Remake of 1951’s “The Day The Earth Stood Still”

Imagine my surprise when I read Posthuman Blues this morning:

A prototypical flying saucer lands in the dated but still-effective “The Day the Earth Stood Still.”


I’ll probably go see the remake out of obligation — which, of course, is exactly what the film-makers want me to do — but I hardly expect it to wield the sheer cinematic power of the original.

The word ‘remake’ caught my attention, so of course I investigated and came up with this:

The 2008 remake about an alien and his indestructible robot will star (Keanu Reeves) as Klaatu, Jennifer Connelly as Helen Benson, (Jaden Smith) as Jacob, and (Kathy Bates). Gort has not been cast at this time and will most likely be created using FX.

The remake of (The Day the Earth Stood Still) will supposedly remain true to the original movie, however there is a chance the remake will more likely remain true to the short story upon which the 1951 movie is based.

The end of the short article is the movie spoiler, which I will not reveal here, but I will post a link so you can see for yourself if the remake is going to be worth seeing.

I think I will, just to see how they updated the plot for this day and age.

For now, I will track down the original short story online and read it, just to see how close both movies approach the theme.

Original 1951 Film Clip from Youtube

2008 Remake Film Clip

Posthuman Blues

2008 remake synopsis

Farewell To The Master

2 responses

  1. Hi dad2059 et al. …

    One of my favorite movies for sure. It seems they are taking a different tack with the remake, possibly with aliens finally doing what’s necessary concerning “planet of the chimps”…!

    I’m human, but am not too impressed with my fellow men and women. The earth, its resources, and inhabitants are challenged right now by a force far more reckoning than an alien attack; ie., ever-accelerating depletion of natural resources with its end result to soon be felt worldwide. It’s going to be one ugly story for sure!

    We are soon to be visited by the “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” in spades…!

    All this could be averted, but “we the chimps” operate on a self-interest basis; ie., “I’ve got mine, so f**k the rest of you” with little to zero attention concerning cooperation and sharing of resources and technology on a planetary level so everyone can enjoy a little piece of that which is good.

    Our Mother, the Earth, is going to bite us all in the ass bigtime, and soon… : |

    Carl Nemo **==

    p.s. Please delete my first post dad2059. I forgot my salutation and a couple of glaring typos. This one should stand. Thanks.

  2. I found the original short story by Harry Bates here:

    Bates is important to the science-fiction genre because he was one of the founding editors of Astounding (Stories) Science Fiction, which later became Analog Science Fiction/Fact (as one can see from the title of my blog was a huge influence on me). His short story was his only literary contribution however and after the magazine was taken over by Street & Smith Publishers and the editorial reign of John W. Campbell Jr. began, it was like he dropped from the face of the Earth.

    Which was a shame really, the concept he used for his plot device in the tale was quite prescient, even if the local science is dated.

    Rumor has it the 2008 remake will be closer to the original short story.

    We will see.

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