Some Evidence For The Living Earth

Some of my friends, both cyberspace and local, don’t hold much truck with the idea of ‘Gaia’ or ‘The Living Earth’. The idea of a whole planet as a personal, living, breathing being is an alien concept for a lot of people. To equate the planet itself to a status rivaling humans, gods or ‘God’ is anathema to American Puritan sensibilities and enters the territory of ‘radical’ environmentalists, tree-huggers, hippies and other disparaging names put to children of nature.

Well, thanks once again to that dreaded empirical evil called science, evidence rears its’ ugly head and puts a little credence into the ‘Gaia’ theory:

It’s the basement apartment like no other. Life has been found 1.6 kilometres beneath the sea floor, at temperatures reaching 100 °C.

The discovery marks the deepest living cells ever to be found beneath the sea floor. Bacteria have been found deeper underneath the continents, but there they are rare. In comparison, the rocks beneath the sea appear to be teaming with life.

John Parkes, a geobiologist at the University of Cardiff, UK, hopes his team’s discovery might one day help find life on other planets. He says it might even redefine what we understand as life, and, bizarrely, what we understand by “age”.

Parkes has been hunting for deep life for over 20 years. Recently, he and his colleagues examined samples of a mud core extracted from between 860 metres and 1626 metres beneath the sea floor off the coast of Newfoundland.

They found simple organisms known as prokaryotes in every sample. Prokaryotes are organisms that often have just one cell. Their peculiarity is that, unlike any other form of life, their DNA is not neatly packed into a nucleus.

How do you like that! Real single-celled organisms living in the regolith of the planet itself, under the oceans.

But how did they get there? The geobiologists are unsure. One theory is that they got buried gradually by sedimentary settling. Another is that the cells got ‘sucked up’ through muddy areas. And the organisms resemble organisms found around geothermal vents on the ocean floor located near geologically active fault zones.

Interestingly, great masses of this lifeform are found 3.2 to 5 kilometers under the surface of the Earth:

We have recovered living cells from depths of 3.2 km to about 5 km in South Africa,” says Tullis Onstott of Princeton University. “But what I find most interesting in Parkes’ samples is the high density of microbial cells. They are about 100 to 1000-fold greater than in our terrestrial environments at comparable depths or temperatures…

Presently nobody has any idea why or how these organisms live in these conditions or how they got there. But if the theory of Gaia has any basis in fact, could the planet itself be forming life from internal chemicals and processes and thus working them to the surface via volcanic action and the deep ocean geothermal vents?

Nature is a wondrous mechanism. Earth and our Solar System were formed from materials left over from ancient supernovas and destroyed galaxies.

Life could be as common in the Universe as stardust. They’re of the same stuff!

Huge hidden biomass lives deep beneath the ocean

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  1. Okay, so I know one child of nature who would find no surprise with this. He’s been a friend of Gaia’s for many years.

    Right Geez?

    Keep on truckin’ bro! 😎

  2. Hi dad2059 et. al. …

    I thought I’d supply an edifying link concerning the concept of Gaia.

    Many tribal cultures have respect for nature that surrounds them and in which they exist. Unfortunately Western “civlilized” white people treat nature as simply something to be conquered, exploited, used, then eventually “used up”. James E. Lovelock, the modern era proponent of the Gaia theory postulates that even pollution is a form of symbiotic food. Civilization pollutes via CO2 and vegetation polluting via oxygen although when things get out of balance as they are now; then it’s a stretch not with his theory, but the threatening result to innocent bystander species as humankind runs amok not only in their almost viral like replication but their exploitive use of the planetary resources.

    Emerging nations such as China, India and Malaysia et. al. all want to emulate the intensely consumeristic lifestyle with which all Westerners are familiar except its been postulated that it will take the equivalent of “four earths” to do so if we wish to develop in the manner in which we have up to this time. Obviously it’s a no go and an ugly pruning of life’s tree is a coming…!


    “Atmospheric biochemist James E. Lovelock had a very similar idea at somewhat the same time and through his books Gaia (1979) and The Ages of Gaia (1988) emerged as the leading proponent of this modern Gaia hypothesis of the earth as a living organism. His books propose a dynamic interaction between life and environment, with earth regulating life, and life regulating earth, virtually a single self-regulating entity.

    The controversial aspect of Lovelock’s concept is the extent the earth may be regarded as a living organism in which life and environment form one dynamic interacting whole. Although not unsympathetic to modern environmentalism, Love-lock proposes a broader frame of reference, and in The Ages of Gaia states: “At the risk of having my membership card of the Friends of the Earth withdrawn, I say that only by pollution do we survive. We animals pollute the air with carbon dioxide, and the vegetation pollutes it with oxygen. The pollution of one is the meat of the other.” …extract from explanation of Gaia

    Carl Nemo **==

  3. Hi dad2059…

    I posted a comment simply about Gaia and Aksimet blocks me?!
    Sorry for the inconvenience. Maybe you can give my post a boost to the board. Thanks.

    Nemo **==

  4. You’re certainly a trigger for Akismet filtering, aren’t you Carl? 😎

    Maybe you should limit your link postings to one from now on, two or more will wake Aski up and nip at your butt!

    Yes, I’m aware of Lovelock’s theories, and truthfully I haven’t investigated his literature on the subject. It seems that the findings by Parkes bolsters Lovelock’s claims of an ‘holistic’ total Earth-life system.

    This reminds me of Greg Bear’s novels of spontaneous human evolution, ‘Darwin’s Radio’ and ‘Darwin’s Children’ in which one of the characters experiences a ‘religious epiphany’ event caused by the ancient microscopic bacterial ‘biomass’ that encompasses the Earth. The ancient lifeforms achieved a hive-mind type intelligence before the first multicelled organisms were born and technically is the mind of ‘Gaia’. Great books.

  5. Hi dad2059…

    It would be nice if link suppression were the answer concerning Akismet, but I have my posts blocked when they are link free too. Possibly my handle is the problem, but I’m not going to change it in order to post on sites.

    I suspect Akismet is owned by rightwing neocons no different than the Diebold safe company is owned by the same and they’re the guys that make voting machines that so efficaciously keep the likes of Bush in office and could possibly see to it that McCain makes it to the Whitehouse in November if its a close race between he and Obama.

    They’ve set their SPAM screening to scan for keywords linked with certain user handles which is an indication that it’s quite possibly a verboten post. It happens to me quite often on Kay in Maine’s site; ie., White Noise Insanity.

    I personally think Aski is also a “thought police dog” too… :))

    The name of the filtering program is Akismet, but I’ve jumbled the first four letters to give the dog a pronunciation friendly name… ; )

    Carl Nemo **==

  6. Aski the ‘Thought Police Dog’, Guardian of the ‘Tubes to keep radicals like Captain Nemo from sinking ships of NWO propaganda!


  7. Hi dad2059 et. al. …

    An excellent softbound guidebook concerning the concept of Gaia is Gaia An Atlas of Planetary Management by Dr. Norman Myers. Its copyright is 1984, but is still available from Amazon books and copies on E-bay. Amazon has them listed for $.59 (cents)!? Notice a book concerned with diminishing resources is not being sold at an inflated price… : |

    It’s very well illustrated and shows the distribution of planetary resources along with the projected abuse thereof followed by the resultant shortfall for all of earth’s inhabitants. Although written in 1984, it’s spot-on as to how things have turned out in the past 22 years and into the future.

    If we don’t do ourselves with nukes or biologicals then it seems we are going to perish like frogs in a pot of soon to boil water. We are perishing as a species as I write this, but no one at the top that has the interest to make summary sea changes in order to mitigate the upcoming nightmare. Their attitude is “I’ve got mine and screw the rest of you”. As survivors; ie., “we the people” swim towards any lifeboat that these mattoids command all folks will get is an oar-bash to their gourds… : |

    Bushco is an example. Simply by presidential edict he could mandate a 55 mph speedlimit nationwide with only truckers allowed to continue at 60. The reason is that diesel trucks are more fuel efficient at higher speeds due to the heavy loads that they must continually get up to speed and hopefully maintain it for some period of time without deceleration issues etc.

    Bush could put price controls on fuel at the pump at lets say $3.00 for truckers and a cap of $3.50 for standard vehicles. The oil companies would then be squeezed for the difference and rest assured there would be an increase of supply pronto.

    Nixon, a republican implemented wage and price controls in the early 70’s, so its not beyond a republican administration from doing so. At least Nixon fessed up to the fact that inflation was stalking the land, but instead these new age clowns enjoy cooking the CPI books so not only they, but all of us can live in a fools paradise that things are AOK while the sticker price on everything says something quite different.

    I have reliable sources that say our current increase in oil pricing is due to large amounts of hedge fund money pouring into the commodities market not only for crude, but for unleaded and heating oil contracts. Why because the fed has made short term rates so cheap these people have access to huge amounts of liquidity in order to invest in commodities; ie., the Fed is creating a new bubble by flooding the market with evermore cheap dollars causing inflation in all markets to become a “moonshot”.

    The hedge funds now control so much oil stock and their derivatives that they are also having to purchase storage facilities in order to take delivery of the physicals; ie., the oil once the contracts come due in the front months on the expiring contracts. Also refineries are running at only 85 percent of capacity as we head into a new hurricane season, say what…?!

    Note: There hasn’t been a single new refinery constructed in the United States since Jimmy Carter was president; ie., over 30 years ago….!?

    So we are being squeezed no differently as in the 70’s when the arabs were being blamed for squeezing us on the price of oil when in reality there were hundreds of tankers loaded to the gunnels worldwide with oil that was not being delivered to their points of destination; ie., the refineries. They managed to permanently hike the price of gasoline from about 40 cents per gallon to a little over a $1.00 and people were thankful just get the fuel at the higher price after enduring gas lines that had become quite violent. The same is happening now. They’re ratcheting it up to the $5.00 per gallon zone, then when they finally decide to open the spigots people will be thankful to settle into $4.00 per gallon level. This time the fuel is available, but they are pricing it dearly. Different tactics, but the same end result.

    We are being ripped off by corporatists with the blessing of our newly emergent politburo comprised of the “republicrats” in DC…!
    Thankyou George Bush, Dick, Nancy and Harry for looking out for “we the people”…NOT!

    Carl Nemo **==

  8. No doubt Bu$hco is helping out his Bilderberg owners, especially since they’re coming to town in a couple of weeks.

    Also he’s still filling the national reserve tanks too, which helps keep prices nice and high. Iran is still on the docket and all it takes is a yay or nay from Bilderberg.

    Politburo is right. Somewhere Stalin nods approvingly.

  9. “Life could be as common in the Universe as stardust. They’re of the same stuff!”

    Yep, I think that we all intuitively know that life surrounds us and permeates the cosmos. The discovery of life where there is no sunlight throws a whole new slant on Old School Biology, which taught that life cycles depended on the suns energy and photosynthisis. Life on Jupiter and probably most every other planet will probably be accepted as fact some day.

    It seems to me that life is formed in a matrix defined by the octave, (I would refer to Ouspensky and Gurdjief on this subject) and so do crystals, along with all the known elements. The periodic table of the elements was shown to be related to Pathagorious’s teachings of the octave long ago, and after a lot of poopooing has become acceptable in the scientific community.

    I suppose that Gaia involves these scientific principles and that wave behaviour as witnessed in music, the light spectrum and all sine waves in general inter-relates through sympathetic vibration and harmony to produce the biosphere of our planet.

    Edward O. Wilson, an entomologist and biologist once said:

    Because the living environment is what really sustains us. The living environment creates the soil, creates most of the atmosphere. It’s not just something “out there.” The biosphere is a membrane, a very thin membrane of living organism. We were born in it, and it presents exactly the right conditions for our lives, including—the whole point of our conversation—psychological and spiritual [benefits].

    What the Builder burgers don’t know is surpassed only by the Stoopedness of Bu$hco… 😎

  10. The Highwayman | Reply

    Close, but no cigar, boys! 😉

    Resident Preacher, here. So far, you guys have explored EVERY possible reason for life and it’s outcome EXCEPT seriously considering God as the author of life… don’t you find that interesting by itself? Science is a great tool for FINDING these organisms, but what has it done to EXPLAIN them, or even give a reason for their existence? Isn’t logic supposed to be the basis for science, yet here we have organisms that exist deep in the planet… for whose or what benefit, other than maybe their own? What other than sentient life could produce such variety, and for no other purpose other than for variety?

    Why so many schemes for life, when one template would suffice?

    A Christian writer summed it up quite nicely, stating that all of nature testifies of it’s Creator… except His highest creation, which steadfastly refuses to honor Him out of pride, yet bows to stone and wooden idols, worshipping the very dust, itself!

    Wouldn’t that constitute a joke… of cosmic proportions?

  11. Well put Highway, but cigars aren’t what I smoke. I have considered that there is only one template for life, but never considered the author of all this. I suppose that my take on God is more like what many organised religions would call Heathen and make me a candidate for missionary work. The sentient Native Americans in this country believe in the Great Spirit and that all living ceatures, the trees, and even the Earth have spirit, but I don’t believe that they ever mentioned being made in Gods image.

    Most religious philosophies agree on one thing and that is that there is one God, which makes perfect sense to me. The part of it that I disagree with is that it has become a personal God relating to their own particular beliefs.

    So…here we are, like a few ants on a flat piece of paper trying to relate an infinite and timeless existence to our own personal experiences, while the NWO freaks lay claim to the wool of the sheeple which will be pulled over the eyes of those that would see…G:

  12. Hi dad2059 et. al. …

    I’m an agnostic in that although I don’t completely discount the possibility of a “sky-daddy”, to me it’s illogical and also cheapens the beauty of creation. In fact having a bossman in the sky fits right in with its extensions on earth; ie., the churchmen, priests, priestesses, shamans etc. throughout the ages that have made a damn good living acting as intermediaries between this imagined entity and themselves.

    Mankinds greatest fear is “death”. Our lives are everso short and we’ve been cursed with self-consciousness with all it’s derivative baggage such as emotions and as mentioned the ability to dwell on our mortality. Maybe if we could all know beyond a shadow of a doubt what lies beyond our deaths; ie., reincarnation, heaven, hell, or even oblivion then things would go a lot smoother for us.

    Socrates was queried by his students as to what it was like to die and his thoughts of what was to come for us after dying. Paraphrasing his thoughts, he simply said that it was basically a win-win situation. If there was an afterlife or life to come then it would be a a good thing and if it were simply oblivion then that would be good too… : )

    Think about it for a moment. Most of us don’t remember anything before we were born except for those few that claim incarnations in past lives, so if that is so then it means we are headed to become again a biological lifeforce postmortem. On the other hand if we simply wink-out as we do on our dreamless nights never to imagine or think again then that’s OK too. For better or worse we’ve fulfilled our fireflies wink in the cosmic night no different than a snowflake, the smallest bacterium, insect, animal be they great or small, or short-lived sub-atomic particle. We simply functioned to the best or worst of our abilities then we are gone forever. Its no big deal, but to most their ego’s are everso deluded that they think they are “all that” compared to the rest of creation that somehow we are entitled to something better than a dead fish on the beach at low tide. Rest assured we are not…!

    I thought I’d supply a link for those that are still wrestling with the thought that there’s a “sky-daddy” and that they are going to heaven, hell or some other mundane place postmortem.

    Carl Nemo **==

  13. Hi dad2059…

    My post is blocked again as usual. After this I won’t bug you about a pending post. I’ll just assume it’s pending approval etc. Thanks.

    Carl Nemo **==

  14. I’m currently researching something that goes along the lines of death and reincarnation and even the founding of the Judeo-Christian God.

    Stay tuned!

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