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Water Wars

An issue that hasn’t received the media attention it should because of the constant yammering about Peak Oil and gasoline prices in the U.S. and all over the planet is fresh water. Even though this planet is referred to as the “Blue Planet”, 97% of that water is saltier than an old Marine’s mouth (or Highwayman’s). Fresh water is the remaining 3%, but that 3% is vital for human being’s survival because it is used as a drinking, cleaning, industrial and research resource. To lose fresh water would be as effective as eating rat poison; a long, slow, lingering death would result for not just millions, but billions of people.

So it’s no surprise that an article in May’s Christian Science Monitor calls water “the oil of the 21st Century”:

Water, Dow Chemical Chairman Andrew Liveris told the World Economic Forum in February, “is the oil of this century.” Developed nations have taken cheap, abundant fresh water largely for granted. Now global population growth, pollution, and climate change are shaping a new view of water as “blue gold.”

Water’s hot-commodity status has snared the attention of big equipment suppliers like General Electric as well as big private water companies that buy or manage municipal supplies – notably France-based Suez and Aqua America, the largest US-based private water company.

Global water markets, including drinking water distribution, management, waste treatment, and agriculture are a nearly $500 billion market and growing fast, says a 2007 global investment report.

But governments pushing to privatize costly to maintain public water systems are colliding with a global “water is a human right” movement. Because water is essential for human life, its distribution is best left to more publicly accountable government authorities to distribute at prices the poorest can afford, those water warriors say.

Most alternative media mavens such as myself, the Highwayman, Jeff Rense and Alex Jones would say that would fit right into the globalist’s plan for eliminating billions of people. Not only is the present food price crisis going to starve people, what’s left is going to die of thirst!

Not to mention death from the resulting wars:

In January, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon cited a report by International Alert, a self-described peacebuilding organization based in London. The report identified 46 countries with a combined population of 2.7 billion people where contention over water has created “a high risk of violent conflict” by 2025.

It looks like the globalist elites’ plans are falling into place like pieces of a puzzle that is almost finished, they couldn’t have planned it any better on purpose!

Or did they?

Highwayman would say so, and Jones possibly.

I say the elites are simply taking advantage of situations that humanity in their collective sheep-like short-sightedness did to themselves (ourselves).

Nobody can save us but us.

Is water becoming ‘the new oil’?