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China Moon?

China has been in the international news scene quite often this past year, both mainstream and alternative. It is not a secret that after their “coming out” party as a world power, and potential future super-power by showcasing the 2008 Summer Olympics in August, they are launching their third human crewed space flight, Shenzhou VII. The over-all mission is the performance of the “taikonauts” during a scheduled space walk. While the Chinese space program only gets a small part of their overall military budget funding, they are determined to squeeze every bit of science they can into the missions. And they have four decades of tech to catch up with also, meaning the Russians and Americans of course.

The stated goal of the Chinese space program is to put their own people on the Moon, establish an outpost and to mine Helium3 to fuel future fusion reactors. Now the mainstream media has a take on the rising Chinese space program, the stagnant U.S. one and the curious lack of any discussion of it from the pResidential candidates:

One issue the presidential candidates are not saying much about is space exploration. But some scientists, military experts and intelligence analysts say the next president may well determine whether America keeps an edge in space.

Last year, the United States managed 16 space launches; Russia had 22; China blasted off 10.

China’s exploding economy is paying for the education of hundreds of thousands of engineers each year, they are acquiring less space technology from other nations and developing more of their own, and they appear committed to dominating the heavens.

Their space program is still behind, says Robert Zubring, one of America’s strongest proponents for Mars travel, but it is rocketing.

“And we’re standing still. If we continue to stand still, by the middle of the next decade, their space program will be superior to ours and they’ll be moving on to the moon and Mars, while we’re … looking back on our former greatness,” he said.

Well said. The statement about training their own engineers is particularly striking. Back in the 1960s when the U.S. was racing the U.S.S.R., NASA hired many engineers with just bachelors’ degrees who’s main qualities were intelligence and common sense, not to mention the ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide with a sliderule, pen and paper!

Alas, the only thing we pump out from our colleges now-a-days are ambulance chasing lawyers who become politicians and lobbyists for Big Pharma and the M.I.C. (If you need me to spell that out for you after reading this blog for a year, you need to go back to college!)

Obviously it seems we’re ceding our position in manned space exploration, in the public domain anyway. But I maintain that the U.S. military has kept a secret program out of view for decades, at least as long as NASA has existed.

Maybe that’s why the politicians aren’t too concerned with funding NASA’s projects, maintaining the facade is a little boring perhaps and complacency is setting in.

In my view though, the money that is being spent on rapid deployment space planes, nuclear pulse jet satellite killers, antigravity troop carriers, planet killing missile launchers and underground bunkers on the Earth, Moon and Mars to house the “chosen” in case total apocalypse is handed down, could be put to better use by funding peaceful exploration.

And then I woke up.

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