasure.

  10. Hi dad2059…

    I had to laugh about my post. After writing my lengthy article about Bilderberg, it’s founders etc., I realized I forgot to include the most important link in order to connect the dots; ie., the link about the organization itself. Many people read about them, but really don’t know too much about their history, the founders or their mission. It’s readily available, but most fail to make the effort to do the research and connect the dots. When I read web articles I pursue every hot link within the article just to see where it leads. I like to create one-stop shopping experience when it comes to supportive links and that’s probably what gets me in trouble with Akismet. Too many links imbedded within a post possibly signals as SPAM.

    One thing you’ll notice when you read about Prince Bernhard is that he sat on the corporate boards of at least 300 companies…!? Royal Dutch Petroleum was one of them. RD now Royal Dutch Shell due to a merger between RD and British based Shell is as big as Standard Oil Empire in all it’s modern spinoff versions. Its profits are only a tad bit behind Exxon/Mobil.

    My point is these Bilderberg guys and gals are part of a club that virtually own planet earth, lock, stock and many barrels of oil …! When they invite media people, politicians, think-tank types etc., they count for nothing other than for them to pick up their programming queue’s for the upcoming year in terms of how they can support the “Berg” agenda.

    Carl Nemo **==

  11. Hi dad2059…

    I had to post a followup to my Bilderberg article due to a forgotten link. Aski’s got my leg again…?! /:|

    Nemo **==

  12. Gotcha out of Aski’s jail once again Nemo.

    Maybe if you fed him a bone once in a while…?

  13. Thanks dad2059…

    Actually I think he needs a t-bone laced with strychnine… : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  14. Hmmm I’ll have one of each thanks. An esoteric smorgasbord. Like a builderburglers delight and a large helping of tinfoil along with. For those of us with out feet in the mud and our head in the sky the truth sometimes seems be on the outer fringes of reality, but you dudes have an inate knack for almost crashing my organic hard drive.

    I was just beginning to get a handle on the word “paradigm”, and now I run across “bucolic”,which means what?…Well naturally, I looked it up. It refers to herd and also cow, which in the Western view would most likely be a cowboy. Like, a hunter gatherer on steroids…G:

    I would sure love to be a fly on the wall at this DC meeting. Surely Bu$h himself wouldn’t be talking to the participipants, especially with his text to speech cyberdevice. Does this gaggle of NWO Elite carry on like the McLaughlin Group, or sound more like the British parliament?

    Just saying this commentary has really been edifying and at the same time has a lot of Jack Benny stuff going on… 😆

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