Secret NASA

Lately I have been railing against NASA’s covert space program and related cover-ups. “Covert space programs”, you say? “Dad, you’ve really taken a turn around the deep bend this time”, you’d note.

Well, maybe I have. NASA claims that it would be the first to proclaim that there’s other life in the Universe from the highest roof-tops and towers, given the proper evidence. One must remember NASA is a government agency, and thusly subject to orders from said government, or an entity that really is the government! If NASA is told to cover something up because the entity deems it so, they will.

The following are two videos that show that NASA is very aware there is life outside of Earth, and is actively covering it up, at least from the Apollo days (probably further back).

The question you want to ask yourselves are, “Is this all just disinformation to spread virally throughout the ‘Tubes, or is this possibly real?”

You be the judges.

Fox Anchor Laughs, Animals in Space Theory…
Video: Truth About the Moon

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  1. The Highwayman | Reply

    I wouldn’t worry, Marine, no matter how crazy they might think you’re getting, you’ll still be light-years behind that head-case Highwayman! 😆

    I don’t know what the “rods” are, and despite my antipathy for the “space program”, it does show what the elitists are capable of doing in terms of disinformation. I still think it (the Apollo program) was a show for our benefit, while the monies went to more NWO-ish stuff. One look at 9/11, and one quickly realizes what lengths the elitists are willing (and are capable) to go to.

    As for the tape (2nd video) playing the name “Frank”… it sounded more like “thing” to me. That’s why I don’t use cellphones or CB’s of any kind, anymore. Years of listening to loud engines have destroyed the finer parts of my hearing. Certain decibel levels are incoherent to me, especially low conversations, so maybe I’m wrong on that one.

    I do agree with one statement on those vids… the government lies, and pretty much all of the time. The so-called government, that is!

  2. I wouldn’t worry, Marine, no matter how crazy they might think you’re getting, you’ll still be light-years behind that head-case Highwayman!

    I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing, maybe as time goes on the guys in the white coats will come and put me in a private resort for good!

    I thought that guy said ‘thing’ too, but it could’ve been ‘Frank’.

    That’s the trouble with info like this, there’s always that little bit of plausible deniability into it.

    The first vid with the floating space organisms was interesting though, but they still could be ice particles, debris and such.

    The rods are cool and very well could be real animals.

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