China Moon?

China has been in the international news scene quite often this past year, both mainstream and alternative. It is not a secret that after their “coming out” party as a world power, and potential future super-power by showcasing the 2008 Summer Olympics in August, they are launching their third human crewed space flight, Shenzhou VII. The over-all mission is the performance of the “taikonauts” during a scheduled space walk. While the Chinese space program only gets a small part of their overall military budget funding, they are determined to squeeze every bit of science they can into the missions. And they have four decades of tech to catch up with also, meaning the Russians and Americans of course.

The stated goal of the Chinese space program is to put their own people on the Moon, establish an outpost and to mine Helium3 to fuel future fusion reactors. Now the mainstream media has a take on the rising Chinese space program, the stagnant U.S. one and the curious lack of any discussion of it from the pResidential candidates:

One issue the presidential candidates are not saying much about is space exploration. But some scientists, military experts and intelligence analysts say the next president may well determine whether America keeps an edge in space.

Last year, the United States managed 16 space launches; Russia had 22; China blasted off 10.

China’s exploding economy is paying for the education of hundreds of thousands of engineers each year, they are acquiring less space technology from other nations and developing more of their own, and they appear committed to dominating the heavens.

Their space program is still behind, says Robert Zubring, one of America’s strongest proponents for Mars travel, but it is rocketing.

“And we’re standing still. If we continue to stand still, by the middle of the next decade, their space program will be superior to ours and they’ll be moving on to the moon and Mars, while we’re … looking back on our former greatness,” he said.

Well said. The statement about training their own engineers is particularly striking. Back in the 1960s when the U.S. was racing the U.S.S.R., NASA hired many engineers with just bachelors’ degrees who’s main qualities were intelligence and common sense, not to mention the ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide with a sliderule, pen and paper!

Alas, the only thing we pump out from our colleges now-a-days are ambulance chasing lawyers who become politicians and lobbyists for Big Pharma and the M.I.C. (If you need me to spell that out for you after reading this blog for a year, you need to go back to college!)

Obviously it seems we’re ceding our position in manned space exploration, in the public domain anyway. But I maintain that the U.S. military has kept a secret program out of view for decades, at least as long as NASA has existed.

Maybe that’s why the politicians aren’t too concerned with funding NASA’s projects, maintaining the facade is a little boring perhaps and complacency is setting in.

In my view though, the money that is being spent on rapid deployment space planes, nuclear pulse jet satellite killers, antigravity troop carriers, planet killing missile launchers and underground bunkers on the Earth, Moon and Mars to house the “chosen” in case total apocalypse is handed down, could be put to better use by funding peaceful exploration.

And then I woke up.

Raw Politics: Candidates and the space race


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  1. Hi dad2059 et al. …

    All I can say is that no good is going to come of China’s space program which ultimately has adventuristic, confrontational goals.

    Rather than their leadership joining hands with the U.S., Russia, and the Euro-Union on developing a moonbase and beyond to Mars, they have their own agenda which is evidently to ultimately confront the U.S. for the control of space which can only end up with a singular outcome; ie., nuclear war. Everyone loses…!

    I’m disappointed in the Chinese leadership, but attribute this problem to the fact that too much of China’s major industries are mangaged by remnants of Chairman Mao’s…”The Little Red Book” crowd. I think they need to “reeducate” themselves to the fact that it is better to prevail in their “long march” of progress based on peace rather than getting drawn into military adventurism as the U.S. has done in the past 60 years, finally to its own financial and national undoing.

    China is coming on like gangbusters and its growth is phenomenal, but they are dragging their feet when it comes to implementing green technology from the outset on a large scale. It’s not a question of money, but evidently moreso of a “race for supremacy” both militarily and in space over the U.S. which to me is a waste of money and effort. They’ve got their priorities screwed up. The only serious enemies they might have are landbased one’s that share their common borders.

    The U.S. is soon to fail due to its own inefficiences and capital deficits, so if the Chinese were smart they’d cease and desist with wasting big bucks on aggressive strategic weaponry and pour their wealth into turning China into model for the 21st Century and beyond; ie., if there is to be any future for mankind.

    They would also be smart by jettisoning Tibet and curtailing ties with the madman of North Korea, Kim Jong-il.

    To sum it up I’d say they’ll have far greater influence on who controls the planet in the next few centuries by simply surpassing the West in creating an eco-friendly PRC. It seems though, that just as in the West they have their own version of MIC madmen who want to waste big bucks on military pulltoys.

    I’m going to supply an interesting article form the Asia Times concerning my aforementioned comments.

    Carl Nemo **==

  2. Excellent article Nemo, it’s hard to believe a media source like the Asia Times can be more unbiased than the corpo-media here,…well…not so hard to believe given the times we live in I guess.

    Of course the Pentagon has the most advanced tech on the planet. Regardless if one believes (or not) the various Roswell stories over the decades, the U.S. military-industrial-congressional complex has either stolen or ‘appropriated’ research from individuals or private companies in the name of “national security” and weaponized it.

    Nicola Tesla and Otis Carr are two cases in point and certainly not the only ones.

    That’s why when people rail against NASA’s paltry “$16 billion dollar” budget and say that the money is better served “saving the poor”, I either get angry or amused because NASA is just the window dressing that distracts the sheeple from asking the larger question of, “Why does the Pentagon rate a $700 billion dollar annual budget?” And that’s not counting what the ‘black ops’ research at Lockheed-Martin or Boeing gets!

    So nobody can tell me any different that the Pentagon doesn’t already have anti-gravity capable missiles and fighters. Not to mention secret Lunar bases and possibly Martian ones as well. It’s already documented fact they have huge underground facilities here in the U.S.:, and

    Call that story ‘tinfoil hat’ bullshite if you want, but think about this one question, “Why did Rummy the Mummy ask the Pentagon in 2001 about 1.7 trillion dollars that came up missing after a general audit was taken after Clinton left office?”

    And the matter was immediately dropped?

  3. Hi dad2059 et al. …

    I’ve read Phil Schneider’s materials before and folks can get an overview to his wild, outlandish claims by reading the material with your supplied Wiki link.

    I hate to say it, but his works are the ramblings of a highly imaginiative individual who’s making a few bucks off marketing sensationalistic “fringe” material.

    I urge readers to open the Wiki link then read the material “several times or more”. Soon you’ll realize that he’s generalizing; ie., making broad claims on just about anything and everything concerning aliens, treaties, the NWO, moneys being spent, shoot’em ups between aliens and us, etc.

    One hoot is how laser tunneling devices can drill 7 miles of tunnel in a day…uh huh!? What happened to the mass of removed material?
    Lasers are great for heating and fusing materials, but they surely don’t make nuclear material (the rock mass) disappear as in Star Trek with the use of their “phasers”.

    He talks of bases that are at depths that challenge even state of the art gold mining ops in South Africa; i.e, miles deep?! It’s damn hot at those levels and would pose a massive cooling problem for any civilization’s technology.

    Shootouts with aliens that just happen to claim “66” lives, a mix of Secret Service, “Black Berets” et. al. Why, “66”, why not 58, 87 or a 103…? I know we all have a fascination with the number “66*, hell, even I’m Nemo666… : |

    Also think of how primitive our weapons would be compared to alien technology. Shootouts with aliens that are a million years advanced of a humanoid “earth-chimp” tech… :)) Their weapons would either vaporize us, or better yet homoginize our tiny brains with a single blast, leaving a survivor only cleared for only “broom duty” in the hallways… :))

    The aliens weapon that allegedly penetrated him was had some type of cobalt radioactive component, now he has cancer…duoh?!

    He also mentioned how he basically went back to work for “the man” after all this shoot’em up nonsense…uh huh!?

    There were three survivors, him and two other guys that are under stiff surveillance?

    Give me a break if Schneider had any info worth knowing that “the man” didn’t want leaked out, he would have been “disappeared” immediately if not sooner.

    I’ve got all these type characters softcover booklets and material. If anything it’s a “hoot” to read and makes for great entertainment on a rainy or snowy eve.

    Btw, I am “not” disputing the vast network of underground bases that have been built since WWII, mostly by our “ever-burrowing”, “damn-dam-building Corps of Engineers; ie., more MIC welfare projects as far as I’m concerned. I guess we need to keep these West Point grad “beavers in uniform” busy…no? :))

    Sorry to be so skeptical, but based on my knowledge and exposure to what’s happening within the MIC, his claims are so much b.s.

    Carl Nemo **==

    p.s. Hell, I’m putting myself at risk by discrediting this acclaimed disinformation guy… : ))

  4. LOL! Nemo, disinformation is the name of the game!

    Just who is the informant, or the ‘disinformant’ spreading the memes are the matter of course.

    Roswell and UFOs have been a great cover for the MIC for the past sixty-some odd years.

    But I still think they have more tech than meets the eye!

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