Update on the alien coming out party

Jeff Peckman, the person who is reported to have an infrared video of a 4 foot tall alien caught in the act of voyeurism is supposed to give his press conference today in Denver, Colorado. A believer in ET life obviously, Peckman also wants the Denver City Council to form an “extraterrestrial affairs commission”:

Proof of extraterrestrials could get renewed life — or crash to the ground — if one Denver resident has anything to say about it.

Jeff Peckman, a Denver resident and believer in alien life, has begun the process of putting a… Expand

(Handout Photo/Getty Images)

Jeff Peckman, a Denver resident and believer in alien life, has begun the work of putting a ballot initiative to the city’s voters that would, if passed, establish an “extraterrestrial affairs commission” made up of 18 members appointed by the mayor to ensure public safety in the event that aliens — or their vehicles, according to the ballot language — were to arrive in the Mile High City.

Peckman has already met with the city council in a fact-finding question-and-answer meeting. He received approval from the city clerk to start going after the 4,000 signatures he needs to get his initiative on a ballot, a task he has 180 days to complete. Before beginning that work, Peckman will show a video to members of the media today that he claims has cemented his belief that aliens exist and that it would be prudent to prepare for the inevitable encounter.

It looks like the guy is going to go through with this. Whether this crashes to the ground or not is irrelevant at this point, Peckman is going to have his 15 minutes of fame and/or notoriety.

I have an interesting find however concerning Mr. Peckman’s bio from mahalo.com:

  1. Age: 54
  2. Unmarried and lives with parents
  3. Attended Maharishi University of Management in Iowa
  4. Has never seen a space alien
  5. Sells technology that purportedly reduces “the chaos of electromagnetic fields” 

I leave it up to you gentle readers of the tinfoil to decide if this guy is on the up and up.

Believe it or not, there’s people in the UFO community who are sceptical about Peckman’s claims. I’ll post on that as I find more updates.

Jeff Peckman’s short bio

Denver man makes alien claim


As an unrelated aside, as of May 29th at 11:32 a.m. EDT, dad2059 is now grand-dad2059. The new family member is doing quite fine and was greeted by a loving circle of family that not only included his parents, but both his grandmothers and two uncles.

Unfortunately both granddads and an aunt were unable to be there, but thanks to wireless brain-frying cellphone tech, we have some pictures. Since the small family is currently in the service of the Empire, I am unable to discuss more. But if my ‘Tubes friends want more info, use my email address please.

Blog posts might be sporatic for a few days also because of other pressing business.

For now, have a good weekend!

7 responses

  1. Hi dad2059…

    Re: Jeff Peckman

    “Sells technology that purportedly reduces “the chaos of electromagnetic fields” ”

    This must mean he’s a “foil hat” saleman…no?! :))

    Carl Nemo **==

  2. Hi dad2059…

    Congratulations on your new “granddad” status… : )

    I tried to post one concerning Jeff Peckman, but it simply went poof and didn’t post, so maybe it’s in queue?

    Re: Jeff Peckman

    “Sells technology that purportedly reduces “the chaos of electromagnetic fields” ”

    It sounds to me like he sells “foil hats” for a living…no?! :))

    Carl Nemo **==

  3. I sprung ya again Nemo. And thanks for the good words.

    It sounds to me like he sells “foil hats” for a living…no?! :))

    LOLMAO!! :))

  4. Yo, you tinfoil dudes, I found a bootleg copy of the alien peeping tom over at Suzie-Q’s blog. The tinfoil salesman should have put the flashlight on him, I could barely see anything, even with my power nerds on.

    Salutations GranDad2059 Hmm Has a nice ring to it.


  5. LMFAO! The ‘peekapoo!’ kinda startled me, but funny.

    It’s a shame that real UFO research and people who have had experiences are going to be more marginalized by this. IMHO, Peckman is a latter day P.T. Barnum.

    But hey, this is the American Federal Empire in it’s closing days, a guy’s gotta make a living somehow! 😎

  6. The Highwayman | Reply

    So, No.1 daughter finally popped! Well, congrats, you old leather-necked gyrene! Try not to pervert the lad too much, eh? Make sure he gets to know he’s born into slavery, and to educate himself in the ways of the elitists.

    He’s living in interesting times!

  7. He’s living in interesting times!

    Don’t you worry about the lad, he’s going to get a thorough education when I see him, every chance I get!

    He might have to get a debrief from you guys when I’m gone!

    And thanks everyone! Special thanks to you, Gearjammer the Evangelist!

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