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UFOs and The Paranormal

I haven’t written about UFOs in quite a while, and frankly, I really don’t know what to think about them anymore.

Among my other research projects concerning alternative history, occult symbolism and transhumanism, my study of UFO phenomenon only started anew when I started to write fiction after a thirty year hiatus. Only then did I start to visit other sites, join their forums and ask questions.

I discovered there isn’t any such animal as an UFO “community!”

Crazy as it sounds, there are many disparate groups and cliques who really quite disagree with each other. And I’m not speaking about whether these groups actually believe UFOs exist or not, oh no, it’s a given they believe the phenomenon exist. The problem is whether the objects are “nuts and bolts”, i.e., actual material, physical air/spacecraft, or something along the lines of paranormal.

Yup, paranormal like ghosts, poltergeists, ESP, demons, electronic voice phenomenon, angels, things that go bump in the night, yup, that paranormal.

Now there’s good reasons for that group to hold to that frame of thought because of the very descriptive nature of the eyewitness accounts, i.e., extreme zig-zag movements of the UFOs, disappearing into thin air, appearing differently to different people, changing form in front of witnesses, beaming thoughts to people, you name it, archetypical paranormal stuff. The originator of this theory is Jacques Vallee. Vallee has been an UFO researcher for over thirty years and is a computer scientist by trade. He held to the nuts and bolts theory of UFOs at one time, but came to notice by way of eye witness interviews that the behaviors of the objects weren’t consistant with machine characteristics. Like I listed above, some witnesses described behaviors often associated with ghosts, like disappearing into solid objects, going through solid objects, splitting apart and recombining and so on.

Another example of the paranormal theories of UFOs, and ‘aliens’, is the apparent ‘hauntings’ as I call them of people by aliens. Whitley Strieber is a case in point. Strieber is the author of the book ‘Communion’, wherein he is a victim of multiple abductions by grey aliens, or whatever they are. These beings can speak to and control Strieber telepathically, enter through doors, walls, roofs and anything solid at will and transport him to alternate realities of his lives in the many multiverses. Paranormal to say the least.

Now I know certain people who read my blog will say, “Well, that’s easy, these beings are demons and are torturing Strieber and his ilk for fun and evil.” And then give a list of how demons fool and deceive us.

It’s not that simple. Taking the religious way out is a cop-out IMHO (Sorry HW). Just like taking the paranormal explanation for this phenomenon is a cop-out. It is waayy too easy and convenient the plead the supernatural cause. And Strieber isn’t the only one, he’s just an extreme example.

Not to belittle anyone’s experiences with this, it can be a truly terrifying and horrific event. Or it can be just as ecstatic as any mushroom trip or religious vision.

And that is the crux of it at the end of the day, it is what the individual perceives of the experience or sighting that determines if it is of an UFO or religious event. It seems that it has common root causes or paradigms.

Different strokes for different folks.

Later, I will comment on the ‘nuts and bolts’ theories of UFOs.

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