Water Wars

An issue that hasn’t received the media attention it should because of the constant yammering about Peak Oil and gasoline prices in the U.S. and all over the planet is fresh water. Even though this planet is referred to as the “Blue Planet”, 97% of that water is saltier than an old Marine’s mouth (or Highwayman’s). Fresh water is the remaining 3%, but that 3% is vital for human being’s survival because it is used as a drinking, cleaning, industrial and research resource. To lose fresh water would be as effective as eating rat poison; a long, slow, lingering death would result for not just millions, but billions of people.

So it’s no surprise that an article in May’s Christian Science Monitor calls water “the oil of the 21st Century”:

Water, Dow Chemical Chairman Andrew Liveris told the World Economic Forum in February, “is the oil of this century.” Developed nations have taken cheap, abundant fresh water largely for granted. Now global population growth, pollution, and climate change are shaping a new view of water as “blue gold.”

Water’s hot-commodity status has snared the attention of big equipment suppliers like General Electric as well as big private water companies that buy or manage municipal supplies – notably France-based Suez and Aqua America, the largest US-based private water company.

Global water markets, including drinking water distribution, management, waste treatment, and agriculture are a nearly $500 billion market and growing fast, says a 2007 global investment report.

But governments pushing to privatize costly to maintain public water systems are colliding with a global “water is a human right” movement. Because water is essential for human life, its distribution is best left to more publicly accountable government authorities to distribute at prices the poorest can afford, those water warriors say.

Most alternative media mavens such as myself, the Highwayman, Jeff Rense and Alex Jones would say that would fit right into the globalist’s plan for eliminating billions of people. Not only is the present food price crisis going to starve people, what’s left is going to die of thirst!

Not to mention death from the resulting wars:

In January, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon cited a report by International Alert, a self-described peacebuilding organization based in London. The report identified 46 countries with a combined population of 2.7 billion people where contention over water has created “a high risk of violent conflict” by 2025.

It looks like the globalist elites’ plans are falling into place like pieces of a puzzle that is almost finished, they couldn’t have planned it any better on purpose!

Or did they?

Highwayman would say so, and Jones possibly.

I say the elites are simply taking advantage of situations that humanity in their collective sheep-like short-sightedness did to themselves (ourselves).

Nobody can save us but us.

Is water becoming ‘the new oil’?


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  1. No, Marine, you and Alex are on the same page where the “saving ourselves” thing goes. I am not, however, this is probably the closest that anyone could ever get me to any environmental concern. I know about the scarcity of water, and it’s contentious concern among the nations. We could actually destroy our water reserves being overpopulated.

    See, as much as I despise them, the elitists do have a point with overpopulation, but they are speaking out both sides of their mouth on this. The Jesuit/Catholic alliance refuses to allow birth-management into the equation, making contraception something immoral. Yet, we have the other end of the spectrum telling us we’re overpopulated… which is true. The average sheep just fucks itself silly, not worrying about the social or ecological consequences.

    This is going to be one of those things that comes around to bite society in their collectively indifferent asses. And, I do not, as you say, see mankind being able to solve this in any way outside of what the elitists have planned for us.

  2. Highway: You misread bro, I meant that the elites planned the water and food shortage in order to murder billions of people, not that we have to save ourselves. I know you don’t believe that.

    And yes, those assholes talk from both sides of their faces, that’s their schtick.

    Play both ends against the middle. It’s been a winning strategy for them for centuries.

  3. Nope, I didn’t misread. What I meant was that neither you or Alex think that God is the answer to saving our butts from the elitists… we have to do that, ourselves. As for overpopulation, yes, that is a definite problem, although that has been brought about by war, interference in national sovereignty, and other elitist-manufactured maladies, as well as a promiscuous and indifferent self-seeking population wanting to do things their way without thought to consequences or the future. There is a definite problem that way, like in Mexico City, where pollution and overcrowding is a factor. No, I fully understand that the elitists have contributed to this in a BIG way, but that things have snowballed to the point where there is no satisfactory alternative to a mass culling… that doesn’t involve a major paradigm shift in thinking on the part of the masses. That, I’m convinced, won’t happen.

    So, I just tell what I know about the Matrix, in the hope that people will see the futility of man’s attempts to govern himself, always culminating in some form of societal breakdown, usually at the hands of a self-proclaimed elite.

    People need to see there is another reality to the one they think that they know.

  4. Hi dad2059…

    Btw, the ethanol scam doesn’t help matters either. It takes about 3-4 gallons of fresh water to make a single gallon of ethanol. In addition to this nonsense causing a spike in corn prices it is also helping to finish off the great Ogalalla freshwater reservoir that lies below America’s breadbasket states. It’s a huge aquifer left over since the retreat of the last ice age. It’s been the source of wellwater, irrigation water etc. for the past 150 years since it was tapped intensely. It’s being drawn down to the point that its well-being is truly threatened.

    We have greedy, village idiots legislating this nation into oblivion with their continual nation-destroying decisions, ethanol being one of them. Eventually in the not too distant future America’s midwest will no longer be the breadbasket of this nation nor the world for that matter.

    Hopefully we’ll have beamed up before we witness this aforementioned nightmare, but the world is headed for famine, plague, pestilence and nuclear war!

    Carl Nemo **==

  5. My wife’s friend had relatives come up from Oz this past spring and confirmed the drought conditions there. They said that some sections of the sub-continent haven’t seen any rain for seven years, now that’s dry!

    They said that lots of desalinization plants are being built though and where they live they’ve been drinking de-salted seawater for years.

    From what I’ve read desalinization plants are expensive to build. They didn’t say how these were going to be paid for, but I’m sure it’s probably going to be through taxes.

  6. @Highway #3: Yeah, I see you meant the last part about saving ourselves, I thought Jones was Christian too and believed the same as you. Oh well, not the first and last times I’m wrong, the Missus reminds me every day! LOL!

    I stand by my remark about no alien, sky being or robot overlords rescuing us though, human civilizations have suffered apocalypes in the past and nobody or nothing saved anyone.

    Just people learned their lessons for a while until they forgot and the same shit starts again.

  7. […] the planet is fresh water. Even though this planet is referred to as the ???Blue Planet???, 97% ohttps://dad2059.wordpress.com/2008/06/09/water-wars/Clemson??s Moskos shuts down Pelicans Florence Morning NewsIn a battle between USC and Clemson […]

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