NASA is a Globalist “Dog and Pony Show”

NASA is just a big front for the secret government’s military industrial congressional complex’s hog trough, without any regard to mankind’s destiny in space. It’s Ares spacecraft and Constellation Project is a bunch of horse-shit designed to siphon what little money Americans have left in their wallets. With their cries of “chemical rockets are the best way to get back to the Moon” and “we’ll save money reusing Apollo 1960s tech (which in reality is Von Braun Nazi tech from the 1940s)” lies, they’re ensuring that thousands of skilled engineers will lose their jobs in the ensuing years, while feeding the globalist agenda of outsourcing skilled labor to cheaper places, this time Russia and at the same time draining the United States of much needed brain power.

I bet you’re thinking I’m going around the bend on this. Well, check this shit out:

It’s the rocket NASA won’t talk about — but proponents insist it could change everything. If built, they say, it could get America back on the moon faster and cheaper than anything NASA is designing — and save thousands of jobs in Florida.Kennedy Space Center when the shuttles are mothballed.

It’s called Direct 2.0, or the Jupiter 120 rocket. The simplicity of its design, and the possibility that it could shave years off a projected five-year gap in U.S. human spaceflight once the shuttle retires in 2010, is gaining Direct a growing following among engineers and space enthusiasts — including NASA workers who are secretly helping the project on their own time. Adherents say it could fly by 2013 for less than the projected cost of NASA’s Ares rocket.

Indeed, an unfinished internal NASA study — shut down and disowned by the agency last fall — showed Direct 2.0 would outperform Ares, which the agency is designing for its Constellation program to return astronauts to the moon. The initial results showed Direct 2.0 was superior in cost, overall performance and work-force retention — a big issue for Florida.

This is beyond pathetic, it’s fucking criminal. Especially when one reads headlines like this:

NASA told a U.S. Senate panel on Monday that it anticipates losing 3,000 to 4,000 jobs at its launching site once the space shuttles stop flying in two more years, about half the cutback initially reported.

Although as many as 6,000 to 7,000 shuttle jobs will be eliminated at Kennedy Space Center, about 3,000 positions will open up in the new exploration program, said NASA Administrator Michael Griffin. Those jobs will be created to build and fly new spaceships to the international space station and, ultimately, to the moon.

“I can’t say it’s good news, but it’s certainly news that’s a step in the right direction,” said Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson, chairman of the space subcommittee, who organized the hearing…

…Nelson said layoffs could economically devastate the area, similar to what happened during the lull between the Apollo moon shots of the early 1970s and the first space shuttle flight in 1981.

“The last thing we need to do is to lose this tremendous work force, to put people out of work, give them a pink slip, while at the same time we’re generating jobs in Russia to accomplish the same mission,” Martinez said. “It’s shortsighted. It makes no sense. We need to reverse it.”

Griffin acknowledged he finds it “unseemly in the extreme” to have to rely on Russia.

“However, I can’t find a way to avoid it,” he said.

“However, I can’t find a way to avoid it,” he says. Bullshit. He and his masters knew how to avoid it and made a conscious descision not to. Just business as usual in the One World Order as they say.

It’s bad enough when an agency that professes to have America’s and mankind’s future interests at heart deny that Tesla/Carr technology for spacecraft exists and is currently being used by the U.S. military, but when they purposely  turn away chemical rocket technology  that’s slightly better and is able to return Americans to the Moon safer, cheaper and sooner, that shows me that NASA isn’t the ‘big’ player they claim to be.

They’re just another “dog and pony” show to distract the sheeple!

NASA remains silent on rocket that could rescue the Cape

Direct 2.0

NASA: Fewer employees to lose their jobs

4 responses

  1. It’s probably not the kind or type of high quality rant you give HW, but this is a pretty good one I’d say with good evidence to back me up.

    These assholes don’t even bother hiding their globalist complicities anymore, they just arrogantly hang it out in the breeze so the stench can permeate the air and for all to see.

    Dirty bastiches. ):^(

  2. Hi dad2059…

    In my case this article is preaching to the choir when it comes to indicting NASA as being part of this ongoing NWO plan to turn the world into simply their plantation with former nation states such as the U.S. being nothing more than a minor plantation within.

    Soon to be, former NASA employees, just might be working in an American based, Chinese owned coal mine before our traitorous leaders are finished with the destruction of what’s left of this great nation. Think not, then think again.

    When the former Soviet Union fell you could find particle physicists, rocket scientists and engineers sweeping streets and performing other menial jobs from Moscow to Tel Aviv…!? Many were swept up into working for nations on projects with deadly intent for the U.S. and the West from biowarfare to nuclear weps programs. They needed to survive; their high order skills are all they had to offer. I can’t really blame them for doing so.

    Maybe it’s for the best though. We’re flat dead broke as a nation. Everything and I mean everything we see in our vision field has mind-boggling debt lurking in the shadows. Whether it’s reconstructing parts of America post hurricane or flood, rebuilding fallen bridges as the one in Minnesota, the war in Iraq, to NASA funding its all being done on borrowed money we do not have and debt that can never be repaid due to the compound interest effect. America in effect is a “Potemkin Village” relative to its mind-numbing debt.

    We have madmen on the bridge of the USS America with drunken, jaded sots for our national representatives in the grand ball room partying hearty. The captain and first officer; ie., Bush and Cheney are shouting with maniacal intent, full speed ahead through this iceberg field of unpayable debt while the lowest class passengers; ie., “we the people” are cringing in our bunks several levels below the waterline. Our nation has been hit by minor bergs to this point in time, but the big one is yet to come. We’re all going to bottom except for the criminals on the bridge who will be airlifted to safe havens wherever. The smug, “drunken-with-power” bastards in the grand ball room will discover in short order that there are no lifeboats, they being sold to some arab or asian in the last port of call for just a few bucks, euro’s, rupees, or yuan more…. : |

    The USS America is headed to the bottom and we are now in the sweephand mode to midnight, when this submerged mountain of national debt slices its hull from bow to stern…!

    Carl Nemo **==

  3. It’s great seeing you passionate about something, Dad! 😉 And Carl’s scenario is quite true, even for the present.

    Myself, as much as I hate the NWO cock-you-know-what’ers, they are merely fulfilling prophecy. They’re laughing now, but they are headed for disaster. They’ll pull a lot of sheeple down with them, can’t seem to do much about that, but they’re going down, regardless.

    In the past, I’ve ranted about money wasted in space when it’s needed here on Earth, and I still feel that way. The loss of jobs is regrettable, but I feel it’s been misguided thinking that’s got us here in the first place… the thought that we could ever attain the level of compliance and cooperation needed to explore space. And, would we as a regressive civilization even be welcomed in the cosmological community? Like George Carlin once said; how do we explain it to the other races when the first unwed mother dumps her baby in the cosmic dumpster… or a scientist returns home, at the end of the day, and yells at his kids, and beats his wife senseless?

    The dream needn’t die, but I’ve had to modify my expectations. Turns out they’re even better than before!

  4. The American Dream

    He told it to them like it is… and they still laughed. HE wasn’t laughing!

    Dumb-downed and stupid.

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