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My name is Sean Saint John Lamont of the Clan Lamont from Argyll, Scotland. The clan presently resides in Old Australia, Earth. I serve in the Northern Hemisphere Union Marine Corps, Space Branch with the rank of Chief Warrant Officer Five. I used to command one thousand Marines in the Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Division of the Marine Corps Space Command, which in turn is part of the NHU Marine Corps.

I am currently on temporary assignment as a ‘scanner’ onboard a small reconnaissance spaceship en route to an anomalous massive object passing through the Kuiper Belt nearing the orbit of Pluto-Charon.


This really isn’t who I am though. “Sin-Jin Lamont” is a doppleganger, a misnomer, a cheat, a post-human freak and an abomination.

A lie.

A broken promise.

A backstabber.

A turncoat, sellout, double agent, a faust and any other disparagement one can put to a traitor of an ideal.

But most of all, and worse, I am a coward.

When it mattered most to uphold a principle and keep the faith, I backed out and took a bribe.

I literally sold my soul to the “Devil”.

Well, what my dying mind interpreted to be the Devil anyway. It was really a representative of “The Children of Humanity”.

Children of Humanity has some validity to the term because these creatures are lying, duplicitous, murderous and manipulative entities, in fact, the worse qualities of Mankind multiplied a billion-fold. So yes, it’s entirely possible they are humanities’ descendants tens of thousands of years down the road. A branch of them anyway.

I’m saving that story for later.

Before I accepted the bribe of possible physical immortality and post-human ascension, I was an ordinary mortal man known as Richard Robert Jenks, born September 19th, 1959, during the waning years of the old United States of America’s President Dwight David Eisenhower’s second administration.

And I “died” October 17th, 2038.

Thirty-one years ago.

I was a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, family man, farmer, working man, writer and heretic.

My family didn’t know about the last part though. And that’s probably what contributed to my present existence.

Well, the Marine part too. That was the only reason a Child came for me upon my death bed.

That’s what it claimed, but I’m certain it was a lie.

It came to prove a point to me. That everyone has their price.

Unfortunately for me and humanity, that old saw certainly is true. Continue reading →

Did the U.S. use H.A.A.R.P. against China?

Benjamin Fulford, a Canadian expat living in Japan and once Asian bureau chief for Forbes magazine has accused the United States (the U.S. shadow government specifically) of using their “earthquake machine” or H.A.A.R.P. against China, Burma and Micronesia:

Now, I have accused Fulford of being a misinformant for the same NWO he supposedly wants to bring down in the past and I’m certainly leery of him now. He has this “Pollyanna-ish” air about him that rankles my native cynicism concerning world affairs and the Order’s place in it. He’s even interviewed David Rockefeller, one of the wannabe-pharaohs of the Order, second only to the Rothschilds and the old inbred royalty of Europe. They looked amicable to me.

We are rushing toward a cusp point in human history, thanks to the Order and their machinations. Fulford, and I grudgingly give him some props here, seems to be bringing light to such, but I’m holding court on this later so to speak.

As I have said in the past, Fulford has to convince me that he is credible.

What do you think?

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