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On Ancient Astronauts and Project SERPO

My first foray into the esoteric and hence, my fall from traditional Christian grace was Erik Von Daniken’s ‘Chariots of the Gods?’. I can’t remember how I came into possession of it, but it was new when I got it. It called into question many Christian, and other philosophies plus it gave the world a new theory of how ancient man might’ve developed civilization, “Was man influenced by creatures from other worlds?”

And I haven’t turned back yet from studying non-traditional issues concerning history and culture, even though I hold a traditional degree in History.

Von Daniken has been demonized since then for his theories and along with Zecharia Sitchen, they are considered the biggest frauds in the fields of ancient history and even UFOs (I don’t like using the term ‘ufology’).

So when I was scanning the ‘Tubes this a.m. for stuff to comment on, this item caught my eye and brought back some memories:

News released today about a secret U.S. Government project to analyze an allegedly extraterrestrial craft has a unique twist.
This craft did not crash in 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico.According to the anonymous sources, it crashed approximately 150 million years ago during the age of the dinosaurs.

This information has been posted on the SERPO.org Web site, home to other reports about extraterrestrial visitation reportedly provided by current and former officials of the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).

The conduit for the information is Victor Martinez, the moderator of an e-mail “stream” information service that focuses on topics related to anomalous phenomena. Martinez has reportedly worked for several U.S. Government agencies.

In late 2005, Martinez wrote that these DIA sources had reached out to him to reveal information about “Project SERPO,” a later code name for a secret “exchange program” in the 1960s, ‘70s and ‘80s between a small team of American military personnel and extraterrestrial visitors who had established contact with the U.S. Government.

Other information reportedly provided by these sources noted that the U.S. Government maintains records collected by both U.S. officials and a race of extraterrestrials that notes visitation to Earth in ancient times.

Now of course anything that has Project SERPO attached to it is instantly suspect and brings back the possible disinformation about ‘Majestic 12’ and all other sorts of government crap that gets spread on the freshly cut hay-field of alien and UFO research. But this is unique in the archeological aspect that ancient physical evidence was dug up and tucked away in some government warehouse somewhere ala ‘Indiana Jones and The Crystal Skulls/Raiders’ style.

Hammons states in his blog that this could well be disinformation and that he could be guilty of spreading it and so am I for that matter. But like he said, “What may be helpful for our perspectives, however, is considering that if extraterrestrial visitation to Earth is a reality, then it could have been occurring in time frames beyond what we might have previously thought.”

Plus it makes a good sci-fi plot!

Ancient crashed UFO claimed to be from dinosaur age, 150 million years ago.

Hat tip to the Anomalist.