Heart Shaped Box | Nirvana | VH1 Classic

Religious symbolism was more endemic in the 1990s than any other time. The grunge band Nirvana used it as much as anyone, and to great effect.

P.S. Pause all commercials on the other vids!

VH1 needs the money to fund the classic rocker’s old folks home, LOL!


2 responses

  1. The Highwayman | Reply

    Religion is on everyone’s mind, Dad. The Bible is probably the one book that virtually no one has read, (including Christians) and yet everyone has an opinion about it.

    I never did get into the cult rock scene, and I despise the so-called “Christian rock”. I liked Weird Al Yankovic’s spoof of Nirvana, though!

    I like to keep everything separate and in perspective.

  2. You should’ve checked out the Soundgarden vid, that was an anti-NWO, mind control message if I ever saw one.

    My taste in music is eclectic like my interests I get into here on the blog.

    My youngest daughter likes Christian rock, though I can’t tell the difference between that and standard rock, except for the lyrics possibly.

    The worst is the ‘Christian’ rap, I can’t stand it. I can’t tolerate the other rap crap either.

    I have my tolerance level.

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