Does the NWO Matrix include ‘The Matrix’?

Expanding on yesterdays’ post about Singularity technology and dogma, today I found an interesting post about virtual reality and the ‘uploading’ of human consciousness into computer software, an advanced form of ‘Second Life’ or ‘World of Warcraft’ if you will. So my question to the ether is, “Is this part of the NWO plan to put humanity into a ‘Matrix’ type reality to keep us happily enslaved?”

Virtual worlders, led by a so-called “convergenist” from the National Science Foundation, met this week to discuss one of their plans for humankind: capturing individual personalities onto computers, and transmitting them into other worlds.

Rather than meeting in the real world, attendees at the Convergence of the Real and the Virtual conference brought their swords and leopards, and their idealized bodies (big muscles, big boobs) to a space in World of Warcraft, an online massively multiplayer online role playing game, or MMORPG.

The NSF sociologist who organized the WoW scientific meeting, William Sims Bainbridge [sic}, has taken the form of a “level 65 (out of 70) blood elf priest” in the game, which claims more than nine million players.

Part of Bainbridge’s job, as director of the NSF’s Human-Centered Computing Cluster, is to direct young researchers into areas of “future research,” including “immersive and multi-sensory technologies, and direct brain-computer interfaces.”

For the WoW meeting, Bainbridge described how human consciousnesses might be uploaded to virtual worlds (at least in Battlestar Galactica, they call it “downloading”).

Although I have called myself a transhumanist in the past, the idea of ‘uploading’ my consciousness into an artificial world gives me a queasy feeling. Is that an old fashioned affectation on my part, a hold-over from my upbringing and a biological bias? It could be, but the author of this post points out something else, control of the masses as put forward by William Sims Bainbridge:

If World of Warcraft is fundamentally subversive, Second Life is utopian. In principle, except for the land sold and taxed by Linden Lab, this virtual world is entirely created by its residents. Some rules have crept in over time, such as bans on child pornography, gambling casinos, and most recently unregistered financial institutions. Said to have been inspired by the imaginary Metaverse in Neal Stephenson’s cyberpunk novel, Snow Crash, like World of Warcraft it is tied to a west-coast American counterculture, but it seeks to empower ordinary people more than to critique the elite.

The logical extension of these principles would be full cultural and legal independence, in which virtual worlds seceded from the (perhaps) dysfunctional nations of the mundane world. Already, social theorists have contemplated non-spatial government that represents the interests of online communities that are not limited to any particular patch of dirt. My own research has turned up many indications that the subculture to which virtual worlds belong has departed from conventional culture in many ways. Notably, participants are much less likely to be guided by religious belief, and more likely to prefer the suspension of disbelief associated with science fiction and fantasy. So, we can expect that virtual worlds will prototype many social innovations that might then diffuse to offline governance, while often preaching sedition. The question then becomes how much this revolution is real, rather than virtual.

“How much of this revolution is real, rather than virtual.” Well, I don’t know. The NWO brooks no dissention, so I have to believe that in order for the control mechanism to work and to have willing slaves, the outlet for sedition has to remain in the virtual ‘Matrix’ world. So the VR template has to be as ‘real’ as possible in order to fool the human brain. The slave masses in ‘The Matrix’ trilogy had no idea their universe was generated by an artificial intelligence, so it would at least have to be of that quality or greater.

In this instance I have to break with the movies and propose that the NWO super-computers would have to go another route other than sucking the life out of their slaves to power their machines, there are more efficient ways for that. I’m going to note something that caught my eye yesterday that might tie in real nicely with the NWO/Matrix and part of the control mechanism that could be utilized:

The future isn’t all rosy. Increasing pollution, overpopulation, poverty, and climate change – society’s impact on the earth is reaching a breaking point. And while we may work to slow the onset of these catastrophes, reversing them is no longer an option. The question becomes, how do we live with the troubles we’ve already caused?

What if we used technology to not only combat this dangerous new environment – but also to escape from it? We already use mobile devices to provide on-demand escapism, channeling movies, music, and other distractions. Increased processing power and emerging technologies will enable holistic computing systems to be stored in wearable devices, providing a more immersive personal media experience. In a troubling future, these augmented reality devices would offer a new dimension – a virtual layer that could be used to “re-skin” the troubling outside world. A boundary between the wearer and the world around him, the device would become a sort of visual drug, used to make the world appear a better place – even if just for a moment.

Re-skin reality? Just what the NWO sociologists ordered! Better than that ol’ time religion, bring on that Singularity tech!

Okay, so my imagination’s running rampant here. Taken by themselves, these inventions and events might not amount to much. But better minds than mine are connecting the same dots.

It seems we keep swallowing the red pills instead of the blue ones the NWO keep pushing.

Sociologists want your brain in cyberspace

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frogConcept: A Digital Escape

Special tips sur le chapeau pour  Red Ice Creations and Posthuman Blues. Surely better dot connectors than I.


8 responses

  1. Well, I had to look it up Dad…1893 Funk & Wagnells

    Conscious: Existing in that mental condition in which the individual recognises his own existence and to some extent his condition or surroundings: aware that one lives, feels and thinks.

    Which kind of agrees with the latin meaning…To know or with Willie Nelson who says “stay in the now”. So it seems to me that if someone wants to upload their consciousness into another mans game that it should be their choice amd conversely, if they want to they can download another mans game in their own consciousness.

    When you think about it the rudimentory similarities between the brain and a computor are kinda scary, although the brain is more easily decieved and sometimes has problems with it’s search engines. I don’t know how close we are to computing on a molecular level, but when it happens it will probably be our thought tool of choice. The only thing missing will be the connection with higher forms of thought and spirit which, most all of us intuitively know, are probably somewhere in our existence.

    Without higher forms of intelligence in the all and everything we would have no place to go and in the grand scheme of things are probably somewhere in the middle of the periphery…G:

  2. Well, if someone can figure out how to imprint a human personality into a virtual charachter then you could have your “ghost” live on after your physical death. That way you could have chats with people from the past.
    Still, I prefer to actually live in the real world and would only use this as a tool and not be plugged into the “Matrix” permanently.
    Wonder if one could get addicted to it. with all the enhancments and skining it has to offer the real world may seem dull.

  3. I ran across another saying today Geez on where Mac Tonnies writes posts at now. This is a commentor response to Mac’s post: Let’s give this tired energy-centric perspective a rest, and
    replace it with our own computer-centric 0uterj0in Scale: Type I
    Simulation: Simulated beings are unaware that they inhabit a simulation and are incapable of running their own simulations. Type II Simulation: Simulated beings develop means of simulating their reality, but still cling the belief that their reality is objectively “real”. Type III Simulation: Simulated beings recognize the simulated nature of their reality, and are capable of running their own Type I, II and III simulations. Here there be recursive singularities. When a simulation encounters its singularity, it encounters The Singularity, one and the same. When we recognize that we inhabit a simulation, the very one of our own making, that’s when it happens. In that moment, all is simulated and all is real. And there is no longer a presupposed privileging of a “reality” that is “more real” than its “simulation”. All is real, all is simulation. Obviously we’re not there yet, stuck in Type II since 1947. (Not just year of atom bomb but also year of Transistor)

    Very observant and prescient remark I’d say. Pretty much sums up where we’re heading.

  4. @Alex
    Yup, that’s the crux of it. Especially if the ‘outside world’ is dystopic and hopeless. Pop on your portable Matrix Mask, pick a VR skin and away you live!

    Trouble is, one might forget to eat.

  5. […] post by Technorati Search for: world of warcraft Need WOW Guide? Click […]

  6. That clears up a lot of things for me Dad. That would make Duhbya a type 1 simulation of the war president. I could be wrong on that though, he might be running on vacuum tubes in that little backpack thingy under his suit…G:

  7. Hay Dad, if you get a chance check out the comments on my post “FOX-5 Reported WTC-7 Collapse Before It Actually Happened~HELLO~”
    on Suzie-Q. If I disappear from the googleplex you’ll know what happened… 😎

  8. What is the “New World Order Matrix”? Unfortunately…

    Noone can be “told” what the “New World Order Matrix” is…You have to see it for yourself…

    “Who-WHO will watch The Watchmen”?


    NOTE: Click on the link to view the video…

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