Daily Archives: July 10th, 2008

A Plug for the Tau Zero Foundation

Now we take a break from our regularly scheduled tinfoil to plug for an organization that just might literally take us to the stars, the Tau Zero Foundation.

The name is taken from a Poul Anderson tale about a starship crew, using a Bussard ramjet type spacecraft, literally approaches tau zero, relativistic light speed. It outlives the Universe actually. But anyway, the Foundation is a collection of writers, businesspeople, scientists, engineers and other volunteers who are dedicated to finding, and funding ways to build actual, realistic interstellar probes. Any and all ideas are encouraged, though ideas within actual technological reach are given first consideration ( warp drives and wormhole gates are acceptable, but laser driven solar sails are given first dibs! ).

Paul Gilster of Centauri Dreams is lead journalist and one of its first members. The Foundation is close to launching its website and since its an all volunteer group, donations are necessary to kick start this bad-boy and send it on its way! So give if you’re able.

Despite all of the pessimism that gets expressed here at times, this is one of the few things we can control, for now. Even if the Pentagon does have its own advanced military space program, a non-militaristic program is necessary to offset the war-pig B.S. Hopefully the Tau Zero Foundation can accomplish its goal of perfecting peaceful methods of exploring interstellar space and creating realistic, multigenerational projects that’ll benefit all of humanity, not just a few.

Tau Zero Foundation

Sneak Preview of Tau Zero website