The Denver ‘Peeping Tom’ Alien Controversy; The Final Word?

As promised, last Friday’s unveiling of Jeff Peckman and Stan Romanek’s ‘peeping tom’ alien vid presentation in Denver turned into a media circus. All that was produced was a still photo from the vid, with Peckman claiming he couldn’t show the vid due to a documentary deal being worked on.

Uh huh.

Peckman is the middleman here, much like P.T. Barnum was way back in the day. Only Barnum had more flair I think. How he got hold of this piece of cinema is anyone’s guess and Romanek has yet to make an appearance to defend his ‘evidence’ of ET life.

Romanek has an interesting history like Peckman does, here’s a sample:

“Let’s not forget about Mr. Romanek. The man who claims had contact with aliens since being a child. His website is cluttered with pictures of “UFOs” “Orbs” and mathematical equations that are thrown together to make them appear complex. Romanek claims that the equations came out in one of his hypnotic regression sessions. In fact, other claims of contact with human/alien/dog looking female things are on his website:

Drawing of female alien beings seen by Stan Romanek.

Another incredible claim by Mr. Romanek is that during his alien abductions, he learned of a new element. Element 115. Something he claims he had never heard of before, and was not “discovered” till years later. Well, it has been mentioned before. In fact, it’s been mentioned in the UFO community long before Mr. Romanek’s claim. Bob Lazar has claimed for years that he was one of the few chosen scientist to work on reverse-engineering an alien craft in the depths of Area 51. Lazar has claimed before that the craft that he and his team examined used Element 115. From his website: “The reactor is a closed system which uses the Element 115 as its fuel. The element is also the source of the gravity-A wave which is amplified for space/time distortion and travel.”

It looks like Romanek has a history of being an alien abductee, most of his life it appears. He claims he set the camera up in his daughters’ bedroom because he thought they were being eyeballed by perverts. Did he think ‘alien’ perverts instead? It’s claimed that alien abductions occur to whole families, over a span of two or three generations. Was Romanek simply trying his best to protect his family by trying to catch the perpetrators in the act? Or is it all a bullsh*t hoax to make a few bucks?

As an interesting note, Romanek has had this video since 2003. If he wanted to make money from it, wouldn’t he have done it back in 2003? Why wait until a shyster like Peckman comes along to promote it? Why take the ridicule and notoriety such claims often draw? And why potentially further marginalize  individuals who also had these experiences that is sure to happen if this proves to be a hoax?

To be sure Peckman to trying to grease his skids with this. He’s trying to get a commission set up on the Denver City Council investigating UFO/alien activity. All he needs is 4000 signatures on his petition to force a referendum. If this happens, he might get a cushy city job on the taxpayer’s dime. People aren’t too happy about this to say the least.

So what do you think gentle readers, is this a hoax or not? Is this the final word or is the media circus just getting warmed up on it?

Interesting times indeed.

Denver Alien video: The new “Johor Hominid” case

“Encounter” unveiled

Fake alien peeping tom video made for around $100

Special hat tip to the Anomalist this a.m.

9 responses

  1. The Highwayman | Reply

    I think they’re both shysters. Everyone is jumping on the alien bandwagon, like they jumped on the Bigfoot bandwagon, the Nessie bandwagon… and these things work in cycles, too, with periodic recurrences. Last year, a ‘Bigfoot’ was sighted in Northern Manitoba, near my old trucking route. Funny, I never saw the thing… and I’ve been looking!

    I am sure there are ‘real’ sightings made, but I’m reminded of what scripture says about a lying devil, and the power that he has to deceive. UFOlogy is designed to draw the adherent away from his/her spiritual roots, and off into a secular, Godless paradigm. There definitely are other life forms in the universe, but they haven’t yet been reduced to the whimsical playthings of a duped society so full of itself, that all other beings just naturally ascribe to contacting and visiting (and conquering) a retrograde, insignificant band of rebels on a ball of dust called Earth.

    As Leonard Nimoy in his role as Spock once so aptly put it: “Only human arrogance would assume the message (alien probe) MUST be meant for man.” (The Voyage Home) How true. Everything just naturally revolves around us. We’ve been so thoroughly deceived, and for so long, we don’t know what truth is, anymore. So it could be said about religion, I suppose, but what’s left if it is false, as well?

    I ascribe to the latter because of one thing… “It’s logical.”

    Live long and prosper, Marine!


  2. Well, to me religion isn’t logical, whether it’s the supernatural or the scientific variety, both need radical attitude ajustments IMHO.

    And I don’t claim to have the answers either, like I once thought. All I can say is that I’m continuing studying and learning. If some people claim to have their answer that satisfies them, more power to them because I don’t have one. Just that change is constant in some things, not in others and the NWO f*ckers are bullsh*t to be cleaned from the barn.

    As for Peckman and Romanek, Peckman certainly is a shyster, but Romanek I have an odd feeling about. He might very well be a crook too, but him holding on to that video for 5 years has me puzzled.

    And Peace and Long Life to you Highway the Evangelist. 😎

  3. The Highwayman | Reply

    There is nothing wrong with having answers in life. I don’t think it’s mandatory for us to be ignorant. There is a myriad of information out there, needing processing, to be sure, but with effort comes reward.

    Of course, with each passing day, the level of misinformation grows, and it becomes that much harder to sort it all out. I found that to be true in my ‘Daniken days’. Everyone and his dog was coming out of the woodwork with some goofy theory, each increasingly more sensational than the former. I later found the Bible to be constant and relevant for all times… from ancient days to the present. It has a practical application that doesn’t have to keep up with the times, it is relevant in any age.

    I’ve always respected your right to your views, Marine, you know that. If I didn’t, I’d be like the ones I detest, that run our sovereign rights and freedoms into the ground. I have one dork visiting my site and accusing me of hate-mongering. How many times have we heard that line? Remember our “mutual acquaintance”/wounded soul? That was his favorite escape when things got hot, too. Where is he now? Running hither and thither like a headless chicken, with no clear focus in life. “Maybe I’ll do this… maybe I’ll do that…”

    It is amazing the patience that people have when selling an idea. The five years that Romanek sat on that video is almost comparable to the Rothschild’s generations-long plan for centralized world government. If a belief is strong enough, time is immaterial. An agenda worth promoting knows no time constraints.

    We all have our agendas. Mine is to get to the bottom of things, but there was a catch to it for me… I then had to TELL what I learned. That’s the essence of the gospel… telling. It’s the antithesis to esoteric knowledge, which does not encourage sharing, but promotes elitism’s stamp of secrecy and subversiveness. The thrill of having obtained knowledge that no one else has, to be used against them, when, and if, necessary.

    I don’t have all the answers, either. I can’t tell you what the weather will do in a week, or read minds, but I have enough knowledge to save my soul from ruination. I also have the freedom to ignore it, too.

    That’s something you don’t get from the NWO.

  4. Hi dad2059 et. al. …

    Wordgeezer’s link to the alleged alien through the window vid clip piqued my interest. Instantly the eyes and nose reminded me of a dog. So I fetched the clip and then took a screenshot of the paused image. After that I copied it to Paint then took the excised .bmp image to Photoshop and cropped the individual pane with the alleged alien face in the window using a crop function. I then had a section of the overall .bmp which I then enlarged 6x. Afterwords I did some enhancements to smooth the image pixelation and increase the brightness and sure enough out of the window came what looks like a Husky or Malemute breed with dark eyes, black nose and pointy ears and what looks like a gloved hand in a black mitten trying to secure the dogs muzzle in the lower right hand side of the photo for the window shot.

    I sent the set of photos to you dad2059 via email. Possibly you can post the four photo’s so folks can see what I’m talking about. To me I’d say Peckman is “busted” concerning his alien contact b.s. If you choose to post them then try to order them from the original extraction to the finished image.

    It’s quite obvious to me anyway that it’s simply a dog of some breed. Well I guess a dog’s world is alien to humans…no?! Maybe this dog drives a flying saucer too… :))

    Carl Nemo **==

  5. Highway: You’re my bro my man, you came to your faith on your own, nobody forced it on you so you’re not jaded like I am. You went like the Bible said, “Come with the innocence of a child…”

    Though I can’t think of you as innocent at times… 😉

    Nemo: I’m gonna have to get to that tomorrow morning I think, I got chores to do tonight, the wife is still down South being Gramma.

  6. Greetings to all!

    So, this heavy “Element 115” powers the alien saucers 😆 😆 Don’t make me laugh 🙂 If someone knows the books of Vladimir Terziski, then you’ll know what’s the big issue. There is very well described why people like Bob Lazar are disinforming us about the powersource of the antigravity spaceships, which exist since the end of WW2. Like he (Terziski) said – if the energy requirements of such craft are very little, and the way of engineering it – easy, then the project is very well classified! And on the contrary – if energy requirements are very big, then this project is almost known to the public. In matter of fact, the germans have build antigravity saucers, driven by combustion engines 🙂

  7. The Highwayman | Reply


    Dad, I’ve been called a lot of things, but “innocent”…?


  8. Hi dad2059…

    Thanks for the email feedback concerning my mistake relative to the film clip content. I didn’t realize that the vid clip was the “spoof” production. I thought it was a spoof around the actual clip of the alleged alien encounter.

    Oh well it won’t be the first nor the last time I’ll make a mistake before I exit this plane. : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  9. Coast to Coast AM is realy a good radio show. It’s popular here in Europe.

    I was wondering about the presidential elections. JFK was Catholic, right? All other presidents of US, before and after him, were protestants. And how many of them were members of ‘Skull & Bones Society’? 95/100…
    Now Obama is a Catholic candidate, like Kennedy. Maybe if they elect him, the world would change for good. We can only hope. At least war in Iraq will end.

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