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Interstellar Betting, ‘The White Knight’ and Lunar Agreements

Time to take a break from the tinfoil conspiracy thing today to post some space science, mainly interstellar issues and future plans for star probes. Paul Gilster over at Centauri Dreams posted this piece Monday:

Tibor Pacher has gone out on a limb. The founder of peregrinus interstellar and an active supporter of interstellar research, the Heidelberg-trained physicist (now a freelance software consultant) has made a wager on the Long Bets site that should raise eyebrows: “The first true interstellar mission, targeted at the closest star to the Sun or even farther, will be launched before or on December 6, 2025 and will be widely supported by the public.” Note that no crew is assumed, the vehicle presumably being an unmanned flyby probe. We must also assume it will be targeted at the nearest star system, Alpha Centauri. Even so, to pull off the attempt in a mere seventeen years?

But my friend Tibor is a gadfly as well as an optimist. He knows as well as anyone that the time frame is outrageous, but he wants to inspire discussion and keep people thinking about interstellar issues. In the same spirit, he notes the motivations that exist, from the challenge of a seemingly impossible destination to fears about the future and the need to ensure the survival of our species. All of which is true, but I find the challenge of Tibor’s bet irresistible, and have wagered $500 on the Long Bets site that he is wrong. The proceeds would go to the Tau Zero Foundation, so both Tibor and I can win. Come on, Tibor, take the bet.

I’m not a betting man either, but I think it’s fairly safe to assume no interstellar probes will be launched by 2025. But you never know, some rich people like Branson or Elon Musk could wager each other which one would fund and build one first!

Betting On An Interstellar Future


Speaking of Richard Branson, the unveiling of WhiteKnightTwo took place Monday. He named the plane “Eve”, after his mother:

British tycoon Richard Branson on Monday unveiled a futuristic aircraft that will ferry tourists to the edge of the heavens as part of Virgin Galactic’s much-anticipated space program.

The aircraft — WhiteKnightTwo — was rolled out for media and invited guests, including Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin, at an early morning ceremony in the Mojave desert north of Los Angeles.

The high-altitude aircraft, also named “Eve” in honor of Branson’s mother, will act as the mothership for the spacecraft Spaceship Two, which in turn will launch in midair and send two crew and six passengers hurtling into space.

The first flights of WhiteKnightTwo are expected to take place later this year, with Spaceship Two being attached for a maiden flight sometime in 2009.

Virgin Galactic is hoping to send its first paying customers into suborbital space some 110 kilometers (70 miles) above the earth in 2010. The company has said more that more than 200 passengers have already signed up for the first flights, which will cost 200,000 dollars each.

Some of my friends say this won’t last long because there’s only so many millionaires and eventually Branson will run out of customers. I think maybe after the initial fervor dies down, he might see a drop, but it’ll level out because the price will likely to come down as the technology matures. And as he says, they’ll eventually build ships that are space capable and do orbital work like servicing satellites, or placing new ones into orbit.

People are watching this closely.

Branson unveils space tourism craft ‘WhiteKnightTwo’.


Lastly, it looks like some of the Earth’s ‘kids’ would like to play in the sandbox (okay, regolith for you purists) of the Moon together:

India, along with seven other countries, has signed a landmark agreement with the United States to carry out lunar exploration. The agreement was signed at American space agency NASA’s Ames Research Centre here this week and it would be formally announced on Tuesday.Apart from India, the countries which signed the pact with the US are Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and South Korea.

The agreement, which lays the groundwork for a new generation of lunar exploration, will see a multinational fleet of robot spacecraft returning to the moon in coming years, with countries like India, Germany and South Korea playing key roles, the San Jose Mercury News has reported.

It also allows NASA to share costs. While the United States has budgeted money for four lunar spacecrafts, scientists want it up to eight landers on the surface.

Cost sharing is the big thing here, especially with the US. The next US president is rumored to likely cut funding for the Moon and Mars initiatives because of the deficits caused by the War on Terra. At least this way, some Moon exploration gets done.

Maybe by that time Branson, Musk or even Google will have a Lunar hotel set up!

Multinational Agreement Signed To Carry Out Lunar Exploration

The African Chinatown and Anglo-American “Pilgrims”

On June 5, 1873, in a letter to The Times, Sir Francis Galton, the cousin of Charles Darwin and a distinguished African explorer in his own right, outlined a daring (if by today’s standards utterly offensive) new method to ‘tame’ and colonise what was then known as the Dark Continent.

‘My proposal is to make the encouragement of Chinese settlements of Africa a part of our national policy, in the belief that the Chinese immigrants would not only maintain their position, but that they would multiply and their descendants supplant the inferior Negro race,’ wrote Galton.

‘I should expect that the African seaboard, now sparsely occupied by lazy, palavering savages, might in a few years be tenanted by industrious, order-loving Chinese, living either as a semidetached dependency of China, or else in perfect freedom under their own law.’


Francis Galton, letter to the Editor of The Times, June 5 1873

Close relations: Chinese President Hu Jintao accompanies Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe to a ceremony in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing

This is London | Jul 18, 2008

Despite an outcry in Parliament and heated debate in the august salons of the Royal Geographic Society, Galton insisted that ‘the history of the world tells the tale of the continual displacement of populations, each by a worthier successor, and humanity gains thereby’.

A controversial figure, Galton was also the pioneer of eugenics, the theory that was used by Hitler to try to fulfil his mad dreams of a German Master Race.

Eventually, Galton’s grand resettlement plans fizzled out because there were much more exciting things going on in Africa.

But that was more than 100 years ago, and with legendary explorers such as Livingstone, Speke and Burton still battling to find the source of the Nile – and new discoveries of exotic species of birds and animals featuring regularly on newspaper front pages – vast swathes of the continent had not even been ‘discovered’.

Yet Sir Francis Galton, it now appears, was ahead of his time. His vision is coming true – if not in the way he imagined. An astonishing invasion of Africa is now under way.

In the greatest movement of people the world has ever seen, China is secretly working to turn the entire continent into a new colony.

Reminiscent of the West’s imperial push in the 18th and 19th centuries – but on a much more dramatic, determined scale – China’s rulers believe Africa can become a ’satellite’ state, solving its own problems of over-population and shortage of natural resources at a stroke.

With little fanfare, a staggering 750,000 Chinese have settled in Africa over the past decade. More are on the way.

The strategy has been carefully devised by officials in Beijing, where one expert has estimated that China will eventually need to send 300 million people to Africa to solve the problems of over-population and pollution.

The plans appear on track. Across Africa, the red flag of China is flying. ( Link )

It seems that China has been busy doing things other than financing Bu$hco’s little escapade in the Middle East. It looks like it’s been very, very profitable for them too.

The African continent has been raped, pillaged and plundered for over two hundred years and it looks like there’s no end in sight. The ongoing genocide of black Africans and other groups is appalling and history will condemn us for condoning it.

And we’ll deserve every bit of it.

China Taking Over Africa


“There are several curious things about these Pilgrims functions. In the first place there is present at these dinners an array of notables such as it would be difficult to bring together under one roof for any other purpose and by any other society… Among the guests were John D. Rockefeller and J.P. Morgan, Thomas W. Lamont and other members of the House of Morgan… We are entitled to know what the Pilgrim Society is, what it stands for, and who these powerful Pilgrims are that can call out the great to hear a British Ambassador expound to Americans the virtues of a united democratic front.”

– John T. Whiteford asking very reasonable questions in his 1940 pamphlet ‘Sir Uncle Sam: Knight of the British Empire’.

“[The aim of the international bankers was] nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences.”

– Professor Carroll Quigley, ‘Tragedy & Hope’, p. 324. Can the Pilgrims, which Quigley never mentioned, verify his story of an Anglo-American Establishment?


P.I.L.G.R.I.M.$: The mysterious, super-elite Pilgrim Society

Official Pilgrims logo. “Hic et Ubique” means “here and everywhere”, apparently a reference to the idea that the United States and Great Britain should stand together side by side everywhere. The eagle represents the United States; the lion Great Britain.

PEHI | July 17, 2008

by Joël van der Reijden


Most people have at least vaguely heard of the “Eastern Establishment”. This is a reference to a group of people in the Northeast of the United States which to many appears to wield a disproportionate amount of influence over the nation’s politics. This influence, which goes back even further than the days of John D. Rockefeller, Sr. and J. P. Morgan, Sr. has been illustrated by the fact that a great number of individuals working in the senior positions of government have come from a number of New York-based banks, insurance companies and law firms, only to return to this group of banks and businesses after their public term came to an end. Often these individuals served in more than one administration, and together with a number of other peculiarities – think of controversial policies, suspected cover ups, ignored conflicts of interest, lack of media attention, etc. – some people have become suspicious of what at times appears to be almost like a permanent government. A 1962 newspaper column voiced these suspicions best:

“There is an establishment in the United States. The word “establishment” is a general term for the power elite in international finance, business, the professions largely from the Northeast, who wield most of the power regardless of who is in the White House.

“Most people are unaware of the existence of this “legitimate Mafia.” Yet the power of the establishment makes itself felt from the professor who seeks a foundation grant, to the candidate for a cabinet post or State Department job. It affects the nation’s policies in almost every area.

“For example, the Council on Foreign Relations in New York City, subsidized by Rockefeller interests since 1927 boasts a membership of at least 90 per cent establishment figures.”

This isn’t any different than what’s been put out there before, only more proof that there’s been a ruling elite of banking interests running the political scene for quite a long while. It’s also very natural for a child ( US ) to be like its parent ( UK ), so a relationship like this should come as no surprise.

This little idea was confirmed to me a couple of weeks ago when I was watching CNBC2’s World Wide Exchange program while getting ready for work and the British financial analyst made an offhand remark to the American analyst about the US taking up the “family business” and that the UK was proud of its “child”.

The American didn’t disagree. Which family business were they talking about? The world financial system, empire building or both?

The Pilgrim Society: A Study of the Anglo-American Establishment

Double hat tips to Red Ice Creations and Aftermath News

The Octopus and the Edgar Mitchell Controversy

In 1991, when journalist Danny Casolaro was found floating in a blood-filled bathtub with a shoelace wrapped around his throat, the coroner ruled it a suicide. But people who knew Casolaro and knew why he was at the Sheraton Inn in Martinsburg, Va., where his body was found, never believed it was anything but murder.

Casolaro had traveled to Martinsburg to meet with one last source—the one, he said, who would help him cinch up the book he’d been working on for more than a year. He called it The Octopus, the same term he used to describe the cabal of spies, spooks, crooks and politicians he’d uncovered in his research—a group whose ties he had traced to, among other things, Iran-Contra, the Bay of Pigs, the October Surprise and even Area 51. But whomever it was that Casolaro was to meet in Martinsburg on August 9 never showed up. And on August 10, when two housekeepers found Casolaro’s body in the tub, his fat accordion file of notes (which friends say he took with him everywhere) was conspicuously missing, along with his briefcase.

Now a researcher is fishing through the rest of Casolaro’s notes and files to look for signs of the NWO. The murder of Casolaro is an indication that he got too close to some of the elements, and paid the price.

As the author of this article quotes the researcher in this piece, “We may be nuts, but we’re not the same nuts.”

Take it for what it’s worth.

Stalking the Octopus


Apollo astronauts were heroes. That is very clear to me and should be to everyone; they took an incredible risk to explore and further the knowledge of mankind.

However, that does not give them a “get out of reality free” card.

Ed Mitchell walked on the Moon for the Apollo 14 mission. OK, got that? He walked on the Moon. I have no issue with that.

However, he also believes aliens exist. That’s fine too; in fact, while wouldn’t use the word “believe”, I strongly suspect there are aliens elsewhere in the Universe as well. Where Mitchell and I part ways is that he thinks that the aliens are and have been coming here, the government knows, and has been covering it up for decades.

Thing is, his feelings on this have been pretty clear for a while now. But he recently stated them on the radio, which has led to wide reporting on the topic, like say here. There are a zillion other sources if you care (roughly the same number of emails I’ve gotten on this topic).

OK, yes, an Apollo Moonwalker thinks greys are coming here and probing us or whatever. Fine. He can believe what he wants. I think he’s wrong, but he has the right to believe that.

Phil Plait is a self styled debunker of anything that smacks of esoterica, his world is as black and white as any fundie. If it can’t be proven empirically, it ain’t happening.

Not that I think Mitchell is right either, but how can Plait, or anyone else for that matter say for a fact Mitchell is wrong?

Ed Mitchell: Going to the Moon doesn’t mean you’re right


To add fuel to the fire of Mitchell’s UFO/aliens alleged statement, here’s a piece from an Australian news rag:

A RECENT spate of UFO sightings around the world has believers in a frenzy, but even the inside scoop from a former astronaut is not enough to sway the sceptics.

Yesterday, aliens popped up in the news again as NASA sought to distance itself from former Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell who claimed extra-terrestrials have been coming to visit for decades.

Dr Mitchell, 77, said governments have been covering it up for 60 years.

“I’ve been in military and intelligence circles, who know that beneath the surface of what has been public knowledge, yes – we have been visited. Reading the papers recently, it’s been happening quite a bit,” he said.

Dr Mitchell’s former bosses were quick to distance themselves from the renewed buzz: “NASA does not track UFOs. NASA is not involved in any sort of cover up about alien life on this planet or anywhere in the universe,” the agency said.

I have no problem with skepticism what-so-ever. But one should never say with any certainty at all that something is BS unless they have proof, like the other guy has to have proof.

Highwayman would say it all comes down to faith, in anything.

That means in God or UFOs.

NASA man Edgar Mitchell sparks UFO, alien frenzy

Hat tip to The Anomalist this morning.

More on the 2008 Bilderberg meeting in Chantilly, VA.

Here are YouTube recordings of Prison Planet’s Jason Bermas interviewing American Free Press‘ Big Jim Tucker Jr. and Alex Jones who were on site during the latest criminal Bilderberg Conference in Chantilly, Virginia (DC) June 5-8.

Part of the discussion is about the blatant abuse and disrespect given to the hotel employees and ordinary working people in general.

Folks, this is the unbridled arrogance that is destroying our country right here, right now. Stick your head in the sand all you want, but eventually you’ll have to come up for air.

Either that, or the jackboots will come by and bury your body along with it!

Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


Space vandals, warping space and philosophy

Here’s some advice that you would hope is more than unnecessary. NASA employees – astronauts, in particular – should avoid writing their names on any landscapes they encounter on their trips through the solar system.

This plea against space vandalism is not a NASA directive. It comes from University of North Texas philosophy professor Eugene Hargrove . He is making the request today as part of a talk on eco issues in space exploration during this week’s NASA Lunar Science Institute’s conference at the Ames Research Center.

There is no doubt that we have already made an impact on the Moon. Each Apollo mission released gas equivalent to the whole of the existing lunar atmosphere. If and when spacecraft start going back more regularly, we might create a permanent atmosphere of rocket exhaust.

“Create a permanent atmosphere of rocket exhaust” ? 

Y’gotta be shittin’ me, right?

Read the comment section of this article, they say it better than I can. 8)

Return of the space vandals


For those of you who don’t see Spaceflight, a magazine published by the British Interplanetary Society, it may be useful to know that an article by Richard Obousy and Gerald Cleaver (Baylor University) on warp drive theory from the April issue is now available on the arXiv server. This material was presented at the November, 2007 symposium held by the BIS in London. Kelvin Long, who organized the session, had earlier passed along several documents from the proceedings that we looked at here, and also wrote up the duo’s ideas in the same issue of Spaceflight.

But let’s backtrack a minute to Miguel Alcubierre’s 1994 paper, which demonstrated that it would be possible — within the context of General Relativity — to envision a space drive that could get you to your destination in a time shorter than it would take light itself to get there. Contracting space in front of the craft while inflating it behind, the drive is permissible because the starship itself would not be going faster than light. Rather, the space around it would be moving in such a way as to make the trip possible.

And that’s the key — the speed of light stricture does not apply to spacetime itself. Can we learn how to generate a region of expanding spacetime and one of contracting spacetime? Obousy and Cleaver argue that nature can offer insights, for spacetime itself is already expanding, a fact we realized with the work of Edwin Hubble in 1929 and have been wrestling with in various ways ever since. A warp drive would demand that the slow expansion of space that we observe be made to function extremely quickly, which makes understanding the cosmological constant the key demand of any attempt to build a true warp drive.

This is why I love the Centauri Dreams blog so much, Paul Gilster isn’t afraid to put out some extreme engineering posts at time. I have to admit, he’s good at finding these papers on the arXiv server!

As for the feasibility of warp drive, yes, the energy requirements are tremendous, so unless there is a way to create a warp bubble or fiddle with string theory in anything meaningful without the enormous energy input, it ain’t gonna happen.

And in the Trek Universe, the element in “dilithium” crystals facilitate the creation of a warp bubble without infinite energy input. People tend to forget that when the topic of inventing a real warp drive pops up. But Paul’s post puts a realistic spin on the research and is recommended reading.

A new take on warping space-time


I have a theory that the human energy body that certain so-called psychics say that they can travel out of body in and that which persons involved in so-called near death experiences claim to have is simply a body made of a material, perhaps super cooled non-relativistic neutrino material that is produced by the electroweak unification between the electromagnetic force and the weak nuclear force. As one might be aware, the neutrino is the particle with zero electric charge but which interacts with matter through the weak nuclear force reaction. A beam of pure neutrinos can accordingly travel thru light years of lead and remain largely unattenuated.My theory in another version is that the material out of which human and extraterrestrial energy bodies are made is composed of photo-neutrinos which would be a hybrid force particle with characteristics of both the electromagnetic photon and the weak force neutrino. My theory would explain why energy bodies appear or at least are reported to pass through material objects by those having near death experiences. Which ever version of my theory is correct, the electroweak unification in physics, the basic form of the theory for which a Nobel Prize was awarded, is the basis for suggesting that super cooled neutrinos, or photo-neutrinos, can interact by electric fields or electronic like fields and thus form the continuous material that energy bodies and auras appear to be made of in the form of aggregates of massive numbers of cooled neutrinos or photo-neutrinos in bound states.

My man Jim Essig here sounds like a nut at times, but he’s a deep thinker of many things and that is good.

He’s almost like a scientific Highwayman! Without the expletives of course!

As Geez says, “I’ll sit at his campfire any time and the coffee is always good.” That goes for all these guys.

Reflections on the Nature, Meaning, and Purpose of the Frailty of Life

Recent UFO News

Aliens have contacted humans several times but governments have hidden the truth for 60 years, the sixth man to walk on the moon has claimed.

Apollo 14 astronaut Dr Edgar Mitchell, said he was aware of many UFO visits to Earth during his career with NASA but each one was covered up.

Dr Mitchell, 77, said during a radio interview that sources at the space agency who had had contact with aliens described the beings as ‘little people who look strange to us.’

He said supposedly real-life ET’s were similar to the traditional image of a small frame, large eyes and head.

Chillingly, he claimed our technology is ‘not nearly as sophisticated’ as theirs and “had they been hostile”, he warned ‘we would be been gone by now’.

I would agree if there were true ET visitations during the past 60 years, our attempts to shoot them down probably would’ve made them angry to say the least.

But I’m not so sure they’re alien visitations in the classical sense.

Apollo 14 astronaut claims aliens HAVE made contact – but it has been covered up for 60 years


To further elaborate that I don’t think these are classical alien visitations, pioneering UFO researcher Jacques Vallee did a July 1st, 2008 interview with Tim Binnall at his Binnall of America site. Tim specializes in interviewing persons highly regarded in the fields of UFOlogy, cryptozoology, spirituality and other Fortean esoterica. His interview with Vallee is this season’s finale ( which was the third ) and they covered extensive ground, mainly Vallee’s books that were written in the late 1970s, early 1980s. If you are a beginning UFO researcher, I would recommend listening to this podcast, Binnall does an excellent job and much more I’m sure could’ve been covered had he the time.

BOA Jacques Vallee Interview Podcast


Aliens monkeying around with our nuclear missiles? According to a recent interview by Larry King, this happened not too long ago: 

Did UFO Cause Missile Misfires?

I really doubt the seriousness of what corpo-media Chicken Noodle News drone King has to say about the UFO phenomenon. This is all control the sheeple theater with them and he adds nothing of value to the conversation.

Space Renegades

The second race to the moon has begun—and this time there will be a big cash payout for the winner. Four decades after Neil Armstrong took his giant leap for mankind, the Google-sponsored Lunar X Prize is offering $20 million to any private team that puts a robotic rover on the moon, plus $5 million in bonus prizes for completing such tasks as photographing one of the numerous man-made artifacts that remain there—for instance, the Apollo 11 lunar module descent stage that Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin left behind in 1969.

One goal of the Lunar X Prize is to rekindle excitement in space exploration by beaming pictures of historic lunar locations to Web sites or even cellphones. But dispatching robots to snoop around the moon also poses a risk to some of the most precious archaeological sites of all time. What if a rover reached Tranquility Base, where Armstrong landed, and drove over footprints, which are still intact and represent humanity’s first expedition to a celestial body? William Pomerantz, the director of space projects for the X Prize Foundation, acknowledges that possibility. “There’s always a tradeoff between wanting to protect the history that’s already there and wanting to visit the history,” he says.

Well, you can’t have it both ways NASA, preservation of historic sites on the Moon or let entrenpeneurs develop the place because the government is broke. Like the article states, treasure hunting, salvaging and selling to the highest bidder often is the economic driver needed for exploration and colonization.

Space Race II


Recently, media reports have described a sort of “shadow army” of engineers who – in their spare time – are designing an alternative to NASA’s future Ares rockets.

But who are they? And what exactly is the DIRECT project they are proposing? New Scientist takes a closer look.

What kind of rockets is NASA currently planning?

NASA is developing two different rockets, called Ares I and Ares V.

Ares I is a small rocket that would carry a capsule of astronauts up to low-Earth orbit and to the space station. Known as “the stick”, it uses two vertically stacked stages. The first is a solid rocket booster similar to those strapped to the sides of the space shuttle’s huge fuel tank. It provides the initial power for lift-off; then the second stage ignites in mid-air to carry the crew into orbit.

The larger Ares V rocket would haul cargo into orbit, including a lunar module that could dock with the astronauts in orbit and shoot them out to the Moon.

What’s wrong with those rockets?

NASA has focused on designing the Ares I crew launcher, since the shuttles are set to retire in 2010 and it is aiming to launch their replacement by 2015.

Its design was intended to be cheap and relatively easy, as it was supposed to reuse as much technology from the space shuttle as possible. But that has not been the case, largely because it must carry up a relatively heavy crew capsule, says Roger Launius, head space historian at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC. “The solid rocket booster was not designed to lift this kind of load or to have something stacked on top of it,” he toldNew Scientist.

I think this is rather amusing, a mass mutiny of NASA engineers against the political glad-handing military-industrial-congressional-complex. I love it!

I wonder if NASA will fire all of these people? I’m sure Richard Branson or the Russians would give them a job!

Moonlighting engineers design alternative NASA rocket

The Return of the Domain: A Star Trek Tale; Prologue

The legends vary through-out the Milky Way Galaxy. Depending on the quadrant, the name has a different root language, myth, legend or religion. The most common definition often translates into “The Old Empire”. Other names such as “The Evil Ones”, “The Ancients”, “The Empire”, “Great Old Ones”, “Ancient Gods”, “Old Ones” refer to the same entities who once battled the invading extra-galactic “Domain” in a great, galaxy wide apocalyptic War that wiped out most sentient life in the local Universe one and a half billion years ago.

The invaders won. Just barely.

The conquerors, a race of beings who were actually a genetic mish-mash of various life forms blended together in their home, the Triangulum Galaxy, were of the classical humanoid form; symmetrically bipedal, single head, binocular vision, two arms and legs, five fingers and toes and genetically enhanced to possess great mental abilities such as telepathy, visual and non-visual, great physical strength and filled with a desire to spread their philosophy of individuality, justice, freedom, tolerance, racial equality and harmony and any other adjective akin to goodness and anti-evil. The jihad that consumed their home galaxy and carried over to this one had the religious fervor that rivaled any in galactic history, past or present.

The Old Ones had no concepts of democracy, equality, freedom or justice. To make things worse, these ideas were being spread by the “edge of the sword” so to speak. Quite illogical to say the least and it made any dialog impossible by any stretch of the imagination, even if these alien things could be understood by the Ancients to begin with.

For you see, the Ancients were post-Singular beings known as Matrioshka and Jupiter Brains.

The Old Empire myth was just that, a myth. Although these creatures had vast knowledge of each other and most were linked by a manufactured worm-hole network, they were independent entities and polities. They were never joined into a cohesive unit such as nations, collectives, unions, federations and empires. They were as far beyond that as an AI is beyond an amoeba. Not only were they beyond those concepts, they were beyond another ancient concept that had to be relearned on the fly; War.

The Great War caused much suffering and agony on both sides. Whole worlds, solar systems, entities, polities, ships, fleets and myriad beings were eliminated and obliterated, forever extinct, never to be seen again in the Milky Way. The years became decades, which turned into centuries and millennia in a wink of the galactic eye. Eventually both sides reached a deadly stalemate with no end in sight. And no hope of detente either.

Because in the Domain view, the Matrioshka and Jupiter beings were an abomination. Immortal physical creatures were against the Laws of Nature and The Star Maker according to the religion of the humanoids. To them, all physical life was subservient to the Immortal Spirit that underlies all of Creation, the very essence of the Star Maker. Although Domain citizens enjoyed great, long life-spans measuring into millennia, they were not immortal. That was against the purpose of experiencing physical existence, which was to learn lessons essential for the education of the Star Maker, of which all things good sprang from. Beings such as Old Ones represented everything antithetical to the philosophy and creedo of the Domain. Creatures who uplifted themselves to the point of being virtual “gods” were anathema to the Domain denizens. How dare they liken themselves to be as the Star Maker, the Creator of All?

This doctrine underlay all the Domain believed in and formed the basis of their political philosophy. The gifts of democracy, individual freedom, material wealth, science and politics were formed in the Domains’ earliest times on a small blue, water world at the edge of the Triangulum Galaxy. All the various races of that galaxy came under the thrall of the charms of the Domain, adopting different cultures’ ways and means as they spread, incorporating all they came upon as their own. Eventually, the vast Galactic Culture became as one, and was simply known as the “Domain”, or “The Galactic Domain”.

Although the Domain claimed democratic equality for all and their Great Fleet was an instrument of “peaceful exploration”, it was expansionist in nature. The ships of the Domain were armed to the hilt with various weapons and shielding and built with the combined shipwright technology it has adopted throughout its 10,000 year history of previous exploration/expansion. Built with the idea of “self-defense” in mind, these weapons would’ve made the great tyrants of the past drool with wanton coveting and lust. More than once during the 10,000 year history of the Domain there had been pre-emptive wars, genocides, ethnic cleansings and resultant population Diasporas, all in the name of peaceful exploration, science and self defense. Eventually, the Domain melded into a complete homogenous culture, which was a sort of enlightened socialism, all its citizens were free from material want or need, knowledge was free for the taking and everyone could be anything, or anyone they wanted to be.

Even as the Domain claimed that it had no centralized government to speak of, this was just propaganda for the benefit of the masses. The Domain, for all intents and purposes were ruled by what was known as the “Jury of Nine”, or just “Nine”. These were humanoid beings of great mental Power and Abilities, able to see into the 5th Dimension and conversely, into all aspects of All, Past, Present and Future. 

And they knew what made the Domain tick and run with the efficiency of a well oiled watch; Military expansionism.

With their home galaxy under their total control, the Jury of Nine knew that without new territories to explore and expand into, the great, peaceful, “democratic” society will start to eat itself from within, leaving behind scorched, cindered worlds, super-nova remnants and vast tracts of empty space where once vibrant stellar megalopolis’ existed. The Nine couldn’t allow that to happen.

So they looked across intergalactic space into the Local Group of Galaxies to see if there were greener pastures, so to speak. Almost all five galaxies were into various ascending stages of galactic cultures struggling to unite their respective galaxies. Wars and more formation wars were rampant in these places. The Domain, although formed by wars itself, didn’t necessarily poke its nose into places where there was more than a 50 percent chance it would get its butt kicked. But there was one galaxy that seemed to be peaceful. No signs of wars, megastructures or any subspace signals indicated advanced civilization of any type, it was as if virgin ground was being assessed for plowing.

Something was wrong however. As the Nine were preparing the propaganda to be disseminated throughout the Domain to push for building great Ships to be constructed for intergalactic exploration, anomalies were discovered within the galaxy slated for exploration. The anomalies were few at first, then more were found as soon as pattern was found. It was discovered that stars themselves seemed to be talking to each other. Gravity waves, traveling the speed of subspace radio, was flowing between red dwarf stars there on a continuous basis. This meant only one thing, that galaxy was home to a vast and very ancient civilization. And probably one of the First also, possibly coming into being during the first five to six billion years of the Universe’s birth. This wasn’t good. But it wasn’t all bad either. The Nine determined through their future casting of the possible outcomes, they figured Domain forces had a better than sixty percent chance of taking over the entire galaxy and defeating those Ancients. They knew the odds if they didn’t try. There was an 85 percent chance the Domain will start to collapse upon itself within 500 to 1,000 years. 

So the propaganda was refined to fit the new situation. The meme for intergalactic exploration would be reframed into a religious jihad, to rescue helpless beings trapped in the other galaxy by these monstrous super-beings into perpetual slavery and servitude. And it was up to the virtuous Domain to set these helpless creatures free. All the Star Makers’ creations were free, independent spiritual beings and it was up to the Domain to “enlighten” these evil “Old Gods.”

The Jury of Nine was surprised by how fast these ancient structures relearned the art of war. Even though Domain Forces made great headway during the first thousand years of the War, the Brains fought them to a standstill after a little better than half of this galaxy had fallen under Domain control. Many truces and armistices were tried over the next thousand years, but all were doomed to fail because of the very dissimilar natures of the combatants. During this time, the Domain colonies were coming into their own and were demanding a greater autonomy in their affairs. And some didn’t like the genocide they were witnessing on both sides. Some of these Colonial Powers decided to approach the Old Ones on their own to see if any peace could be worked out between them. And in certain areas of the galaxy, peace did happen because of great efforts on both sides.

But the Nine were displeased with this. “Peace” didn’t figure yet into their plans. War was necessary now because it was a great economic driver in the home galaxy and ships with superior “defensive” weaponry was needed for further exploration/expansion of this galaxy. More fables of supposed Ancient atrocities were spread into the areas of truce and thus, the truces started to fail because of misplaced distrust.

Not all Colonies were fooled by the meme spread however. Some had the where-with-all to have spies in the right places and knew about the Nine and their manipulations. Despairing because of a “war without end”, these worlds secretly formed a plan with some of the Old Ones to stop the madness. Plans were laid to store the various Colonies DNA into the very earth of their worlds. The DNA was adapted to each specific world and unique to its individual ecologies. It was then buried into the very substrate of each world. Although these worlds varied slightly in their make-up, each one was an oxygen/nitrogen water planet like all of the Domain planets at home. When all was said and done, if the Plan came to fruition, each planet had the chance to bring forth intelligent life, unique to each, but with the same template, bipedal, single head with binocular vision, five or six fingers and toes on two arms and two legs.

When this was finished on these Colonies, the Brains along with their colonial conspirators committed suicide on a massive scale. Gamma-ray bursts, on a scale unheard of in the entirety of the local group, scoured the whole of the Milky Way Galaxy. The Brains converted themselves into pure nuclear explosions, setting off a chain reaction of supernovae that spread gamma-rays everywhere. Entire worlds and solar systems were sterilized. No life of any kind was spared, plant or animal, except in the very remote reaches of the Milky Way where the gamma radiation was filtered by distance and time.

To say the least, the Nine were quite caught off guard by this conflagration. There was only a 20 percent chance something like this would happen in their timeline analysis. With the War being waged much to their forecast expectation, unplanned for events usually are the result of elitist hubris. It is forever thus.

The Domain in the home galaxy were of course, shocked and dismayed about what happened to the Colonial Domain. Because of the expanding gamma radiation, the Milky Way was closed off for the foreseeable future, perhaps for good as far as the Domain was concerned. A whole galaxy was radioactive and dangerous for humanoid, or any life for that matter. No further attempts would be made to explore that galaxy, or any galaxy for that matter. For the first time in many thousands of years, the Domain had experienced total and utter defeat. And that made their eventual fall and demise even faster than would have happened naturally. The Nine destroyed the very thing they had sworn to protect and save. Even as they performed ritual suicide, to enter upon the Wheel of Pain again, they knew they would remember this lesson. For the Star Maker would make certain they did.

As for the Milky Way Galaxy, it would once again become a home for intelligent life, after half a billion years that is. For it would take 500 million years for the gamma radiation to clear out into inter-galactic space. Surviving species at the periphery of the galaxy were decimated numerically, but were hardy enough to adapt and evolve with the weakening radiation, forming intelligences that had the very Event itself burned into their racial memories. Races such as the quadrupedal Ane and Byrk had legends of the Brains, which they considered gods at first until they happened across ancient libraries orbiting neutron star husks. The information recovered from these libraries helped the Ane become the great artificial intelligence engineers they are. These methods they still jealously guard to this day.

The Harmon boast they even knew the Brains and the Colonial Domain. This is doubtful, because the first intelligent ancestor of the Harmon didn’t come onto the scene until 200 million years after the Brains and Colonial Domain became extinct. The Harmon even claim they were the first to call the humanoids of the Colonial Domain what would become the eventual common name attached to them; The Progenitors.

Of course these are the things of Galactic legend. And as the centuries, millennia and geological epochs passed by, the Milky Way once again blossomed with humanoid and non-humanoid intelligence. And as with the nature of humanoid beings, wars and empires soon blossomed and died. The various descendants of the Domain, especially on the old Colony worlds that are in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, developed empires and tyrannies in various fits and starts. The Vegan Tyranny, Vulcan Orthodoxy ( pre-Surak ), Andorean Precept, the T’klingon and Rihannsu ( Romulan ) Empires had attempts to emulate their Domain Progenitors. None were quite up to the challenge. And had they known they were all related in the first place, they would’ve destroyed each other sooner!

But there was a young race that came upon this arena by accident. Violent by nature like the rest, expansionist and curious to boot, they adapted quickly to the Galactic neighborhood and formed alliances with the slightly older cultures using trade as a way to gain knowledge of ship building, exploration of virgin territories and of the elder cultures themselves. Rapidly assimilating these cultures with their charm and guile, these ‘humans’ accomplished in decades what would’ve been centuries had they not made contact with the Vulcans. And within a mere three hundred years of their initial contact with the outside galaxy, the humans had formed a mighty alliance that already survived many major conflicts, even one with an advanced culture that most assuredly should’ve destroyed them utterly!

And it is with this in the closing years of the late 24th and early 25th centuries of the human calendar the mighty United Federation of Planets is being observed by a very, very ancient jaundiced eye. 

“It is time”, whispers the observing entity, quickly dissolving into diaphanous vapors.


Acknowledgements: This is my first attempt at Star Trek fan fiction in many years and I borrowed some elements and creatures from a couple of fan fic authors I have read over the past few years.

1. The Harmon. They are a very ancient race of beings that Captain Jay P. Hailey came into contact with on his voyage home on the starship Harrier. These are the creations of Jay P. Hailey. His site is in the side bar.

2. The Ane. These beings who look like Thompson’s Gazelles are the creation of Gerry Stahl and Jay Hailey. They figure prominently in their stories and are very interesting characters.

3. The Byrk. They are mine and are based loosely on the Ane, simply because of the nature of evolving in similar environments after the gamma-ray burst extinction Event.

4. The Progenitors. These are Paramount owned characters and are the ancestors of all the humanoid beings in the galaxy, Humans, Vulcans, Rihannsu, Betazoids, T’klingons, Bajorans, all of the humanoid races in the Trek pantheon. Also explains how they can all interbreed with each other.

5. The Domain. A group of beings from another galaxy that invaded the galaxy centuries ago. The name was mentioned in an interview by Matilda O’Donnell MacElroy made with an alien survivor of a UFO crash named ‘Airl’. The link is here.

The acknowledged characters belong to whom I mentioned and mine are mine, not for sale or resale.

Enjoy the story.

P.S. The Star Maker belongs to the great Olaf Stapledon, an influence upon the gods of science-fiction like Clarke, Asimov and Heinlein, who in turn were an influence on me. Thank you Mr. Stapledon.

Jim Tucker’s 2008 Bilderberg Meeting Report

“Big” Jim Tucker Jr., a reporter for American Free Press, and sworn enemy of the NWO Bilderberg Group, managed once again to get insider info on this elitist bunch of pharaonic wannabes. Along with Alex Jones and 50 ‘patriots’ (young, ardent Ron Paul supporters), Tucker got the list of known invitees, and also managed to get a couple of snapshots of ‘drop-ins’ :

They weren’t the only big names. Condoleeza Rice, Robert Gates and Ben Bernanke showed their illegal mugs at Chantilly, Virginia also. Being the law-breakers they are, a little meeting with globalists sworn to weaken sovereignty of nations is such a little thing ( link ).

Notice after everyone got their marching orders from the Bilderbergs, the G8 stooges went to their respective countries to implement emergency plans to bail out the American consumer, the main driver of profit making in the New World Order? The debate was whether to completely bleed the victim dry, or save a little bit for later in order to maximize gain in the long run:

“Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest oil producer, is
concerned that sustained high oil prices eventually
will slacken the world’s appetite for oil, affecting the
kingdom in the long run,” Associated Press reported.
This precisely reflects what Bilderberg said in
Chantilly.A Bilderberg speaker from Europe had said:
“Are we reaching the point of diminishing returns?
People who switch from gas hogs to fuel-efficient,
small cars are not going to do an instant about-face.
And those who convert to public transportation, many
of them, are going to stick with the train or bus. We
have seen many middle-class families, who grudgingly
accepted $3 a gallon, choose to stay home instead
of driving to the beaches or mountains. They’re calling
them ‘staycations.’ We all take the long view of
history. Will forcing gasoline prices even higher
increase profits in the long term? Ford has already
shut down production of big cars and has many SUVtypes
it can’t give away. Ford will not retool

…If Bilderberg halts the rise in oil prices, it will be
for selfish reasons of profit, not tender concern for
one billion people—one-seventh of the Earth’s population—
left starving by soaring oil prices.
One pointed out that Europeans have long paid
much more for gasoline, up to $10 a gallon. “But
we’re dealing with Americans here and they’re not
only our largest consumer, but a different breed of cat
in many ways,” the speaker responded to light laughter.
There was more nattering but no direct dissent
from his argument, offering hope that Bilderberg will
act to prevent a bad situation from getting worse.

It looks like the NWO isn’t quite ready to stew the golden goose just yet, so maybe the American sheeple  won’t be living underneath overpasses and bridges all too soon. The Bilderberglers are starting to realize that China isn’t quite up to the task yet of taking the mantle of “Ultimate Consumer”. And like the article states, getting oil prices to stabilize so the Americans won’t quite stop buying gasoline totally isn’t out of the goodness of their little black hearts.

Do yourself a favor and read Tucker’s Report. After you’re done reading, ask yourself why Bu$hco is doing an about face concerning Iran and is considering direct diplomatic relations with them after rattling the sabers at them for seven and a half years?

I think the neoconmen are going to find out that they weren’t high enough on the globalist “food chain” to get what they wanted and that even dipshit elitist Trotskyite morons like them can be useful tools. And this means you especially “Mustache” Bolton!



Bilderberg 2008 Report


Update: Oooooh, I could be wrong about the neoconmen, maybe they are still willing to make Israel and the US pariahs in the world and stage an apocalypse:

Iran nuclear talks stall, even with US at table

Venusian Floaters, more biology in sci-fi and Bigfoot over the fireplace mantle

Courtesy of Posthuman Blues:

Seemingly, people in the space community have a tendency to push the boundaries of thought about all the possibilities that await us in the universe. Case in point: Geoffrey Landis. Landis is a scientist at NASA’s Glenn Research Center who writes science fiction in his spare time. Last week Landis shared with us his ideas for using a solar powered airplane to study Venus.Venus. Yes, Venus, our hot, greenhouse-effect-gone-mad neighboring planet with a crushing surface pressure that has doomed the few spacecraft that have attempted to reach the planet’s mysterious landscape. Landis knows Venus’ surface itself is pretty much out of the question for human habitation. But up about 50 kilometers above the surface, Landis says the atmosphere of Venus is the most Earth-like environment, other than Earth itself, in the solar system. What Landis proposes is creating floating cities on Venus where people could live and work, as well as study the planet below.

Ahh, cities in the sky, long a dream of many a science-fiction author. This is the first time I’ve seen it applied to Venus though.

Colonizing Venus With Floating Cities


Blogging biologist Peggy of Biology in Science Fiction goes on a small rant about stories that help, and hinder understanding of real biology:

In any case, the issue of public perception of science and scientists is an important one, if only because that public perception influences politics and funding. Part of the problem, as I see it, is that the anti-science stories actually ring true to many people who have a deep distrust (and dislike) of corporations, the government, and anyone who is an “expert”. It can be satisfying to see arrogant establishment types who believe themselves to be very clever shown up as bumbling and foolish, even if it does mean death and disaster as a result. Hell, I often enjoy those kind of stories, and I like science.

So what’s the solution? More positive SF? That certainly couldn’t hurt. But there’s no guarantee that any particular novel or movie will become popular enough to really make a difference in public perception. I suspect that education is really the key. Part of what feeds people’s fear of scientific progress is that they don’t understand it. I’m not sure how we can go about that, though, beyond ensuring kids get a thorough science education in school. Public lectures are a possibility, as are entertaining exhibitions at science museums, and maybe blogs too. I’d like to think that anyway.

I’m guilty of being ignorant of biology in science, and science-fiction. My last exposure to it was college long ago (my grade was pretty good actually) and my own biases of being a tech and historian.

Peggy makes valid points. I should read up on it more.

(The post referenced doesn’t have its own link. Click on the link at the beginning of this one, then scroll down at her site.)


Ever heard of the eBay $150,000 Bigfoot hunter? Neither have I, but apparently this guy is for real:

The eBay Bigfoot hunter has been identified. The $150,000 man first discussed at Boing Boing yesterday can be more fully revealed here today.

TPeterson6969 is Tim Peterson, the owner of Hawk Creek Taxidermy in Maynard, Minnesota. The business address of Hawk Creek Taxidermy & Archery is technically 12640 890 St. Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55401 , a mere 25.4 miles from Young America…


When asked for a comment for an interview, Tim Peterson briefly told me that he is a “big game hunting guide” for A Double J Outfitters in Buffalo, Wyoming. He claims to “have been hunting big game for 34 years” and is “experienced in the back country.”

If Tim Peterson helps you bag a Bigfoot, it is obvious he can mount it for you. He can also help you with the skull too. According to the links on his taxidermy website, it appears a relative of his, Rorri Peterson, runs Beetle My Bones Skullworks, a business preparing heads for trophy animal skulls displays.

Well, you hafta admit that a hunter/taxidermist would be the ideal person to track and bag a Bigfoot, that would settle it once and for all about the damn things.

I wonder what Peggy the Biologist thinks about Bigfoot?

eBay’s $150,000 Bigfoot Hunter ID’d