My name is Sean Saint John Lamont of the Clan Lamont from Argyll, Scotland. The clan presently resides in Old Australia, Earth. I serve in the Northern Hemisphere Union Marine Corps, Space Branch with the rank of Chief Warrant Officer Five. I used to command one thousand Marines in the Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Division of the Marine Corps Space Command, which in turn is part of the NHU Marine Corps.

I am currently on temporary assignment as a ‘scanner’ onboard a small reconnaissance spaceship en route to an anomalous massive object passing through the Kuiper Belt nearing the orbit of Pluto-Charon.


This really isn’t who I am though. “Sin-Jin Lamont” is a doppleganger, a misnomer, a cheat, a post-human freak and an abomination.

A lie.

A broken promise.

A backstabber.

A turncoat, sellout, double agent, a faust and any other disparagement one can put to a traitor of an ideal.

But most of all, and worse, I am a coward.

When it mattered most to uphold a principle and keep the faith, I backed out and took a bribe.

I literally sold my soul to the “Devil”.

Well, what my dying mind interpreted to be the Devil anyway. It was really a representative of “The Children of Humanity”.

Children of Humanity has some validity to the term because these creatures are lying, duplicitous, murderous and manipulative entities, in fact, the worse qualities of Mankind multiplied a billion-fold. So yes, it’s entirely possible they are humanities’ descendants tens of thousands of years down the road. A branch of them anyway.

I’m saving that story for later.

Before I accepted the bribe of possible physical immortality and post-human ascension, I was an ordinary mortal man known as Richard Robert Jenks, born September 19th, 1959, during the waning years of the old United States of America’s President Dwight David Eisenhower’s second administration.

And I “died” October 17th, 2038.

Thirty-one years ago.

I was a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, family man, farmer, working man, writer and heretic.

My family didn’t know about the last part though. And that’s probably what contributed to my present existence.

Well, the Marine part too. That was the only reason a Child came for me upon my death bed.

That’s what it claimed, but I’m certain it was a lie.

It came to prove a point to me. That everyone has their price.

Unfortunately for me and humanity, that old saw certainly is true.


The N.H.U.S.S. Electa was closing in on the target at twenty-thousand kilometers an hour, riding the wave front of its Tesla-Carr gravity drive. If it was a “conventional” space vessel, it would have had to start a breaking maneuver over twenty hours ago. The ship’s drive negated that inconvenient issue however, being the latest generation of the drive that the old U.S. Pentagon “appropriated” from Otis Carr in 1957. In about twenty minutes, the Electa would stop on a dime almost, and settle into a parking orbit around its objective at a safe distance of one-hundred thousand kilometers.

The object in question was a dangerous and curious anomaly. It was the circumference of three Jupiters, or the size of one of the “hot super Jovians” that were discovered by mainstream astronomers at the end of the last century, early present one. But it massed ten sols, or ten times the mass of Earth’s Sun. Very dense for its size, it was not a brown dwarf star, for it emitted no light in any range, infrared to ultraviolet, zilch. It emitted no radiation of any type, x-rays, gamma rays, graviton pulses, quantum particles, zip. And communication of any type at all, be it radio, laser, neutron beam or directed gravity pulses, nada.

The only thing that got a response were two attempts by post-human adepts with neural enhancements who communicate with the Children via ‘telepathy’ on a regular basis on two different missions. They started sending messages from a million kilometers out, spiraling inward until they got below one hundred thousand klicks, around ninety thousand actually.

Then they simply disappeared. Gone. Poof. Not here. Without so much as a sub-atomic particle left. It was as if they got sucked up into a black hole that shouldn’t have existed without an event horizon and spewing jets.

The closest thing that the geniuses can figure what this thing is was possibly a neutron star without the spin.

A perfect “black body” creation.

Stephen Hawking would’ve been impressed.

“Closing at one hundred thousand -two klicks… and mark sir”, noted Captain Irfan Ismir as the Electa settled into minimal safe parking orbit. Ismir was more than a little spooked by the object. The next statement was obvious, but was meant to take the nervous edge off his mind, “Kinda hard to tell where we are Colonel. The damn thing soaks up any kind of signal I can throw at it, no pings, no nothin’. The only way I can tell anything’s there is the ultra-gravitational space-time distortion picked up by the ship’s drive.”

Colonel Vince “Ski” Gryzbowsky smirked the grin of a veteran who’s seen many a campaign, and survived them all. He could sense Ismir’s nervousness, so he sought to tamp it down real quick and quiet before his co-pilot worked himself into a panic. He needed Ismir’s excellent piloting skills in case things went down-hill real fast, which could very well happen if the failed missions gave any indication.

“That’s why we brought along our resident scholarly, post-human telepathic adept, right Lamont?”

“I’m what the geniuses at HQ ordered sir”, replied CWO5 Sin-Jin Lamont as he snapped back to reality from his mental revelry. Even as Lamont was reliving the events leading to his present incarnation, he had cast a light mental net toward the black gravitational oddity. Augmented by his nano-biotic neural net that had the ability to quantum tunnel into the fifth dimension, one of the spaces between the Einsteinian space-time continuum, Lamont was able to expand his consciousness around the past, present and future of the local space surrounding the object. But he hadn’t given it his full attention yet because he didn’t want to trigger any alarms on the thing. If his theory about this is correct, it wouldn’t matter how stealthy he is scanning it.

Even with his post-human physiology, the damn thing would sense them and swat them out of space faster than Schroedinger’s Cat using up it’s last life.

“I dunno Colonel”, stated Lamont, “I don’t sense anything yet, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t aware of us. I recommend maintaining our present distance sir.”

“Good suggestion Sinj, I believe I’ll do just that. No sense in waking up whatever’s in there yet”, Gryzbowsky replied as he gave a wink and a smile to Ismir. “But keep your super-human feelers out there Gunner, the tanj-damned chunk could go nuclear any second!”

Lamont caught himself in a chuckle. He had known Gryzbowsky for over thirty years, after he “re-enlisted” into the Marine Corps’ present incarnation as a gunnery-sergeant, becoming the NCOIC of the Powerplant shop at the Martian Arsia Mons base while Ski was the First Lieutenant OIC. After Lamont received his commission as a Restricted Duty Officer, he received many a call in the early morning hours to come drag Ski’s drunk hide out of the officer’s club. Ahh…good times!

But he had no clue about Lamont’s previous life as an ordinary man. Only four people knew about that, and they were in the higher echelons of the monstrous corporate/fascist government that was the Northern Hemisphere Union. And the Children of course.

As the Electa settled into a routine and a watch schedule was set, Lamont went into his meditative mode. This usually included yogic exercises (hard to do in the close confines of the ship), deep breathing, then slowing the heart rate down to about thirty beats a minute. Forming a bio-feedback loop was easy with a nano-biobot neural net. “Too bad I didn’t have this in my first life”, he thought to himself, “I probably wouldn’t be here now.” But it was a perk in this life. It made the guilt almost bearable. Almost.

Settling into his pose, Lamont again tunneled through the fifth dimension and started to observe the mystery in all aspects of ‘now’, past, present and future. An analogy would be someone driving a car on the the old Interstate 40 that stretched across America in the 20th Century, heading for Los Angeles from New Jersey. The person would see the road ahead, looking west, the future, while looking in the rear view mirror, eastward, the past in this example, for other cars (or the police usually). All the person would see is linear sight distance, which is how baseline humanity perceives time and existence.

Take that to the next step, imagine yourself in orbit around Earth, crossing over North America. You could see not only I-40, but both New Jersey, California and then some. That is how Lamont is perceiving the object, ever so softly.

Suddenly, there was a prickling at the back door of his senses. He attempted to tamp it down, to ignore it so he could do his job. But it was insistent, persistent and soon was distracting him enough to where he had to break off his surveillance. The only beings annoying and aware enough to scratch at the doors of his mental shielding were the Children, or one of them anyway.

One was bad enough generally.

He lowered one of his shields down long enough for the creature to make contact. Only one shield.

Technically his augmentations combined with his occult and yoga disciplines were a match for any one Child. In fact, he could enter a personal ‘singularity’ and ascend into a non-physical form in a dimension higher than the fifth. But he didn’t intend to test it at the present.

He was always leery of the Children of Humanity, they have proved more than once to be liars of the worse kind.

But it’s beneficial to be their friend.

Just ask the criminal organizations that pass for governments on Earth right now.

As the link relaxed and firmed, an image of a small, grey skinned, large headed being with huge almond eyes solidified in his mind. The classic grey alien being. “How archetypical”, Lamont mused, shaking his head. “I don’t have time for this shit Lucifer”, Lamont sent, “I’ve got work to do and you’re wasting my precious time and energy. You’ve got thirty seconds then hit the road!”

The grey alien image morphed into the dapper elegant being Lamont had seen in his mind when he was dying. “My my, a bit tetchy are we, hmmm? Maybe I should take my little tid-bit of info about this “object” elsewhere? Someplace where I know I’ll get a little respect!”

Lamont almost broke the link then and there, but his curiosity was picqued. What did this asshole know about this thing?

Chances are almost nothing, but Lamont didn’t dare take the risk of throwing away a possible advantage and gaining an upperhand over the situation.

“Okay Luke ol’ buddy”, Lamont soothed, “I’m game to hear what you have. It’s not every day a fellow has his own personal Devil deliver mail to him.”

The image drew his usual chair from behind him out of thin air and promptly seated himself.

Lamont always wondered why a post-singular being needed to sit while conversing. Maybe it made the chosen victim more comfortable.


“Well, not exactly an apology”, he sniffed, “But for you that is an improvement I suppose.”

“I have searched all of our archives of the past fifty-two thousand years and it seems we have made contact with the Object about twenty-five thousand years ago. It didn’t go so well. Many of our remote probes and fifth dimensional scans were instantly rebuffed. Anything physical within one-hundred thirty-three thousand cubits or one hundred thousands of your ‘klicks’ instantly vanished. A well meaning mental pass in certain spots brought about instant retribution.”

Lamont already knew about this of course. He had sources and other ‘informants’. Being already dead had certain advantages, like sending your former self about as a ‘ghost’. He’d known about the Childrens’ contact before the Martian bugout. Lucifer was ‘milking the dog’ so to speak.

“I know about all this already Luke, your thirty seconds are up. I have work to do now, gotta go…”. Lamont made ready to break the link. Doing this maneuver usually pays off thought Lamont…

“Did you know that it spoke to us?” piped Lucifer. Lamont stopped cold. “That’s better…,” smirking internally.

“Give it up Luke, what did it say to you people without destroying all of you first? And no bullshit either, I can tell when you’re lying.” He couldn’t really. But dealing with the Children is like playing high stakes poker, a well played bluff occasionally paid off.

“It wasn’t so much what it told us, it is what it showed us in our Collective.” When the Children spoke of their ‘Collective’, they are talking about their ascended hive mind in the fifth dimension, where they normally reside as non-corporeal entities. Powerful stuff.

Lucifer gave the illusion of drawing a breath before continuing, his coal black eyes gleaming dreamily, “It showed us it was ancient beyond all understanding, even ours. It showed us wonders of a past Universe, and past Universes beyond that. It showed us that we were nothing compared to the immensity of Time It experienced. It also showed us it was our Father, our Sire. It showed us It was mightier than Entropy. It showed us It was the All, the Alpha and the Omega Point. And most importantly, it showed us It was Us. And You.”

The Lucifer illusion cut the link after the “and You.” Lamont was slightly stunned from Luke’s presentation. The Lucifer being never gave anything credit what-so-ever at all. Yet he spoke as reverently as one would speak of a god, or God in a place of worship.

But the Children don’t worship anything, do they?

The issue never came up really. The idea of philosophy never crossed Lamont’s mind when dealing with Lucifer, or any of the Children for that matter. It was assumed they were beyond asking any religious or philosophical questions at all since they were ascended creatures.

But the clue Luke gave was clear, God. Or a god possibly. But God?

What else would you name an Object that could be older than the Universe? Or several Universes for that matter.

One thing’s for certain, it is powerful and dangerous. And already steeped in legend and myth.

Lamont now was able to tend his light surveillance net with undivided attention. As his meditation grew deeper, a section of his subconscious sliced off to tend an assigned task. Lucifer’s clue gave confirmation to what he had already surmised, so the little piece of “mind” set about to study the history, and mystery of the Object in the Union’s vast library of occult and esoteric knowledge. Soon, the ‘piece’ found what it was looking for. Ahh yes, Tiamat, ancient Sumerian culture, the Nephalim, ancient astronauts, The Twelfth Planet and Zecharia Sitchin. There was no doubt.

This event has been foretold for thousands of years, since the beginning of the present cycle of Human Civilization.

Myth has become reality.

For Planet X has arrived.

Nibiru and the Annunaki are here to collect their faithful.

And exact retribution from the evil.

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